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AWIEF Awards 2020 Nomination Still Ongoing – Nominate Now

AWIEF Awards

The Africa Women Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum is calling for nomination for women entrepreneurs and business owners in Africa for the 2020 AWIEF Awards. This is an opportunity to celebrate and recognize women in business, women in tech, women entrepreneurs and other women who deserves a spotlight in Africa.

About AWIEF Awards

The AWIEF Awards recognises, honour and celebrate women entrepreneurs and business owners in Africa and across industry sectors. The Award celebrate women for their economic performance and contribution to Africa’s growth and social development. It salutes women for their passion and determination in making a difference in their countries and on the continent.

Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don't Have An Idea
Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

AWIEF Awards covers emerging and established entrepreneurs in the private and not-for-profit sectors. Whether pioneers or not, it recognises women who have demonstrated outstanding vision and inspiration and have overcome challenges to make a significant social impact and/or become successful in their businesses.

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AWIEF Awards Category

The award recognises women in the following categories:

Young Entrepreneur Award

The young entrepreneur award goes to young female entrepreneur under the age of 35. A woman who has demonstrated exceptional entrepreneurial spirit and skills to build and grow a successful business. Also, a woman who is an inspiration to other young entrepreneurs.

Creative Industry Award

The AWEIF creative industry award recognizes the exceptional and creative entrepreneurial excellence of a woman in the film, music, food, beauty, art, fashion, advertising, design, or crafts industry.

Tech Entrepreneur Award

The award goes to a woman entrepreneur who has used science and technology to create innovative business, offering new knowledge, services, products, or solutions.

Agri Entrepreneur Award

This goes to a woman who has achieved recognition and business success in the field of agriculture and agribusiness with a great impact on food security and nutrition in her community or country.

Energy Entrepreneur Award

It is for a woman in the oil & gas and/or green energy & renewable sector. A woman who is operating a successful business with an impact on energy access and/or availability in her community or country.

Social Entrepreneur Award

The social entrepreneur award goes to a woman who with her business has made significant social impacts in the community and has proffered solutions to social, cultural, technology, education, environment, or financial challenges.

Empowerment Award

Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

The empowerment award goes to a woman who has greatly contributed and invested in inspiring, mentoring, and empowering other women and girls.

Lifetime Achievement Award

The lifetime achievement award will be presented to an established woman entrepreneur for her prolonged and consistent achievements in business. An individual who is a role model and has displayed exceptional and outstanding business leadership over time. It also recognizes the significant contribution made to job creation and the economy.

How It Works

You may either nominate yourself or someone else for any of the categories. All you need is to follow this process;

  • Register an entrant profile.
  • Nominate your candidate
  • Then, submit your entry for your nomination to be in the running.

The nomination for the AWIEF Awards closes on June 30, 2020. So, if you fit into any of the categories or know other women that deserves a spotlight, you can nominate using this link https://www.judgify.me/AWIEFAwards2020.

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