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Business Plan Sample For Small Business Owners To Follow

Business Plan Sample

We understand that some of the processes attached to starting a business can be cumbersome and require a lot of mental exercises. Some of which include; writing a plan, doing visibility studies and looking for ways to attract investors. These tasks, ordinarily, discourage prospective entrepreneurs from taking the bold step. This is why we thought to give a helping hand by providing a business plan sample.

Write your business plan

Let’s help you write your business plan.

We already have a good business plan template that will help you organise your thought. It provides a guideline so that you’re not stuck looking at a blank page or trying to figure out where to start. Plus, it can show you the general layout of a standard business plan.

As a point of reference, a business plan is a document that contains everything about your business such as the product and the services, how to carry out the task, the target audience and other important information needed to embark on a stress-free business journey. In writing a business plan, the first step you need to take is to streamline your idea into a viable concept. After that, you take a look at the business plan template and then follow the business plan sample below.

Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don't Have An Idea
Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

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Business Plan Sample For Businesses

Executive Summary

The executive summary is the overview of a business. It is usually not more than 1-2 pages and it is the first thing anyone will notice. You have to be articulate in this section so you can convince your intending readers and investors. In this section, you are expected to provide the mission statement of the organisation, the name, the founders, and the product and services you seek to render. A very good example includes;

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Executive Summary For The Queen Fashion

The Queen fashion is an industry seeking to promote the fashion sense of Nigerians. It will also be a place where every family holding a party comes in to pick fabric for their members, friends and crew. The brand is more focused on brides looking for beautiful white dresses to wear for their occasion and grooms aiming to look astonishing for their bride.

It is located in Admiralty Circle, Lekki, Nigeria and it catches the interest of party attendees and organisers. It aims to build a strong market position on the island and to save people the stress of visiting the market on countless occasions and facing unnecessary stress because of their party.


At The Queen fashion, our mission is to promote the industry with stylish creation of fabrics and wears of high quality both for weddings and every kind of occasion. To also ensure that our services make our customers more relaxed and comfortable while shopping.

We aim to be a stop center for anyone who plans to throw a party, whether a wedding birthday, burial or child dedication, e.t.c Our team will ensure that people i.e both male and female, young or old can trust us with doing justice to their preference of style and to have an inviting work environment for our employees to promote productivity.

The objective

The Queen Fashion has the following objectives;

  • To be a stop centre for people who wants to change their wardrobe and for people who has occasion to plan or attend.
  • To have customer’s preference for our brand starting from the first month of our business.
  • To constantly increase our sales on a monthly basis.

To achieve all of these, we must build our brand to be what every customer wants to be a part of.

The company and management

The Queen Fashion is headquartered in Lekki, Lagos with plans of establishing other branches in Ikeja, Lagos, and other states in Nigeria and subsequently across Africa. The company was founded by Mary Queen and she will take on the position of the CEO. In addition, we have board of directors to provide Management Expertise and they include;

Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
  • Jerry King, Business Consultant at Jerrycafe Choice Ltd.
  • Micheal Temmy at Mac Tee Accounting
  • Tosin Gold, Partner at Gold and sons Law Firm

Our services

Our customers are ladies, men and women who crave for beautiful dresses, quality fabrics and classic wears and stylish blazers. The Queen fashion offers a wide variety of fabric sales, dresses, suit, trouser, shirt, skirt e.t.c. Basically, it will include;

  • Wedding gowns
  • Suit
  • Corporate and Native wears
  • Ankara dresses
  • Lace Material
  • Website for Display of goods and customers ordering
  • 12-hour services everyday

Business Description

This section presents vital information about the business such as an overview of the business, its location, ownership and history if there is any.

The Queen fashion is a wholesale boutique for every individual who wishes to buy any kind of fabric or corporate wears for office, wedding or any kind of occasion. Our goal is to be a stop centre for every clothing items and to give our customers a stress-free shopping exercise. Our Products include; wedding dresses, suit, shirt, skirt, trouser, Ankara, lace, aso -oke, kampala, Adire, Head Gears, veil and Cap e.t.c

It is a new stall planning to begin operations on the 1st of August, 2019 in a space leased for the period of 5 years at No 4, Admiralty Circle, Lekki Nigeria.

The Queen Fashion is a private-owned company by Mary Queen with 3 Board of Trustees and it is registered in Lagos Nigeria.

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Market Analysis and Strategies

Analysing the market you hope to play in gives you an understanding of what the competition is doing. This will inform you on the opportunities available and how to leverage it.

One of the things we noticed in buyers is that, majority of them like to compare prices and quality from different shop before they eventually settle for one.

Therefore, The Queen Fashion will not just be a show room but a stop centre for everyone having special occasions to celebrate and we will make the environment welcoming. Our prices will be the best based on our quality so that customers are satisfied.

We will also distinguish ourselves from our competitors by creating a website where people can order for different styles of fabric and clothes and it will be delivered to their doorstep.

Organizational Management

This section provides information on how the structure of an organisation would look like.   

The workforce for The Queen Fashion will include the founder as the Business Manager. It will also include a Ware House Manager, an Accountant, a Fashion Stylist and other adhoc staff who will help in the smooth running of the business.   

The Business Manager will coordinate the affairs of the business and ensure that every member of staff carry out their responsibilities in such a way that more customers can be attracted.

The Ware House Manager will be in charge of the shop, taking account of what comes in and goes out while providing feedback on changes in customers demand and preference.

The Queen Fashion Accountant takes an account of the income and expenses of the entire business and report to the Business Manager.

In The Queen Fashion, an international stylist will be on the ground to sew dresses for people most especially brides who are interested in having their dresses all packaged by the brand.

Adhoc Staffs such as Cleaners, security and Office manager will be employed to make the business environment clean, secured and accessible.

Operations or Product Line

This section of the business plan sample has to do with operations and the kind of business you seek to operate in.

The Queen Fashion will deal in different kinds of fabric that can suit anyone from any tribe in Nigeria. It will also deal in materials that goes for all kinds of occasion. Our products are going to be budget friendly for different classes of people.

The shop will open from 9am-9pm on Monday to Saturdays of every week and on public holidays as well. This kind of arrangement is made in order to incorporate office workers who might not have the time to shop during weekdays.

Financial Projections

This will encompass anything relating to finance in the business. It involves the expenses and it should be thoroughly scrutinized. For example;

Here is a table for Cash Flow for the period of five years.

The total financial projections in a year was multiplied by 5% for the first year, 7% for the second and 10% and 15% for the fourth and fifth year respectively in order to get the income statement.

Business plan sample

Our financials are in Naira, and the costs were all researched and averaged. The Queen Fashion budget is 9,216,000 for capital costs.

It is difficult to exhaust everything in one content but we can help you write a winning business plan. Contact us on WhatsApp- 08038874148 to write the business plan that will give you the result you want.


This presents other information necessary for investors to see in your business plan. It includes;

There you have it! Follow this business plan sample to write yours today. Do you want us to help you write your business plan? You can reach us on WhatsApp- 08038874148 or 43B Emina Crescent, Off Toyin Street, Ikeja Lagos. We are also the owners of ReDahlia Workspaces, one of the best co-working spaces in Nigeria.

Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey, let us help you get through it with our services.



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