Dreams – The Only Way To Bring Your Dreams To Reality Is To Start


Dreams keep us alive. Today is the tomorrow you dreamed about yesterday.

I hope that isn’t confusing.

There was a time in which this exact moment you are in your life was a dream. A time you were only dreaming about whatever it is you are right now. There was a time that whatever you are doing right now was just a dream. And I’m not talking about reading this article.

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How did you get here? And more importantly; is this where you imagined you’d be when you were imagining this moment?

Let me share something with us. I wanted to get married by the time I was twenty-five and be done with having kids by the time I was thirty. It was all laid out. I had a ‘little black book’ where I kept the names of my potential wives. I was so serious about this dream of mine that I kept tabs on the ladies on my list. As soon as one of them fell out for some reason or the other, I would strike out the name and put a new one. I was also constantly promoting and demoting them up/down the list whenever a situation called for it.

PS: The names were in pencil of course.

That is how much importance I placed on that dream and I wanted to get it done and out of the way.

Whatever point in our lives we’re in, one constant variable is the ability to dream. There is always the need for something or the other at some point or the other. Reality is, the older we get, the need to switch these dreams for more ‘realistic’ or ‘practical’ ones. For instance, a man might go from dreams of building the largest restaurant business in the world to dreams of being able to send his children to the best schools available. He didn’t change or lose focus, ‘reality’ just set in and he realized he has to prioritize and so on.

And so the dream dies.

As far as I’m concerned, a dream waiting for the right time to materialize is not a dream. It is a fantasy. Falz the Bahd Guy, a prominent Nigerian rapper said in one of his songs; “my dreams are keeping me from sleeping”.  That is how it should be for anyone who wants to build something worthwhile.

What are you dreaming about now? More importantly, what have you done in the last twenty-four hours to bring that dream one step closer to reality? Imagine a forty-year-old learning how to drive. The first time he gets behind that wheel, he is frightened stiff. He is not sure he can navigate the car safely. Somewhere in the back of his mind is the recurring thought that he should have gotten this over with earlier in his life. He’s so scared he’s thinking of just getting a driver and escaping the fear and self-doubt haunting him at the moment.

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But he decides to stick it out for the first day.

And then, he doesn’t do too badly. In fact, he is so encouraged that he decides to show up the second day. The second day, he does better than the first day and so on. At the end of the first week, driving a car is all but second nature to him.

But he had to start first, right?

‘No time to check time’ is one of my favorite street slang. I think it speaks for itself. What the slang says to me (because I have a tendency to take things literally first before anything else) is, there’s no time for banalities, no time can be spent watching for meaningless and unimportant things like the time. Instead of watching the time, I should be watching the things I do in that time so that time spent justifies itself.

I hope I haven’t confused you.

The point is, there are more important things than knowing what time it is.

The tallest building in the world had the first block laid in a day. The most expensive car was once a concept on a designer’s computer. The laptop, 1TB external disks were once considered fantasies of a sick mind.

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But these describe our realities today.

It’s time to face reality. Reality being facing that dream and doing something about it, or letting it go and not talking about it anymore. Dreams are nothing if the dreamers are not willing to do what is required to take them from imagination to reality. ‘Reality’ being what the dreamer makes it out to be.

In other words, stop talking, put your money where your mouth is and get going.

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