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10 Days Sales Challenge

10X Your Current Sales

Join The Challenge on WhatsApp- 08038874148

Monthly, the entrepreneurs in our community gather to connect, network and collaborate. The event is aptly called Entrepreneurs.ng Meet. It is our community initiative to foster our goal of being everything to the entrepreneur.

During one of our meetings, our members asked us to create a challenge that would help them sell as we do for ReDahlia and Entrepreneurs.ng.

We listened and created a program- 10 Days Sales Challenge. And boy, was it a success? Yes, it was a huge success!

It didn’t make sense to keep such a game-changer a secret; therefore, we opened it up to other entrepreneurs.

You can participate in the monthly challenge, where you challenge yourself to sell 10X more than you currently sell.

In the challenge, we tell you the content to post to drive engagement, DM conversations and leads.

1) Get ONE POST prompt per day for social media for ten days

2) Get One Video Post prompt per day for social media for ten days

3) Get guidance in a group on how to get more customers for ten days

4) Learn how to set up Google My Business and upload your products.

If you don’t know how to make the designs and videos, you get the following in addition:

5) Learn how to design posts on Canva for your business.

6) Learn how to create videos with Canva

7) Learn how to create Instagram Reels

  • Participate fully
  • Ask questions in the group if you need clarification
  • Complete every exercise
  • Don’t stop after the challenge, continue with the momentum
  • Join

Join and be prepared to participate

  • Make payment 

Make payment. After payment, you be put in the group once the challenge starts. If you prefer a bank transfer, payment can be made to Bank: GTbank, 0630778154, ReDahlia Business Academy, N10,000. Send evidence of payment to WhatsApp- 08038874148. 

  • Challenge Starts

We will challenge you for 10 days. We designed the program to be fun, yet result driven.

The 10 Days Sales Challenge happens on WhatsApp. There will be an initial zoom on-boarding session on Day One of the challenge.

The 10 Days Sales Challenge costs N10,000 or $20.

We have built a track record of result

Increase Your Visibility And Sales By Joining The Sales Challenge

10 Days Sales Challenge

Different Ways to Pay:

Direct Payment

Bank Name: ReDahlia Business Academy
Number: 0630778154
Bank Name: GTBank


International payment details:

Bank Name: ReDahlia Business Ventures
Number: 0560144818
Swift Code: GTBINGLA
Sort Code: 058235212


We have devoted our time mastering how to increase our bank alerts daily. This is what we will show you in the 10 Days Sales Challenge. And, we will challenge you to 10X your sales. 

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