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Start Your Business In 30 Days even if you don't have a Business Idea yet.

Transition from idea and not having a business to accessing and owning the following in 30 days:

There are two packages of the program, the Standard Pack and the Comprehensive Pack.

The Standard Pack give you access to the following:

1) One-year access to a private learning dashboard and 30 days of business coaching in a group.

2) Live group coaching sessions

3) Access to bonus materials worth over N100,000

4) Access to business templates and SOPs worth over N20,000

5) Access to seven extra video recordings on starting and growing a business.

6) Certificate of attendance.

The Comprehensive Pack gives you access to the following:

1) Everything in the Standard Pack PLUS:

2) Registered business name with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

3) Complete professional, one-of-a-kind LOGO and BRAND ASSETS (business card designs, company letterhead, brand brochure, and brand mockups).

4) FREE website domain.

5) Full administrative setup with three professional emails under your business domain name.

6) Access to one-on-one CONSULTATION with a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.


Start Your Business in 30 Days is a cohort-based course that empowers aspiring entrepreneurs to become successful business owners and helps struggling businesses find their way to growth.

Unlike other business courses that focus on theory, the Start Your Business in 30 Days Program is a hands-on experience.

You will build life-long relationships with fellow entrepreneurs, and leave with the energy and knowledge to keep building businesses that you will pass down to your generations. It’s an all-inclusive package.

What alumni of Start Your Business in 30 Days are saying...

"Good day, Coach Florence. I want to take this opportunity to thank you and the ReDahlia team for putting together such an amazing program, "Start Your Business in 30 Days." This course is fantastic because it provided me with the tools and confidence needed to successfully start and run my supermarket business. The course guides you through the step-by-step process of starting your business. The course's features, assignments from module one to the end, and the online class sections make learning fun. 🤩 But most importantly, the course is well-structured, making it easy to get inspired, implement techniques, and start your own business. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to start their own business or those already running a business who want to learn how to properly structure it. Florence's personal guidance is invaluable, and the numerous experts she brings in readily offer helpful advice and insights. I didn't just buy a course; I joined a family. 💯"
James Ebhomen.- Testimony about Start your business in 30 days
James Ebhomen.

This video explains why we created Start Your Business in 30 Days

Stop procrastinating

Finally start your business

Join thousands of successful entrepreneurs who have started their businesses with our guidance

What alumni of Start Your Business in 30 Days are saying...

Start Your Business in 30 Days helped me define the necessary steps to a good foundation in my business. The program delivered beyond my expectations, from the well organized structure to the very detailed modules, interaction with great minds from the live classes and step by step reviews on the group based on individual buisness needs, not to talk about the bonus materials and support we have received to aid our journey. The icing on the cake was the delivery pattern of the facilitator that made everything easy to understand and implement. I'll recommend this program to everyone that would like to start a business or place their business on the right footing. I am grateful for the opportunity to take this journey .
Ede Onaiwu - Testimonial on Start Your Business in 30 Days
Ede Onaiwu

Quiz- Is Start Your Business in 30 Days right for me?

1) Are you hoping to truly understand how to start and structure a business?

2) Do you want to learn how to grow a profitable business and gain outstanding skills in online advertising and sales?

3) Do you want to develop skills and competencies that will help you balance a side hustle with full-time career commitments?

4) Do you want your spouse to improve in their business skills and self-development?

5) Do you live abroad and have invested back home but have been scammed?

6) Have you made countless mistakes and failed many times in business, and you want to correct some of your past mistakes?

7) Do you have many business ideas and want to successfully transform your ideas into reality?

8) Do you want to create value and manage a successful business that can run well without your physical presence?

9) Do you want to expand your business and increase it to more than 50 customers per week?

10) Do you want to draw up a business plan in 30 days, get your products out in the market, and much more?

If any of these sounds familiar…

Then Start Your Business in 30 Days was built for you.

The next cohort which is the fourth chort starts on the 5th of August, 2024

More Testimonials!!! This can be you starting your own recycling business or logistics business.

