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Congratulation! You email course is on the way!

Over five enriching days, you’ll receive email lessons, offering a taste of the incredible REALITY waiting for you inside the full course- Start Your Business in 30 Days!

In the Email Course, YOU WILL-

  1. DAY ONE: Discover Your “WHY”and document it for clarity.
  2. DAY TWO: Craft at least three specific and achievable GOALS for your upcoming business venture
  3. DAY THREE: Identify skills you possess but haven’t monetized – until now. In other words, we will unleash your marketable skills.
  4. DAY FOUR: Develop a compelling value proposition tailored to your target audience.
  5. DAY FIVE: You will master networking and learn how to leverage your network to acquire your first customer.

This email course unfolds over five eye-opening days, each day will offer a unique perspective on your entrepreneurial journey. It’s the perfect opportunity to preview what “Start Your Business in 30 Days” has to offer.

Check your email, you should have an email by now. See you in the course!

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