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Picture this: You, as your own boss, confidently running your business to the path of success, with a rock-solid foundation without fear of making mistakes…

With the main course, you will transition from not having a business idea to accessing and getting the following:

You’re here because you’ve heard about “Start Your Business in 30 Days Program,” and we’re happy to offer a special opportunity – a SEVEN-DAY SNEAK PEEK INTO THIS TRANSFORMATIONAL PROGRAM!

Over seven enriching days, you’ll receive email lessons, offering a taste of the incredible REALITY waiting for you inside the full course.

In the next seven days and more, here is what you will expect:

1.    DAY ONE: We’ll embark on a journey to discover your “WHY.” I’ll share my own WHY, and you’ll use it as a blueprint to identify and document your unique driving force for starting a business. 

2.    DAY TWO: We’ll delve into the eight fundamental steps of setting success-driven goals. By the end of the day, you’ll have crafted at least three specific and achievable goals with timelines for your upcoming business venture. 

3.    DAY THREE: Not all skills are created equal. We’ll pinpoint the skills you possess that have the potential to generate income, skills that you may not have monetized yet. These skills will serve as the foundation for your business. If you have been desiring to start a business but don’t know the business to start, here, I will guide you to identify the business you will start.

4.    DAY FOUR: We’ll explore what you have to offer your target market. Together, we’ll analyze your competitors and strategize how to stand out from the crowd, positioning your business for growth. This is where we craft a compelling value proposition tailored to your specific audience.

5.    DAY FIVE: We’ll dive into the heart of business – marketing and selling. You’ll master the art of networking and learn how to leverage your network to acquire your first customer.

6.    DAY SIX– You take a break and enrol into the comprehensive program- Start Your Business in 30 Days program after learning about the bonuses I have for you.

7.    DAY SEVEN- After enrolling in the course, you will start preparing by learning the basics of writing a business plan.

8.    DAY EIGHT– Day eight is the day you ensure that entrepreneurship is calling your name. You will know without an iota of doubt that you are meant for this journey by learning the signs that show that you are ready for entrepreneurship.

This email course unfolds over seven eye-opening days, each day will offer a unique perspective on your entrepreneurial journey. It’s the perfect opportunity to preview what “Start Your Business in 30 Days program” has to offer.

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