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Entrepreneurs.ng Corporate Training

 How Are You Increasing Your Productivity And Bottom line?


CEOs, Founders and Managers worldwide are working with Entrepreneurs.ng to develop themselves and their teams. 


Corporate Training By Entrepreneurs.ng

Call on 08038874148 or WhatsApp- 08038874148 to discuss your need. We understand that organisations are peculiar, and so are their needs. We train employees to perform their roles at a higher level and build an overall skillset

Why Do We Offer Corporate Training?

We started as a resources centre in 2015 with a 10- man team. We then launched a co-working space in one of the biggest business districts in Lagos, Nigeria, in 2016.

Our co-working spaces house international firms from across the globe; businesses at different stages of growth. Being an integral part of the success story of these businesses opened our eyes to the one common challenge that plagues businesses.

We then launched Entrepreneurs.ng and The Business Academy in 2018. But, over the years, that one challenge continues to rear its head.

How can an organisation drive productivity among teams? Have you ever asked yourself this question? This is the question we have asked ourselves for several years. Finally, we decided to stop asking the question but instead created a solution.

Most times, employees do not have the skill set to execute their roles, which affects the bottom line.

As with every business we venture into, we identify a problem, and we create a solution to the problem. First, we found a solution for our organisation; we developed structures, systems and world-class tailored training that improved our productivity by 100%.

Over the years, we have replicated the same success for other organisations. And you can be one of the success stories today.

Cross-section of some of our training. We are a call away – 08038874148

Today’s employees are tomorrow’s leaders; if they are not appropriately trained, they cannot achieve the company’s goals.

Statistics and reports show that over 85% of employees underperform and are not dedicated to the company’s goals. These underperforming and underskilled employees are sitting in your organisation, costing you money.

Partnering with us will increase your team’s capabilities and improve your skillset. You will discover the secrets that have held you down for many years. With this discovery, you will be equipped to implement change; it will be like magic.

Our training approach has been successful in our businesses and that of many clients. Since 2018, we have consistently deployed these training for our team, which has been instrumental to our success as an organisation.

Currently, we run three successful businesses with teams going above board to deliver on agreed targets.


Team members view the organisation as a body because they have been individually trained to harness their skills to achieve a collective goal.

The same system has worked for numerous organisations that have trusted us to increase productivity.

You can push your employees to be their best version with us. Everyone wins in the end.

The best leading trainers deliver our courses in Nigeria. Licensed business experts will be training and holding your team accountable.

It gets better- we don’t leave you alone after executing the training. Instead, we work with you to ensure that you achieve your goal of hiring us.

Unlock more revenue with our courses. Pick the courses you want or have us recommend to you.

These courses are open to companies and individuals. To run these courses in your organisation, contact us on 08038874148 and we will make the arrangements.

Choose the courses you want, or have us recommend courses based on your need. First, reach us on WhatsApp- at 08038874148.

Training can be in-house, at our head office or virtual. The location will be determined after our discussion.

Payment is made after determining your need and tailoring our solution to your need. After payment confirmation, we will initiate the process.

Our offering includes continued engagement and post-training assessment to ensure your organizational goal is consistently achieved.

Subjects Covered:

To make your booking, contact Entrepreneurs.ng at 08038874148 or Business@entrepreneurs.ng

Different Ways to Pay:

Direct Payment

Bank Name: ReDahlia Business Academy
Number: 0630778154
Bank Name: GTBANK

International payment details:

Bank Name: ReDahlia Business Ventures
Number: 0560144818
Swift Code: GTBINGLA
Sort Code: 058235212

The goal is that you think Entrepreneurs.ng when you think of growing your business. 
What are you waiting for?

Call Now at 08038874148 so we get talking. 
We nurture businesses at Entrepreneurs.ng, and the testimonies are heartwarming.
 We can’t wait to have you as part of the community. Call us now on 08038874148 or write to us at business@entrepreneurs.ng to increase your productivity and revenue. 

We are located at 43B, Emina Crescent Off Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos.

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