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Some people come to me and say, Florence see what you have done with ReDahlia in a short time! You are not making enough noise about it. Why? I smile and sometimes I laugh out loud. This is because I want the results to speak for themselves and they are speaking! People write, call and send us DM appreciating what we are doing and how they can tap from the anointing that only falls at ReDahlia.

We have done well with ReDahlia; from ReDahlia Workspaces and our Business Support Services to Entrepreneurs.ng and our Consulting Services.

Business is in my DNA

When I was younger, I wanted to be a medical doctor lol. Fortunately, being a medical doctor wasn’t my calling. I was born to build businesses. It started at a tender age helping my father with his business and I have a Master in International Business from one of the best business schools in the world.

A well-orchestrated plan

The game plan has always been to pass on the knowledge and ensure that business owners do business the right way. I am not an accidental entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is what I have done my whole life.

I have survived the tide and have ventured where the faint-hearted dare not venture. This is why I am very confident that I know my onion. To pass on this knowledge, ReDahlia has teamed up with 6 other business professionals to bring you The Business Clinic.

The Business Clinic is one creation of ReDahlia that is close to my heart and of which I am very proud of. Entrepreneurship is hard enough which is why we want to ensure that business owners get it right. When you decide to be an entrepreneur, by all means do it right.

Take this ride with us and your business will scale. Do you feel The Business Clinic is not for you because you are not an entrepreneur? It is time you extend a hand of support to that friend, that brother whose business is struggling. Trust me, they will forever remain indebted to you.

It is called a clinic because it will look holistically at your business. We will leave no stone unturned. We will not check the eye and leave out the hand. The whole works! The training will cover Business Strategy and Modeling, Operations Management, Accounting for Small Businesses, Legalities of doing business, Client Service Management, Digital Marketing and Advertising and Reality of Entrepreneurship.

Get The Business Clinic Experience and your business will scale.

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