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Nigerian Automobile Manufacturers Solicits An Alliance With The Media Industry

Automobile Manufacturers

Automobile manufacturers in Nigeria are soliciting to have an alliance with the media. The aim, they said, is to make public the present occurrences, progress and vital issues of the automobile industry.   

Why The Automobile Manufacturers Seek Media Involvement

Mr. Tokunbo Aromolaran, Managing Director VON Automobile Nigeria Limited, revealed this at a media conference with reporters in Lagos. During the discourse, he stated that the media needs to disclose all of the happenings in the automobile industry. He, however, maintained that indigenous vehicle manufacturers are trying their best to supplement the government’s endeavor to change the narrative of imported automobiles to made in Nigeria vehicles.

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Mr. Aromolaran stated that there has been a breach in communication with regard to the activities and exploits of indigenous manufacturers like VON Automobile Nigeria Limited and Stallion Motors Nigeria Limited.

“The government should pay more attention to what local players in the industry are doing and stress the need for the media to showcase these developments to properly educate the public on the industry developments. The auto industry in Nigeria has been redefined by the current auto policy in the country but only partial success has been achieved in terms of implementation,” Mr. Aromolaran stated.

Essence of Fully Implementing the Auto Policy.

He summoned the government and investors to make sure the policy is executed completely, specifically with regard to tariff as this will aid the protection of indigenous automobile manufacturers, just like in the developed countries. South Africa, as an example, adopted an auto policy and slapped 112% tariff on imported cars in order to protect their indigenous manufacturers. The policy structure was enough to make vehicle manufacturers establish plants in South Africa. Presently, South Africa manufactures its own automobiles with the help of indigenous manpower.

Mr. Aromolaran is certain that the same feat can be achieved in Nigeria if the government resolves to execute the correct policies in the country. He recalled that between six and seven operating automobile manufacturing companies existed in the 70’s; they are presently either dilapidated or have relocated from Nigeria.

He believes the federal government can support indigenous automobile manufacturers via long term policies favourable to the automobile industry. He said an all-inclusive long term policy structure will have a significant impact on the country’s GDP resulting in economic growth.

“There is need to educate the government on the dangers of continuous importation of foreign manufactured cars. Developing the auto industry in Nigeria will make us stronger and help reduce unemployment and even make cars cheaper and affordable to many in Nigeria. The Nigerian Customs should up their game against smugglers in Nigeria in order to eliminate the undue competition posed by smuggled cars in Nigeria. We are not afraid to compete but we want fair competition,” Mr. Aromolaran stated.

LCV’s of Stallion Motors Nigeria.

Mr. Anjan Aditya, Head of Sales and Marketing, Commercial Vehicles of Stallion Motors Nigeria Limited and Mr. Uwem Udom, Head of Media and Communications, VON Automobile Nigeria Limited were also present at the discourse.

Mr. Anjan Aditya, said that the commercial vehicle category of Stallion Motors Nigeria has invented a series of inexpensive KY5 MINI and KY10 Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) to meet the increasing need of operational ONE-TON and TWO-TON payload vehicles.

These sort of vehicles, especially the popular brands, presently cost way more than what start-ups and upcoming small and medium-scale enterprises can afford.

 “The introduction of Stallion Motors low-priced KY5 MINI and KY10 branded cargo trucks is expected to stem the tide of incessant downtime, profit losses and accidents, resulting from the application of decrepit and unserviceable vehicles by emerging commercial ventures in the country. He said this range of cars were designed and manufactured in China by Chongqing Changan Kuayue Automobile Co. Limited popularly known as KYC. These payload Commercial Vehicles are being assembled locally by Nigerians at the Stallion franchise facility in Lagos,” Mr. Aditya stated.

Mr. Aditya said that due to the challenges of upcoming businesses, an analysis of enterprises in Nigeria was carried out to come up with remedies to their worst experiences.

According to him, it was realized that most of the upcoming businesses, popular enterprises inclusive, are overwhelmed by the failure to get inexpensive light commercial vehicles (LCV’s) and so they are forced to buy rickety vehicles that are prone to accidents and are always faulty, resulting in substantial loss of profits.

For the small and medium scale enterprises, the KY5 MINI and KY10 series of cargo vehicles are efficient and strong for start-ups. Mr. Aditya said that they will assist enterprises to recover their losses and also position them for an improved and gainful future.

KYC range of payloads are assembled, traded and serviced by the commercial vehicle segment of the Stallion Motors Nigeria. The payloads are available in their showrooms nationwide.

The Aim Of the National Automotive Policy

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Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

The thrust of the national automobile policy would be to guarantee the continued existence and progress of the Nigerian automobile industry using indigenous, human and material resources. With the intent of improving the industry’s quota to the nation’s economy, specifically regarding transportation of goods and individuals.

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