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African Good Practice Competition On Youth Skills Development And Employment

African Good Practice Competition On Youth Skills Development And Employment

Are you an organisation that excels in driving good practices on youth skills development and employment promotion on the African continent? If yes, then the African Union Commission and the African Union Development Agency (AUDA-NEPAD) invite you to enter the African Good Practice Competition to find, celebrate, and grow the number of good practices across all African countries.

African Good Practice Competition Overview

The African Skills Portal for Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship (ASPYEE) is a continental knowledge platform hosting a wealth of good practices on Technical, Vocational Education and Training (TVET), skills development methodologies and approaches, and youth employment and entrepreneurship interventions. 
This competition aims to increase good practices from all regions, with a focus on regions that are currently under-represented on ASPYEE. These include West, Central, and Northern Africa and conflict-ridden countries.

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Apply also for the YOTA Youth Innovation Challenge 2022.


Five organisations – one from each African region will win an all-expenses paid study tour to South Africa. And this will include all travel, accommodation, and meals! 

The study tour programme consists of: 

  • A meet-and-greet with senior officials of AUDA-NEPAD
  • A one-day workshop where winning organisations can exchange information,   share experiences,  and be inspired by their peers from other parts of the continent.
  • Field visits to South African trail-blazing organisations, government-led projects,  and multistakeholder interventions

Free profiling and marketing, including:

  • Being featured on the ASPYEE platform and AU and AUDA-NEPAD social media  channels
  • A certificate of recognition from AUDA-NEPAD
  • Invitations to speak at high-level events

Organisations that have not been selected as winners will still be given an opportunity to share their good practice on ASPYEE if they meet the judging criteria.

Application Process

Write up your good practice using the template (800 words) and submit it before the closing date. Submissions must be made online, in English, French and Portuguese.

Organisations with existing good practices on ASPYEE may enter the competition but must still complete the application form. The organisation may use the opportunity to update the existing good practice with up-to-date information.

The competition is open from 18 July and closes on 12 August 2022, at 23:59 (GMT+3). Apply here or visit the official programme website for more details.

See also, CVC-AEIS Innovation Challenge 2022 For Nigerian Students.

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