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Funsho Adeolu: Biography And Movies Of An English Yoruba Director

Funsho Adeolu

Funsho Adeolu is an award-winning Nigerian English and Yoruba movie actor, director, producer, event effects provider, MC, and live band singer. He is also the CEO of Flynest Media.

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Funsho Adeolu Background

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Funsho Adeolu Adegeye was born on the 6th of May 1968, to the family of Mr and Mrs Adegeye in Lagos State. He hails from Ondo State, Nigeria. Funsho attended a nursery school in Surulere and had his primary education afterwards at Lady Lak Primary School, Ebute Meta.

After his Primary education, he went on to Ansaru deen College, Isolo, for his O’levels. He then proceeded to Baptist Academy, Obanikoro, for his A’ levels, which was known then as Higher School Certificate (HSC).

On obtaining his HSC, he decided to take some crash courses, which included journalism. Afterwards, he furthered his education at the Ondo State University, Ado Ekiti (now UNAD), where he studied Guidance and Counselling.

He is married to Victoria Adeolu, and they are blessed with two sons.

Funsho Adeolu Career

Funsho Adeolu commenced his acting career in 1987, with Antar Laniyan and a group in Festac Town, Lagos. He started with stage acting, then progressed to a television series on Nigerian Television Authority, before going into film acting.

Antar Laniyan trained Funsho and brought him into the industry. By 1989, Funsho was featured in a television series that brought him to limelight in the movie industry.

The TV series Palace was his breakthrough movie, as it opened the door for other rewarding projects. Afterward, he started getting movie roles and featured in the popular TV series, Super Story. Thus far, Funsho Adeolu has directed, produced, and acted in several award-winning movies.

Funsho Adeolu


As A Director And Actor

1976 – 2004

  • Cool Red – 1976
  • Things Fall Apart – 1987
  • Camouflage (Video) – 1999
  • My Guy (Video) – 1999
  • Jesu Mushin (Video) – 2002
  • Arewà (Video) – 2003
  • Ògédé Didùn (Video) – 2003
  • Arewa okunrin (Video) – 2003
  • Jawonbe (Video) – 2003
  • 419 Dangerous Game (Video) – 2004
  • 5 & 6 (Video) – 2004
  • Eyin Oka (Video) – 2004
  • Eyin Oka 2 (Video) – 2004
  • N150 Million 2 (Video) – 2004
  • Okun Ife (Video) – 2004
  • Okun Ife 2 (Video) – 2004
  •  Òkú tee sin (Video) – 2004
  •  Òkú tee sin 2 (Video) – 2004
  •  Omo oku òrun (Video) – 2004
  •  Playing Games (Video) – 2004
  •  Playing Games 2 (Video) – 2004

2005 – 2006

  • Àbèfé jengbetiele (Video) – 2005
  • Durodola (Video) – 2005
  • Durodola 2 (Video) – 2005
  • Eto Ikoko (Video) – 2005
  • Nkan Asiri (Video) – 2005
  • Nkan asiri 2 (Video) – 2005
  • Olufunmi (Video) – 2005
  • Sababi (Video) – 2005
  • Sababi 2 (Video) – 2005
  • Tani kin fe? (Video) – 2005
  • Alhaji agba (Video) – 2006
  • Awure eni (Video) – 2006
  • Dokita Alabere (Video) – 2006
  • Elebute (Video) – 2006
  • Esuru (Video) – 2006
  • Fadùn sáyémi (Video) – 2006
  • Ile aje (Video) – 2006
  • Iyawo asiko (Video) – 2006
  • Odaju Obinrin (Video) – 2006
  • Omo mi (Video) – 2006
  • Omo mi 2 (Video) – 2006
  • Tani kábè (Video) – 2006