The program structure is well laid out sequentially and the first few classes were exactly where there should be, they were luring and interesting. The live classes made things understandable by all and the examples were relatable. The program has taken me from the realms of just doing a business because of idleness to building a strong desire for building a business that has an outstanding structure and will indeed meet the needs of it’s target market. I would recommend the Start Your Business in 30 Days whenever I have the opportunity to. Thanks
Tolulope Alarape
The program helped me define why I should be in business, envision the business, plan and structure the business and now I am ready for execution which is centered on continuous marketing and sales for sustainability and impact. I enjoyed the program as I looked up to engaging in the activities every single day for the whole 30 days . The rich content of the program and the well structured modules made the program very interesting and highly rewarding. Infact, it has boosted my confidence level never to think failure in any of my business ventures ahead. Flo and Jojo, our facilitators were amazing in their personality and professionalism. All in all, it was an experience I would love to share with everyone else out there. Thank you.
Sam Chidi Amonu

These 10 challenges may be keeping you from starting your business

  1. Fear of failure
  2. Lack of mentorship
  3. Uncertainty of the business idea
  4. Procrastination
  5. Fear of the competition
  6. Lack of support
  7. Overwhelm
  8. Waiting for the perfect time
  9. Comfort zone
  10. Financial risks

One of these challenges is keeping you up at night and stopping you from starting your business.

But I know you are here because you know you should start that business.

Whether it’s to have additional income, create an impact, gain freedom, desire to be your own boss, have more time for family, work at your own time, or solve a problem, starting a business has been your dream.

Start Your Business in 30 Days is the structure and accountability you have been seeking.

Have you wanted to start a business but found yourself procrastinating due to fear of failure? Or perhaps you’ve started without proper guidance only to find yourself back at square one.

Those obstacles will be a thing of the past with the Start Your Business in 30 Days Program. Within these 30 days, you’ll be mentored by an entrepreneurship expert who runs three businesses.

Implementation in the program is active and immediate.  You won’t be doing it alone; you’ll have the support of other business experts.

Regardless of your industry... You will get a

Fully Registered Business: Your business gets legally registered, easily within the 30 days

Professional Branding: You will get a unique logo and brand assets to stand out.

Digital Presence: You will get a FREE domain for your business and three professional emails set up with your business domain.

Tailored Mentorship: Access to a private one-on-one session with industry experts.

Group Coaching: Learn with a group of fellow entrepreneurs.

Build your Confidence

Build a Business

Build Authority

Master Marketing

Master Sales

Become a winner

Starting a business opens you up to limitless opportunities, including being an employer of labor, creating jobs, and growing the GDP of your country.

We have had students who started a water factory, a fashion house, manufacturing businesses, logistics businesses, advertising businesses, food businesses, recycling businesses, E-Commerce businesses, real estate businesses, supermarket businesses, tech businesses, the health sector, and even non-profit firms.

No matter your industry, Start Your Business in 30 Days Program will teach you the business aspect of your industry and help you succeed.

Build lifelong relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs

Screenshot for Finance Class at SYB
Screen Shot of SYB in 30 Days Cohort 1 session 2

Benjamin said, “I always love the atmosphere in the community and am happy to connect with other entrepreneurs like me.”

Starting a business can feel lonely, but it doesn’t have to be.

Inside Start Your Business in 30 Days, you will be among entrepreneurs from different time zones, continents, backgrounds, industries, and professions.

They all have the same goal as you: To finally start and grow their business.

Throughout the cohort, you have the chance to collaborate, build friendships, learn from one another, and everything in between.

We have seen entrepreneurs bond, collaborate and partner with each other. We have also seen partnerships across different countries. The program is intentional.

Welcome to Start Your Business in 30 Days

Here’s How It Works

Get your business functional in 30 days

Once the cohort starts, unlock a 30-day curriculum filled with expert insights and frameworks that ensure your business starts within 30 days.

Plus, get your business all set up:

🏢 Fully Registered Business: We handle the legalities of your business registration smoothly.

🎨 Professional Branding: Create a standout logo and brand assets.

💻 Digital Presence: Kick off with a free .com domain and three professional emails.

🤝 Tailored Mentorship: Gain access to private one-on-one sessions with industry experts.

👥 Group Coaching: Grow alongside a community of entrepreneurs.

📺 30 recorded modules that take you from ideas to business mastery.

📹 4 Live Sessions covering lessons on business funding, business modeling, and Q&A sessions.

🧨 BONUS ACCESS to five signature books on business ideas, sales, marketing, business structure, and how to do business with friends.

✍️ Templates, SOPs, and video resources to download and use.

🧠 Daily review of projects in the group to ensure nobody is left behind.

🔄 Put what you learn into practice with daily actionable projects for 30 days.

