How To Choose A Business Name For Your Business Video

How to choose a business name

Choosing a business name for your business is very important. It has to be gotten right because the name will live with the business throughout the lifetime of the business. To get a catchy business name, you have to follow these steps that we have listed in the video.

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Steps To Get The Perfect Business Name

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Go Back To The Basics

In choosing a business name, review why you want to start the business, what it is to be known for, the visions, mission, and selling proposition for it. Also, consider the industry you are in and ensure you are personally happy with the final choice. This is important because your business has to live with the name for a long time. It should be a unique unforgettable name.

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Conduct A Brainstorming Session.

Think about the name suggestions that are coming to mind and write them out. This you can do with a friend, colleague, or partner. At this stage, you will have a very long list of names. Do not be afraid, you are still doing alright. Be creative. Let the thought process flow freely. Follow the guidelines that you have set yourself to. Avoid names that will limit you to particular geographies or locations.

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