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Apply For The IDEX Fellowship Program 2020 For Young Social Intrapreneurs Across The Globe

IDEX Fellowship July Program 2020

IDEX Accelerator is receiving application for the IDEX Fellowship Program 2020 from Social Intrapreneurs; young professionals from across the globe. IDEX is developing the next wave of social intrapreneurs who will support, lead and advance the work of socially-focused enterprises around the world.

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The fellowship is for young professionals (age 21- 35) from across the globe who wants to venture into the social impact sector and transition to social enterprise practitioners.

Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don't Have An Idea
Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

Also, it is for individuals who are committed and passionate about having a high impact career and advancing the social impact space. Therefore, if you are within this category, this opportunity is for you.

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About IDEX Accelerator

IDEX Accelerator is a professional fellowship program launched by Gray Matters Capital in 2010. It was launched with the aim to develop social intrapreneurs who will support, lead and advance the work of socially-focused enterprises around the world. Since then, it has transformed from a pilot project of 10 fellows to a global initiative with over 300 Alumni.

The Fellowship centers on hands-on experience, group and one-on-one mentoring from experienced industry professionals. It also centers on specialized training workshops with curated curriculum to help participants fulfill their desired career.

In this tenth year of operation, IDEX has decided to make its program more accessible. It now offers applicants multiple options in terms of how they may direct their fellowship experience and learnings based on time and financial commitments.  

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IDEX Fellowship Program 2020

IDEX has introduced a 4 program offering that will enable social intrapreneurs to access the IDEX Fellowship Program 2020 from any part of the world. This way, you can apply for any of the following four programs depending on your location, and the career you aim to build in the social space.

The four programs include;

  • The Full Immersion Fellowship Program
  • The Blended Onsite and Virtual Fellowship Program
  • The Virtual Fellowship Program
  • The Working Professional’s Fellowship Program (Individuals working and residing in India)

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Eligibility Criteria

IDEX Fellowship July Program 2020 is for young professionals who falls within the age of 21 – 35. They must also have a proven track record of leadership and willing to use their education and skills to address social and economic challenges for under-served populations.

Also, the following criteria are also required;

  • Bachelors or Masters Degree
  • A Minimum of 1 to 3 years of work experience
  • Proven track record of leadership responsibilities
  • A passion and desire to work or learn about emerging markets and use social enterprise principles to solve global issues
  • An ability to quickly adapt and work in resource constrained environments
  • Desire to engage in an intense professional development enterprise while applying creative solutions to deepen impact.

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Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days


Participating in the IDEX Fellowship Program 2020 will benefit you in the following ways;

  • Strategically transitioning your professional skills to service the development sector with greater emerging markets context
  • Adding professional credibility while accessing relevant and progressive professional development learning labs covering themes of human-centered design, resource mobilization, communications strategies, and impact assessment.
  • Capacity building sessions led by subject matter experts who are seasoned professionals and thought leaders in their respective fields
  • Being engaged with an incredible diversity of world views and experiences
  • Life skilling – getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  • Exposure to invaluable professional networks and alumni network opportunities.
  • Internationally recognized professional certification in social enterprise and post-fellowship support.
  • A global family for life.

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Tuition And Scholarship Opportunities

The IDEX Fellowship Program tuition is $5950 for all program offerings.

However, IDEX offers partial scholarships on program tuition to a select number of applicants (men and women) to attend the fellowship i.e. the IDEX Scholarship Award and an exclusive full scholarship award to one or two deserving women candidates i.e the InvestWISE Scholarship Award (only applicable to Full Immersion Fellowship Program)

Moreover, since inception, IDEX has offered scholarships to 80% of its applicants with its first-come-first-considered approach when reviewing applications. This means that when you apply early and provide your preferred payment plan, you stand a better chance of securing a scholarship and getting into the program.

However, the scholarship and tuition fee does not cover the following;

  • Travel to/from India
  • Transportation to/from the airport
  • Passport or business visa cost
  • Housing in Bangalore from 2nd month of fellowship term onwards
  • Living expenses during the fellowship.

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How To Apply

The Window for application is currently on and will close on March 8th 2020 for early bird. The regular deadline closes on the 5th of April 2020.

Please note that IDEX Fellowship Program 2020 is a 6 months fellowship program that begins on July 1 to December 18, 2020.

To read more on the programs and apply, click here.

Are you an entrepreneur making a great impact with your business, reach out to us to tell your story.

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