Start Your Business in 30 Days Course Overview and Curriculum

The next cohort which is the forth cohort starts on the 5th of August, 2024

For the first five days, we do the groundwork and lay the foundation of entrepreneurship and business start up

Module 1 Identifying and documenting your why for starting your business

Module 2– Setting Success Driven Goals

Module 3– Identifying Your Marketable Skills

Module 4– Dealing with the Limitations of Passion

Module 5- Embracing your Side Hustle and making it work

Modules 6 to 10 cover business research frameworks to help your business stand out

Module 6– How to Conduct Market Research

Module 7 – Creating Your Customer Profile

Module 8– Mastering The Tools for competition Research

Module 9 – How to Craft A Standout Value Proposition

Module 10 – How to Build Your Business Model Using the Business Model Canvas

Modules 11 to 15 focus on applying the research conducted so far into your own business daily.

Module 11– How to build Strategy For Your Business Launch

Module 12– How to Build Your Online Presence and Authority

Module 13– How to Build a Website and Understanding the Cost of Running a Website

Module 14– How to Capture Potential Customers Through Email Marketing And Testimonials

Module 15– How to Find and On-board Your First Client

Modules 16 to 20 will guide you in organizing and structuring your business for growth

Module 16- How to write a winning proposal and Price your product right

Module 17– How to Structure and Organise Your Business Operations

Module 18– How to Diversify your Offerings and Close more Sales

Module 19– Developing Contracts, Invoicing and Building Lasting Relationships

Module 20– How to Register your business and protect your intellectual property.

Modules 21 to 25 cover business finance, accessing funds, and scaling your business

Module 21– How to plan your business finances and Taxes

Module 22– How to Calculate Your Customer Life-time Value and Other Business Metrics.

Module 23– How to Automate Your Business Processes

Module 24– How to become an expert in your industry and Expand your Reach and Growth

Module 25– How to Design Limited-time Promotions Offers and Launch A Referral Program

Modules 26 to 30 delve deeply into mastering marketing and sales.

Module 26- How to Go Live Successfully on Social Media  and How to Enhance Customer Experience

Module 27- How to Collaborate with Complementary Business and How to Stream Your Business Operations

Module 28– How to Introduce New Revenue Streams to Your Business and How to Bundle Services

Module 29– How to get UGC and How to Improve Your Packaging and Presentation

Module 30- Exploring your advantage and Making a pledge to yourself.

Beyond everything we've discussed, here's what you'll unlock as additional bonuses when you join! WORTH OVER N100,000 IN TOTAL

Start Your Business in 30 Days Bonus
This timeless piece will teach you everything you need to know about selling.
Start Your Business In 30 Days
A book that has sold over 2,500 copies and has been instrumental in helping countless entrepreneurs start profitable businesses. It covers the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria.
Start Your Business In 30 Days
A guide that offers the tips to choosing the perfect business name. With this guide, you can comfortably name your business.
Marketing And Sales Plan Template
A template that will revolutionize your marketing and sales efforts. Target your ideal customer more strategically, reduce marketing costs, and increase your chances of converting leads into sales.
Stop Procrastinating- Start Your Business In 30 Days. How to do business with friends.
Learn the practical skills of working with friends; learn to protect your business and your friendship

And more templates.

Bonus templates at SYB
Bonus templates at SYB
Bonus templates at SYB

After the 30 days, we will embark on a 10 Days Sales Challenge where we will give you TWO post prompts daily for all your social media. We want to see you close sales and deals. So, technically, you get 40 Days of VALUE.

Inside Start Your Business in 30 Days. What alumni are saying.

Start Your Business in 30 Days Email Course
Start Your Business in 30 Days Email Course
Start Your Business in 30 Days Email Course
Start Your Business in 30 Days Email Course
Start Your Business in 30 Days Email Course
Start Your Business in 30 Days Email Course
Testimonials of Start Your Business in 30 Days
Testimonial for Start Your Business in 30 Days

Will there be a certificate after the program?

Yes, there will be a certificate. See a sample of the certificate you will receive.

Certificate at SYB

How much is the entire program?

There are two packages of the program, the Standard Pack and the Comprehensive Pack. The Standard Pack costs N48,375 or $50. The Comprehensive Pack costs N335,875 or $350 and there are different payment methods available to make payment. Or you get to pick what you want! Send a message to WhatsApp- 08038874148.

Every day, for 30 days, entrepreneurs submit their projects in the community, and I review them. Check out some snippets of their incredible work!

Start Your Business in 30 Days Email Course
Start Your Business in 30 days Email Course

Meet Your Lead Business Coach

Forbes Coaches Council Member

Florence Chikezie

As a little girl, I wrote in my diary, ‘she is just Floxy whom the world is waiting for her debut.'”