2007 – 2008

  • Abanidaro (Video) – 2007
  • Alapo aje (Video) – 2007
  • Asiko mi leyi (Video) – 2007
  • Edunjobi (Video) – 2007
  • Edunjobi 2 (Video) – 2007
  • Ekuro (Video) – 2007
  • Adeyemi – 2007
  • Ekuro 2 (Video) – 2007
  • Adeyemi – 2007
  • Eleda teju (Video) – 2007
  • Eniyan dudu (Video) – 2007
  • Etàn (Video) – 2007
  • Inubibi (Video) – 2007
  • Okun ife yi (Video) – 2007
  • Jide – 2007
  • Olugbare (Video) – 2007
  • Orita Ipinya (Video) – 2007
  • Ota (Video) – 2007
  • Sekere (Video) – 2007
  • Iboji (Video) – 2008
  • Idoti Oju (Video) – 2008
  • Mafi Wonmi (Video) – 2008
  • Tomo Tiya (Video) – 2008
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Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

2009 – 2019

  • Àsírí owó (Video) – 2009
  • Esin (Video) – 2009
  • Òréré layé (Video) – 2009
  • Idamu ojo kan (Video) – 2011
  • The Antique – 2014
  • God Behind Bars – 2015
  • Gone Grey – 2016
  • The Tribunal – 2017
  • Alangba – 2017
  • Diva – 2018
  • Alagbara – 2018
  • Ayo Okan – 2018
  • Backdoor – 2018  
  • Oye – 2019
  • Ogoji – 2019
  • Ileri Oluwa – 2019
  • Game Boy – 2019
  • Backline – 2019
  • Industreet (Season 3) – 2019
  • Deep Heat – 2019
  • Last Days – 2019
  • Silenced (Video) – 2019
  • Shuga (TV Series) – 2019

Funsho Adeolu Awards And Nominations

  • Best Actor in a Leading Role in an English Movie nominee at the Best of Nollywood Awards (BON) – 2013
  • Nominee at the City People Movie Award for Best Actor of the Year (Yoruba) – 2014
  • City People Movie Award nominee for Yoruba Movie Personality of the Year (Male) – 2017
  • Nominee at the City People Movie Award for Yoruba Movie Personality of the Year (Male) – 2018
  • City People Movie Special Recognition Award – 2018

Funsho Adeolu Quotes

“Standing out is a continuous and deliberate effort to be special but it makes you a person to be reckoned with. Dare to be different.”

“A platform is what defines your visibility with your audience. Virtually all accomplished people either designed or were given a platform to grow, excel and succeed…”

“Do not be afraid of the dark when a ray or splash of light is in view but be vigilant so you don’t take the wrong step.”

“You better make that step now or you will be on the same spot till you die. You have to be bold to make it.”

“Success is born out of self-actualization, self-acceptance, willingness to move and determination to make it.”

“If you can impact lives do so without hesitation…”

“Knowledge is knowing what to say. Wisdom is knowing when to say it.”

“Talent without training is wasted talent.”

“Laughing is the best medicine but when you laugh for no reason then you need medicine.”

“Listen with wisdom and speak with knowledge.”

“When you work hard at your job you make a living but when you work hard on yourself you can make a fortune.”

“A man without challenges is not an innovative man.”

“Hard work wrongly directed may not lead to wealth so use your energy wisely.”

“Don’t wait till when you get to the top before helping. Those you help while climbing might be the one to take you to the top.”

“No one is celebrated for having the brain, but for using them.”

Entrepreneurial Lessons Of Funsho Adeolu

To Achieve Your Dreams, You Need To Be Focused

Funsho Adeolu had always been focused on being an artist from his childhood. He was a member of his church choir, and went for several trainings in a bid to improve his craft. Funsho’s tenacity led him to where he is today.

As an entrepreneur, you need to be deliberate and focused on achieving your dreams. Else, you would be like a man moving about with no direction.

Are you doing something amazing in the entrepreneurial space and you want the world to hear about it? Reach out to tell your story.

Image Credit: @funshoadeoluadegeye (Instagram)



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