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All in One Business Solution

Want to start, set up and scale your business? With us, you get an ALL-IN-ONE BUSINESS PACKAGE- Business Set up, Business Support, Business Training, One-on-one consultation, Tax consultation and more.

Every other resource out there is just one piece of the puzzle. With Entrepreneurs.ng, you are not just getting tools and resources to start your business, you are getting dedicated business experts who will support you every step of the way.


My name is Florence Chikezie, Member, Forbes Coaches Council

I founded ReDahlia in 2015 and we have since expanded to FOUR business ventures- ReDahlia Workspaces, Entrepreneurs.ng, ReDahlia Business Academy and Complify.

Member Forbes Coaches Council

 Our mission is to raise entrepreneurs who will build and run sustainable and successful businesses. Welcome to the world where you do business right.

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Business is easy with us

We have been supporting and activating businesses for over a decade and have worked with and trained 10,000+ entrepreneurs like you. With us, business is easy because we will be with you every step of the way.

We are here for you

Business doesn’t have to feel overwhelming and you don’t have to spend 10 years figuring it out on your own. With us, you get the support you need and access to a community of other entrepreneurs like you.

Start your business in 30 days

move from idea to having a functional business in 30 days! You will get the following:

1) Registered business CAC. 2) Complete professional, one-of-a-kind LOGO and BRAND ASSETS 3) FREE Website domain. 4) Full Administrative Setup.

Start Your Business in 30 Days

5) Access to one-on-one CONSULTATION.  6) Group coaching sessions. 7) One-year access to a private learning dashboard.

Ask an expert

Gain valuable advice from industry expert with personalized one-on-one consultations.

Access the knowledge and experience of seasoned professionals to make informed decisions and overcome business challenges.

As an Expert

Business Registration with CAC

Ensure your business is legally compliant by registering it with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

Establish credibility, protect your business, and gain access to opportunities, loans, etc for your business.  

Business Registration

Meet Your Tax Obligations effortlessly.

Streamline your tax management with our Compliance Service.

We take care of the following and more:

  1. Initial Registration for VAT/TIN Certificate: Complete facilitation of your initial VAT/TIN registration process with FIRS and LIRS.
  2. Initial Registration for PAYE, Business Premises, and Development Levy.
  3. Monthly PAYE: Computation of PAYE deductible, remittance of PAYE, and filing of monthly returns.
Tax Compliance - Pay your taxes

4. Monthly VAT: Computation of VAT payable, remittance of VAT, and filing of monthly returns.

5. Annual Business Premises and Development Levy Renewal and more.

Feature Your Business in Our Newsletter

We have the ears and eyes of entrepreneurs. Imagine the possibilities for your business when over 12,000 decision-makers read about your business from us. 

Promote your business to over 12,000 business owners, entrepreneurs, and business enthusiasts who are subscribed to our newsletter by sponsoring it. 

Feature your business in our newsletter

It’s always booked out for a month. Get in touch at Ebere@entrepreneurs.ng or call 08038874148.

Book us to speak at your event

Supercharge your business event with tailored and impactful talks by a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

We leave a lasting impact on your audience and deliver compelling sessions that captivate, nurture, and spur your audience to action.

Book us to speak at your event


Get annual access to us to hold you accountable in the implementation of growth and revenue strategies.

We take on ONLY 10 Businesses yearly for this service. It is the transformation you have been waiting for.

Hire us a strategic growth experts

Custom Professional Email Setup

Establish a professional online presence with custom domain email setup for your business.

Build trust with customers, enhance communication, and present a polished image to clients and partners.

Custom Professional Email

Logo Design and Brand Assets

Build a memorable brand identity with our logo design and brand asset services.

Stand out in the market, foster brand loyalty, and create a cohesive and recognizable brand presence.

Logo and brand Assets

Office Spaces and Virtual Office Services

Explore flexible office solutions, including physical office spaces and virtual office services.

Reduce overhead costs, project professionalism, and access a supportive business environment.

Office spaces and virtual office address

Marketing and Sales Plan Preparation

Craft effective marketing and sales strategies tailored to your business goals.

Attract more customers, increase revenue, and maximize ROI with data-driven marketing and sales plans. Let us develop your marketing and sales plan today.

Marketing and sales plan

Business Model Development

Refine your business model and set the foundation for sustainable growth.

Optimize profitability, minimize risks, and adapt to changing market conditions with a solid business model. Contact us to write your business model today.

Business model development

Business Growth Plan Writing

Create a comprehensive growth or business plan to secure funding and guide your expansion.

Attract investors, set clear objectives, and chart a strategic course for long-term business success.

Growth plan

The Entrepreneurs Shop

Stop center for entrepreneurs. Start. Set Up. Scale your business with our resources.

Get your business guides, templates, business development documents and all you need to start, market and grow your business in one place.

Entrepreneurs Shop
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Join the Entrepreneurs Community today!

10X your business revenue with our weekly business lessons. No spam. Fill the form to subscribe
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Word of Caution: Please make sure you are ready to execute and implement before contacting us. Success in business is in the execution and implementation of the business teaching. Finally, make sure you are patient with the process. Success does not happen in a flash. Thank you.  


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