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How To Do A Digital Detox: Steps To Achieve A Successful Digital Detox

Digital Detox

If you get paranoid when you miss a notification on your mobile phone, then you may need a digital detox. Sometimes we get caught up in the affairs of the world, forgetting the things that truly matter. We indulge in excessive use of digital devices, whether for official or recreational purposes. Activities ranging from taking selfies, sending and checking emails, or even social media could be exhausting. It gets worse when one doesn’t see this as potential harm to self-development.

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It is for this reason that we need to do a digital detox every now and again. Digital detoxing has become necessary to help fight the harmful effects of the excessive use of digital devices.

Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don't Have An Idea
Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

Digital detox entails personal detachment from the use of mobile tech devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets, and all the virtual components. This can be achieved over a specific period, depending on one’s intention.

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How To Do A Successful Digital Detox

Identify Your Purpose

There’s a purpose for everything we intend to achieve. Whether you want to do a digital detox for self rejuvenation or mental exercise or health issues, all is for a purpose. Choosing to cut yourself off from the virtual world, where majorly all communication and information holds is a novel thing.

One doesn’t just wake up one day and decide to trail a new path, there’s always a motive behind each of our actions. It is then important for you to properly identify your intentions before embarking on such a task. Listing your purpose will help you stay on track and true to yourself.

Choose An Appropriate Time

Having decided to embark on this task, try as much as possible to map out a convenient time. You wouldn’t want to miss out on important information communicated only through the virtual medium. For example, you can’t gain much detoxifying while you have an online course you are committed to. Digital detoxifying should only come at a period when you have no or little commitments online.

Notify People Before The Digital Detox

You must tell your loved ones and close associates before detoxifying. This is to save them from assuming you have gone into harm. It also tells them to limit their level of online communication to you. Have them understand why this is important to you. If they care about you they will encourage you, otherwise, ignore the ones who might never understand.

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Log Out Of Social Networks

This is the first thing to do once you have assured yourself that this is a feat you must achieve. Logout of all your social media accounts. Social media is one big distraction we have settled with. Detaching yourself from its oars will not only help you focus but enable you to be present in each moment of your life.

Not to deny the beautiful benefits of social media; like job search, easy and cheaper means of communication, and so on. To go on digital detoxification means that you have assured yourself that you do not require these social media benefits for some time. Go on and log out, deactivate your account if you have to.

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Eliminate Distractions 

Distractions could come from anywhere, including from friends and family. You must identify the possible things that can hinder your mission. When you have, it becomes easy to avoid them. A friend could want you to check out something on Instagram or Snapchat. This person could find ways of psychologically coercing you to do this, and because you are not strong-willed, you let yourself fall in.

Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

We all might lack the ability to say No, especially when this is coming from a very close friend. Therefore, to avoid such scenarios, eliminate these persons by giving them a prompt heads-on on why they mustn’t bring such news to your notice. Apart from human beings posing as distractions, you can also get distracted from your environment. Try not to stay in a noisy and busy area while detoxifying. Anything could easily trigger the urge to sneak out your mobile device.

Set Goals For Your Digital Detox

Goal setting helps you stay true to your purpose. Once you have been able to identify your purpose, it is required that you put into consideration, small actions that will help you reach them. Your goals should be divided into small parts, to enable you to carry them out effortlessly. Keep track of your progress and set a time frame around each. Implore the use of time management and the rightful way of using it.

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Immerse Yourself In Your Goals

It is a known fact that whatever you dedicate your attention and energy to, will grow stronger in your life. Staying committed to your goals is usually hard, but it’s something that can be done when there’s passion. Try as much as possible to set goals that align with your passion. It will make this immersion easy.

Digital Detox Requires Self-discipline 

Discipline comes with maturity. For your digital detox to be successful, you must be disciplined. First, you must understand that you are working towards achieving something good for yourself, then devise ways of doing it. Learn how to say things and stick to them.

Give yourself time and don’t try to force it, simply set your mind towards the benefits of achieving your goals. When you understand where you are going, the journey becomes easy and simple. Self-discipline comes with a great price, it shows how committed you’re to your goals. It attracts respect your way too.

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The practice of this helps clarify your vision. It entails removing yourself from the loudness of the world and immersing yourself into space with just yourself. At least for a start, this is how you do it till you condition your mind to live by it. Learn how to meditate often, and go into silence.

Carve out time from your schedules to simply be, assuring yourself that ‘to be’ is what you seek during this moment. Allow yourself the freedom to listen intuitively. Achieving this helps you become consciously aware of the choices you make. Mindfulness is a great art for growth if you must reach the peak you have set for yourself. 

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Meet People Physically 

Try not to be too introverted, even if this is your nature or personality. Go out once in a while and meet people. Meeting people helps you form relationships and friendships. You might want to have a small circle of friends who share similar interests with you. Having people with whom you can comfortably communicate, will help you align your thoughts rightly. You can always find an emotional connection and whatever sort of attention you seek when you meet people in the real world.

One of the easiest benefits manufacturers of mobile technology sells to their consumers is the convenience of making friends. While this may be very accurate, it is also true that detoxification can help us have more time for people within our immediate vicinity. We might begin to notice that single parent or even that neighbour who never speaks. Being flexible in our relationships helps us lead a healthier life.

There is no denying that mobile technology has greatly changed our way of interaction and relationships. The ugliest part of this change is how we have bequeathed more importance to these devices, making them smarter than us. It doesn’t have to be so, let us learn to balance our life. Yes, mobile technology indeed enables us to multitask and do other things easily. However, we should learn that too much attachment to it can be a lot harmful to our general wellbeing.

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