The world indeed was waiting for my debut. I grew up in a family that was business-oriented. My grandmother ran a local gunpowder business, and I still vividly remember the process that got her products from raw material to finished product.

Being exposed to business from a young age and having the most curious mind I knew made me understand money from a young age.

As I entered my teenage years, I knew I wanted to own a business empire, but I did not know the business I wanted to run. I also knew the importance of capital when starting a business so I lived a frugal live that allowed me to save aggressively for when the business idea will strike.

By the time I was in the university, I had already learned the fundamentals of not just saving but investing and was a millionaire before I graduated from the university.

My first degree was from the University of Nigeria Nsukka, known for its honey. I underwent tutelage from my friend who was trading in the honey business. We were both students at the time.

That’s how I started my first business: selling honey.

I initially aimed to become a doctor, but circumstances beyond my control led to a change in plans. I felt frustrated until one day, my Pathology lecturer shared how one of his students had become a bank manager after studying Vet Medicine.

I came alive again; it was like my hope was renewed. I wanted to find out how someone could move from Vet Medicine to a bank manager. I waited every day for the lecturer until we had a conversation, and he guided me on the path to take.

Armed with this information, I enrolled in a post-graduate program to study business management. Graduating as the best student, I was accepted into Hult International Business where I graduated with a master’s in International Business.

Upon graduation in 2012, I returned home, poured the business knowledge I gained into my family’s business, improved the business structure, and expanded it with branches in different states.

After four years, when I was certain the business could run without me, I started ReDahlia as an online resource center for entrepreneurs.

I moonlighted ReDahlia for months until I took the leap to venture into the unknown. I relocated to Lagos where I had no family to build a new business from the ground up.

Firstly, I established a physical business – ReDahlia Workspaces, one of the biggest co-working spaces in Lagos, Nigeria.

Secondly, we built Entrepreneurs.ng, one of the largest entrepreneurial platforms offering various support services to entrepreneurs.

And ReDahlia Business Academy, a school for entrepreneurs with different signature courses that have been instrumental in activating many businesses.

The world was indeed waiting for my debut. I was nominated and won the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award by Eloy Awards.

I have been licensed by SMEDAN and EDC.

I’m a certified business trainer, facilitator, and coach.

I have worked with many international organizations to scale their impact.

I am a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

I trained thousands of entrepreneurs.

Impact is at the heart of what we do. I didn’t just want to start any business, I wanted an impact-driven business. That’s why when the ReDahlia idea came, it was a eureka moment.

ReDahlia was born because my friends always came to seek business advice from me. I knew I would be exhausted by serving them one after the other, so I wanted to make the information and advice I share available to more people.

All three businesses I have founded have touch points with business owners and aspiring business owners. Running a co-working space, I regularly see businesses fold not because of funding challenges but because of a lack of knowledge.

Through our businesses, we have served over 4,500 entrepreneurs and have a community of entrepreneurs, and one challenge remains constant: the business knowledge gap.

In over a decade of starting and growing businesses, I have had my fair share of challenges and gone through the mines with business scars. I have come to learn what works and what does not work.

I have experimented with it all, learned and relearned. I have put myself through the most difficult and rigorous learning processes and have constantly improved and reinvented myself.

And I can tell you for sure now that I am an expert.

I don’t want you to join the statistics of businesses that have failed. I don’t want you to make the many mistakes I have made.

That is why we created “Start Your Business in 30 Days.” To teach you the fundamentals of business, how to plan a business, how to market a business, how to structure a business, and how to run a sustainable and successful business.

“Start Your Business in 30 Days” embodies my over 10 years of experience and learnings and ensures you have a functional business in 30 days if you execute everything I teach you.

Come on this journey with me.

Your instructor is well rounded and is an excellent entrepreneur. Here are some of my achievements

🌟 Internationally Trained Multi Award-Winning Entrepreneur

🌟 Member of Forbes Council of Coaches

🌟 Master’s Degree in International Business from Hult International Business School, London

🌟 Founder of ReDahlia Workspaces, The ReDahlia Business Academy, and Entrepreneurs.ng

🌟 Eloy Young Entrepreneur Award- 2019

🌟 Business Judge at African Business Heroes, A Jack Ma Foundation. I was responsible for identifying 10 finalists’ entrepreneurs who compete for a share of $1.5 million in grant money.

