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What Is Your Brand Saying? Let Your Brand Make A Statement.


Branding is a concept that has gone beyond products and services. People now require some measure of branding. Even if you do not consciously brand yourself or call yourself anything, in particular, you’re known for something in the circles you walk, work and interact in. That’s branding.

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Something happened some time ago, No, not the much-talked-about Twitter “fight” between Olamide and Don Jazzy, even though what I’m about to talk on happened in the same venue – Twittersphere.

Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don't Have An Idea
Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

What happened? When the news broke of National PDP Secretary Olisah Metuh tearing up and attempting to eat the statement he made to the EFCC, Chicken Republic created artwork depicting food being delivered to this man through jail bars.

The internet went crazy.

Arguments were made for and against the advert, insults and mud were slung at the brand, politician, and others. Caving under the pressure, the brand deleted the “offensive” picture and tried to move on.

What I found most interesting is that when I first went online that day, having no prior knowledge of these things that had happened, I had seen a conversation on my TL between two people discussing the menu of this fast-food brand. This and a couple of other exchanges fed me with the impression that that was all that was being discussed. Then, I suddenly noticed the brand was trending and had been so for the past eight hours. Now, I know Nigerian Twitter very well and it takes more than casual food talk to keep a brand trending for that long. So, I did some digging. And I found the root of the drama.

The brand should not have deleted the picture because it shows a weakness and tendency to cave under pressure. And I’m sure no brand wants to be seen as such. Why would anyone apologise for providing the space with much-needed laughs? People miss the point of satire; and really a lot of the antics of the people who supposedly lead this country are laugh-worthy.

Besides, as a campaign, it was quite effective because, apart from reinforcing that they can get food to you anywhere, it got people talking about that particular brand in the public space. I cannot remember the last time that happened with any fast-food brand. It was smart marketing; leveraging on a popular issue to re-introduce yourself to your targets. They get full points for that.

The larger picture I intend to share here today, however, has to do with the fact that for the most part, the brand I’m talking about – like a lot of brands in that space or elsewhere for that matter – are usually quiet. It’s almost as though they think “we sell good stuff and that should be enough”. That is true to a large extent but it takes more than just “good stuff” to get a good product in front of those who want it.

What’s the point of making good stuff if people don’t know where you are?

So, from all this, what is your brand saying?

And I’m asking this on a professional and personal level. What are you known for – and is it consistent with what you’re selling and/or who you are? Are you clear on what you’re getting across to the people who require your services, or are they confused because whatever they know about you is second-hand information? Are you clear on what you’re saying, or do you change your message every three days?

Like it or not, every human being doing something is making a statement. Most of the time, the statements are unconscious but nonetheless, you’re saying something all the time. People, businesses that understand this take great steps in making sure that every part of their communication is in accord every step of the way. And that’s one of the most effective ways to leave an impression in the mind of a consumer who is beset by brands from all directions.

As you set out daily to achieve your greatness, ask yourself: what is my brand saying?

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