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Business Consultants

With Demonstrable Track Record 

Let our certified business experts open your mind to business secrets that will unlock your revenue.

Business Consultant Services

In six years, ReDahlia has become one of the most recognised brands in Nigeria. Technology Innovator Awards awarded ReDahlia the Most Innovative Entrepreneurial Services Firm in 2020. Also, Entrepreneurs.ng was recognised as the Best Nigerian Business Support Platform 2020 by Technology Innovators Awards.

This shows that we know what works and what does not work.

Most consultants have it wrong. They do not have results to show because they have not done it. How will you hold someone else’s hand and lead them if you have not done it?

We have done it, and you can trust us to lead you.

  1. Do you have challenges in starting your own business?
  2. Do you have a problem running your existing business?
  3. Do you have a challenge in identifying your Unique Selling Proposition?
  4. Do you have a challenge increasing your revenue?
  5. Do you have a challenge in developing your business model?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, YOU should be working with us.

  1. More sales
  2. Increased efficiency
  3. Strategies that will cut cost
  4. Reduced stress

That is what working with us will do for you.

  1. Exclusive discussion with a business expert to understand your business need after payment
  2. We will analyse your business together and look for areas of strength and areas that need improvement
  3. We will share our work plan with you
  4. We will hold you accountable and ensure you execute ruthlessly
  5. We will mentor you and hold your hand

That’s the steps we take to ensure you get the result you seek.

  1. Clarity about your business
  2. One-page business plan
  3. Marketing and sales plan
  4. SWOT Analysis
  5. Action strategy plan

You will reach us on WhatsApp: 08038874148, get a quote, and make payment.

Once you make payment, you will send us an email at business@entrepreneurs.ng or message on WhatsApp: 08038874148 with the evidence of payment.

Once we confirm your payment, we will schedule a Zoom Call within 24 hours of confirming payment. During the call, we will go over the process and deliverables.

Our consulting services last a minimum of one month. Delivery is a mixture of hybrid depending on your location.

Our business consulting services starts at N400,000 and ranges to N3,000,000.

Get a quote from WhatsApp- 08038874148 before you make payment. The price will depend on the scope of work required, the stage of the business, etc.  

Therefore, before you contact us, know that our starting price is N400,000.

Different Ways to Pay:

Direct Payment

Bank Name: ReDahlia Business Academy
Number: 0630778154
Bank Name: GTBank

International payment details:

Bank Name: ReDahlia Business Ventures
Number: 0560144818
Swift Code: GTBINGLA
Sort Code: 058235212

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