Apply for the Catapult: Inclusion Africa Programme 2022 for Fintech Startups

Apply for the Catapult: Inclusion Africa Programme 2022 for Fintech Startups

Programme Introduction

Apply now for the Catapult: Inclusion Africa programme 2022 for Fintech startups. The LHoFT Foundation is a public-private sector initiative that drives technology innovation for Luxembourg’s financial services industry. The organisation also connects the domestic and international Fintech community together.

The organisation strongly believes that financial technology is crucial to advancing financial inclusion and empowering groups. These groups have been left behind by the traditional financial system. Whether it’s financing for rural farmers, point-of-sale technology for under-banked merchants, or specialised insurance products, the positive impact being driven by entrepreneurship is improving lives around the world. As such, Financial Inclusion is a key focus of the LHoFT Foundation.

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The LHoFT Foundation is thrilled to host the 5th acceleration Bootcamp in Luxembourg between 24th and 28th October 2022. This come on the heels of the success of the previous editions of CATAPULT: Inclusion Africa since 2018,

Developed by the LHoFT Foundation, the programme targets companies focusing on financial inclusion in Africa. This they try to do by aiming to build bridges with Luxembourg’s Microfinance industry. This relationship also includes highlighting initiatives in alignment with the sustainability goals of Luxembourg’s finance centre.

This 5th edition of CATAPULT: Inclusion Africa will once again leverage Luxembourg’s Inclusive Finance and Fintech ecosystem. And this will be to support selected firms in developing their businesses and achieving their inclusion goals. In addition, firms will participate in Arch Summit, thus experiencing the future of technology while making meaningful connections.

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Programme Overview


A 5-day training and networking Bootcamp, from October 24th to 28th 2022, run in Luxembourg, for 10 selected Fintech firms working to improve financial inclusion in Africa.


The Bootcamp leverages Luxembourg’s Inclusive Finance and Fintech ecosystem in order to support the selected firms in developing their businesses and achieving their inclusion goals.


To connect financial inclusion Fintechs from Africa with key stakeholders like Microfinance Institutions, Investors and Industry Experts and to learn how to become more efficient and effective in reaching underserved market segments.


Building on the success and experience of past editions and other financial inclusion programmes, this unique Bootcamp is aligned with the sustainability goals of Luxembourg’s financial centre. It is fully funded by the Luxembourg Government.


Delivered in collaboration with key stakeholders from the microfinance, sustainable finance and traditional finance sectors.

Catapult: Inclusion Africa Programme Eligibility Criteria

  • Selected firms will have, at least, a demonstrable Minimum Viable Product (“MVP”). And such a product will likely be in the pre-seed to seed stage of funding.
  • Companies must be active in the financial inclusion field, helping underserved and unbanked populations in Africa get access to financial products and services.
  • Companies will submit all necessary information to the LHoFT in order to assess the viability of the project. Also, the company, background of owners and key shareholders will be verified to limit the risks of non-compliance or doubtful application to the programme.
  • Companies must agree and shall provide on-going performance metrics and business status for a period of three years post programme completion to the LHoFT for the purposes of programme evaluation.
  • The selected firm must guarantee that a founding team member, typically the CEO, will attend the programme for the duration of the week.
  • We are particularly interested in hearing from firms in payments and related services.
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All Costs Covered

  • LHoFT will reimburse reasonable travel costs to reach Luxembourg, using Economy Class Airline Carrier, up to 2000€ per person/company (or equivalent).
  • The participants will be hosted in the hotel selected by the LHoFT, located in Luxembourg City. And this will be for the duration of the programme.
  • Breakfast and lunches will be provided, and probably some dinners as well.

Programme apllication deadline is September 15th 2022. Apply through this link here or visit the official website of the programme for more details.

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