 🌟 Trained and mentored thousands of entrepreneurs and guided businesses to success

🌟 Nationally Certified Business Consultant with practicing licenses from SMEDAN and EDC

🌟 Recognized MSME Trainer, Facilitator, and Coach through ICSS training partnership with GIZ

🌟 Business Mentor at Upskill Digital and Transform Nigerian Youths Program (Mastercard Foundation)

What alumni of ReDahlia Business Academy are saying.

Still overthinking it...?

There is more! Access to Funding Class LIVE.

You will be learning everything about funding. Because capital is important for starting and growing a business, we will bring a recognized finance expert LIVE to expose us to different funding opportunities, how to access the available funds and how to position your business to be investment-ready.

And more! Access to extra video recordings on:

Stop procrastinating

Start building today



This course is designed for existing entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and 9-5s transitioning into entrepreneurship from all walks of life, regardless of experience or industry. Whether you're just starting out or looking to enhance your existing business knowledge, this course is tailored to help you build a successful and sustainable business.


The course lasts for 30 days, providing you with a comprehensive and immersive learning experience. Each day, you will get access to valuable lessons and practical exercises to equip you with the necessary tools to kickstart your business journey.


Within the course, you will get a registered business with CAC, your logo and brand assets, a free .com domain, one-on-one sessions and more. The course is organized in an engaging way, combining video lessons, interactive exercises, practical templates, and insights from experts. The course is conducted in cohorts, allowing you to connect with fellow participants and receive guidance from the instructor. You'll have access to a well-structured curriculum that covers all the essential aspects of starting and growing a business.


This course offers a unique opportunity to start your business in 30 days, access to a community of other entrepreneurs, personalised mentorship and live sessions. You will get actionable strategies that you will implement daily as the course unfolds. More importantly, you will get a registered business with CAC, your logo and brand assets, a free .com domain, free administrative set up and more.


Yes, upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion that acknowledges your commitment to learning and building your business.


Yes. There will be weekly live Q&A sessions and interaction with the instructor. There will also be two live classes- Business Model Development and Access to Funding classes. These sessions provide a chance to address specific questions and engage with fellow participants. The live classes provides opportunity to learn two core aspects of business development- Business model and funding.


During the 30 days course, I will be available 24/7 in the community guiding, mentoring and coaching you. Also, during the course, entrepreneurs get a private one-on-one consulting session with the chief coach. After the program, there is opportunity to join my paid mentorship group where you can receive expert business advise on your business journey. There will not be access to free post-course mentorship opportunities after the 30 Days course period.


Start Your Business in 30 Days costs N335,875 or $350 for the 30 days of learning. This includes your business registration with CAC, professional logo and brand assets, free .com domain, administrative set up, private one-on-one consultation sessions, all the bonuses and additional resources provided during the 30 days.


Absolutely! The course is designed to equip you with the knowledge, strategies, and tools to start and grow your business. You will be executing practical projects daily that will help you implement every learning in your business. I will review the projects daily to ensure no one is left behind. By the end of the 30 days, if you implement every learning, you will have a functional business or experience a transformation in your existing business. Also, within the course, you will have a registered business, a logo and brand assets, your administrative set up. Nothing is keeping you back again.


While the course provides invaluable insights and tools, your success will depend on your commitment, dedication, and application of the learnings. The course is designed to set you on the right path and encourage you to implement daily, but your journey will require effort and determination from you and you alone.


No, the course is not industry-specific. The principles and strategies taught in the course are applicable to a wide range of industries and business types. Start Your Business in 30 Days teaches the business aspect of any industry.


After purchasing the course, you will receive a confirmation message via email, text message, or WhatsApp to confirm your payment. Next, we will add you to a group where we will guide and orient you about the course until the cohort begins. We will then begin the business set up (CAC registration, branding, administrative set up, etc). A few days to start date, we will onboard you into your learning dashboard and the cohort community. From your learning dashboard, you will access the daily video lectures, helpful resources, templates, and practical exercises. From there, you can embark on your 30-day journey to building a thriving business.


Yes, the course include bonus materials such as downloadable guides and exclusive resources to enhance your learning experience. The bonuses are worth over 100k combined! In addition, you will get a registered business, a logo, brand assets, free .com domain, administrative set up and private one-on-one consultation sessions.


This course gives you important business knowledge and strategies, but becoming rich from it depends on your continuous effort, flexibility, and good planning. The course offers you the tools, but it's your hard work over time that will lead to success. We can't promise you instant wealth; real success comes from working consistently and steadily.


Feel free to reach out to our team if you have any additional questions or specific inquiries. Reach us on WhatsApp- 08038874148 or Business@entrepreneurs.ng. We're here to support you on your entrepreneurial journey!
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