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Gloria Bamiloye: Biography Of Mount Zion Drama Ministry Co-founder.

Gloria Bamiloye

Gloria Bamiloye is a Nigerian gospel actress, dramatist, producer, director, scriptwriter, and author. She is the vice president/co-founder of Mount Zion Drama Ministry, and the wife of the popular gospel filmmaker, Mike Bamiloye.

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Gloria Bamiloye Background

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Gloria Olushola Bamiloye was born on the 4th of February 1960, in Ilesha, Osun State. She lost her dad at an early age and was singlehandedly raised by her mum. Her mother did a good job raising her as Gloria learned her to be a positive influence on people through her mother.

Although Gloria was born into a Muslim family, but later became a Christian after the conversion of her elder brother into Christianity.

Gloria Bamiloye had her early education in Ilesha, Osun State, Nigeria. After her secondary education, she enrolled at the Oyo State College of Education, Ilesha, where she studied English Language and Religious studies.

Gloria Bamiloye also attended the Divisional Teachers Training College, Ipetumodu.

She is married to Mike Bamiloye, the President of the Mount Zion Drama Ministry, and they are blessed with three children.

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Mount Zion Drama Ministry

Although Gloria Bamiloye wanted to impact lives positively through teaching, God had a different plan, which she discovered after she became a Christian.

While in the University, Gloria Bamiloye realized she had a passion for acting, so she went to join her fellowship drama ministry, and started acting stage plays in fellowship.

One day, an alumnus of the drama department, Mike Bamiloye (now her husband) visited the fellowship and asked for her hand in marriage. Mount Zion Drama Ministry was birthed on the 4th of August 1985, the same day she said YES to her husband’s marriage proposal.

Since then, she has worked with her husband to grow the ministry. Today, Mount Zion Drama Ministry is widely acclaimed and can be said to be the pioneer of Christian movies in Nigeria.

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As A Director/Producer

  • The Stormy Seas (Part 1 – 4) – 2008
  • The Costly Game – 2009
  • Secret of the Moment – 2012
  • The Spell – 2013
  • The Strategies – 2013
  • Ona Eburu – 2013
  • Igbekun – 2013
  • The Stranger – 2014
  • Ajoji Emi – 2014
  • House on Fire (Part 1 – 6) – 2016
  • Planting – 2016
  • A Phase in Time – 2017
  • Blank Card – 2017
  • Ewa Inu – 2018
  • Inner Beauty – 2018

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Gloria Bamiloye
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Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

As An Actress

  • Just a Little Sin
  • Lost Forever – 1991
  • Ewu Igba Ikehun – 1992  
  • The Perilious Times – 1992
  • Agbara Nla (Part 1 – 4) – 1993
  • The Great Mistake (Part 1 – 3) – 1993  
  • Ultimate Power (Part 1 – 4) – 1994
  • Asise Nla – 1996
  • The Fruitless Tree (Part 1 – 4) – 1998
  • Covenant Child – 2002
  • Omo Majemu – 2002  
  • The Wounded Heart – 2002
  • Busy but Guilty – 2004
  • The Youthful Lust – 2005
  • Haunting Shadows (Part 1 – 5) – 2005
  • The Forgotten Ones (Part 1 – 4) – 2006
  • Story of my Life – 2006
  • One Careless Night (Part 1 – 5) – 2007  
  • A Change of Taste – 2008
  • The Stormy Seas (Part 1 – 3) – 2008

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  • Apoti Eri – 2009
  • A Crack in the Wall – 2010
  • Sunset at Midday – 2011
  • Secret of The Moment (Part 1- 2) – 2012
  • Captives of the Mighty – 2013
  • The Finest Wine – 2013
  • Onaeburu – 2013
  • The Strategies – 2013
  • Igbekun – 2013   
  • The Spell – 2013
  • Caught in the Wind – 2014
  • The Return – 2014
  • Ajoji Emi – 2014
  • Abejoye – The Kingmaker – 2016
  • House on Fire (Part 1 – 7) – 2017
  • The Blood Covenant – 2017
  • Life of the Billows – 2017
  • Abejoye – The Kingmaker (Season 2) – 2018

Gloria Bamiloye Books

  • A Successful Ministerial Life in Drama Ministry – 2001
  • The Anxiety of Single Sisters – 2002
  • The Minister and His Wife – 2008
  • Questions of Life for the Singles – 2018
  • Striking a Balance Between Marriage and Ministry – 2018
  • Questions of Life for the Married – 2018
  • Singles with a Difference – 2018

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Gloria Bamiloye Quotes

“Have a good testimony before men, not only before God. He is sending you as his ambassador, don’t disgrace your God or hinder his move.”

“The doctors or physicians in the world are limited, and that is why they have their areas of specialization in medicine, but the Lord Jesus Christ specialized in all.”

“You desire to be used of God and to be his mouthpiece, you must be different, you must sacrifice something…”

“It is possible to be serving God without knowing God…”

“Anybody can speak the word of God but not everyone can speak the word from God.”

“…Don’t be afraid to step out by faith concerning anything God is asking you to do. Knowing Jesus is standing He will rescue you, He will not let you sink.”

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“Prayer is more than just asking, seeking or knocking as the Lord told us to do. Prayer is also a time of fellowship with our Father in heaven.”

“Worship will enable you to receive GOD’S attention very fast. Try to worship the Lord. Add quality praise to your prayers.”

“If you want to make it in life, as a married woman, your home must be given the lead priority. Don’t do things that will take your home away from you…”

Entrepreneurial Lesson Of Gloria Bamiloye

Trust and Obey

As a Christian entrepreneur, learn to trust God and depend on him completely, even when things don’t go as planned. Believe God has your best interest at heart, and he would work it all out for you at the right time. Just keep putting in the work and develop the skills you need to excel.

Gloria Bamiloye had complete trust in God from day one, so she was never bothered about her circumstances. She kept working hard with her husband to fulfil their God-given purpose, and today, they are known for their movies world-wide.

Just by obeying God, they have not only become successful financially, but they have also been able to impact millions of lives positively.

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Image Credit: Gloria Bamiloye – Facebook



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  1. Aduragbemi Michael Sarah

    I really want to learn more on the right ways to knowing and loving God. I long to see things the way He would have seen them or react to situations the way He would have. Am a crying christian because i don’t have all the time to learn, pray for me…

  2. How was Mrs Gloria Mike Bamiloye born into the family of Mr and Mrs Mike Bamiloye? Editor,re-edict this your information.

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