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How To Get Customers Through Email Marketing And A Work Portfolio

How to get customers

Getting and keeping customers is the name of the game. How do you get customers? With everyone going digital, finding ways to connect with your audience is crucial. That’s where email marketing and a strong work portfolio come in.

Emails are a great way to talk directly to potential customers. They can be personalized and share what makes your business special. But here’s the challenge: How do you stand out in a crowded inbox?

That’s where a work portfolio comes into play. It’s like a visual resume for your business, showing off what you can do and why customers should choose you. When you combine this with targeted emails, you create a powerful strategy to turn interested leads into loyal customers.

Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don't Have An Idea
Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

In this article, we’ll break down the teamwork of email marketing and a solid work portfolio. I will give you easy tips on how to grab attention, keep it, and turn those curious clicks into lasting customer relationships.

It is easy to read all about getting customers through email marketing and building a work portfolio but success with these two methods is in the successful implementation. That is why we created the Start Your Business in 30 Days Program to help you in the practical implementation of the strategies I teach. Click here to enrol.

Let’s dive into practical ways to make your business grow by bringing in and keeping happy customers.

How To Get Customers Using Email Marketing

We will look at how to get customers through email marketing, the benefits of email marketing and how to build an email list.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is highly effective and is still deployed to convert leads to huge sales. It is important to understand how best to utilize this to catch the attention of email subscribers.

Benefits Of Email Marketing

There are several advantages offered by email marketing:

• Emails are personal and allow you to have a direct connection with people. It differs from social media or Google Ads as you are able to actually build a relationship with the people you send emails to.

• Emails are also targeted, and you can easily choose who to send emails to, a process that is more complex and less controllable with social media or Google Ads.

• Subscribers voluntarily opt-in or sign up to your email list, and this infers that the emails are purposeful.

Of course, subscribers do not always have to open or click on emails, but the key thing is that a relationship has been established. Think of it as a first handshake, which you can then take advantage of to build a relationship.

How To Build An Email List

Here is the process of building an email list.

Select an Email Marketing Service Provider

First, you have to select an email marketing service provider. There are a number of them, including AWeber, ConvertKit, MailPoet, Mailchimp and FluentCRM, which we use for our business.

Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

Develop a Lead Magnet

Once you have created a sign-up form with which people can subscribe to your email list, a good strategy to onboard as many people as possible is to create a giveaway or “lead magnet.” This lead magnet serves as an incentive in exchange for their email addresses.

When consulting for clients, we ensure their lead is related to their product or service to optimize its impact. For instance, if you are into hair products, the lead magnet must be related to the hair industry.

Our company’s lead magnet is a well-thought-out marketing and sales plan. When entrepreneurs sign up for our emails, they not only get email updates but also learn they can come to us for a practical sales and marketing plan.

Good lead magnets can include e-books, guides, free products or access, among other things. Say you have an online or even a physical class; you can offer free access to the whole class or part of the class. The idea is that the lead magnet has to be valuable. So think of a lead magnet you can give for free in exchange for email addresses.

Create an Opt-in Box

Once you have created the lead magnet, you have to create an opt-in box on your site. This box often says essentially “Hey, sign up for my emails, and here’s what you get.” The text in the opt-in form should be actionable and clearly communicate the benefits of signing up for your email list.

A good example for a fitness business would be, “Join this email list and get this free guide on how to lose 10 kg of weight in two weeks.”

If your lead magnet does not explicitly show the benefit, chances are that your audience will not sign up for it. Ensure you do not spam them or sell their email addresses. It helps to include an assurance of the safety of their information and privacy in your opt-in form.

The best areas to place your opt-in form on your website are in a feature box, at the top of the sidebar, after a blog post, in the site footer, on the About page or as a pop-up box. Anywhere else, outside a place or two, and people may be turned off by it.

How To Get Customers By Showing Your Portfolio of Work

We will look at how to get customers by creating a portfolio of work or testimonials.

Creating A Portfolio

Use your portfolio to show off your amazing work. Your products or services may not have visuals that you can show off like, say, a photography business, so in that case use testimonials.

In practice, though, every business can at least have a portfolio of all the businesses they have worked with.

Here are ways that could work:

• You need to show off your work to get more work. Personally, before I engage someone to work with us, I always look online to see what they have done and who they have worked with. If I know someone they have worked with, I reach out to them to ask what their experience was with the service.

• Only show work that strengthens your value proposition. This means you have to show work that sets you apart from the competition. Highlight your major successes to show how strong your brand is and prove that you can deliver.

What to Include in Your Portfolio of Work

Perhaps you have not even started your business and you are wondering what to include in such a portfolio. Here is what you can do:

• Get creative; spend ample time working on personal projects that you can put in your portfolio. Your portfolio does not have to include just work that you have done for other clients. It can be things that you have worked on as an individual.

• You can volunteer your time and work on projects for people at no fee. Nonprofit organizations are a great place to volunteer talent because while they may not have big budgets, they often have loads of projects to execute. Doing this not only boosts your portfolio, it also helps you establish connections and build your network. When there are opportunities, they can recommend you and your services to someone who can actually pay you.

Why Your Portfolio is Important

Your portfolio is important to build your brand and get more clients. So start building it, and remember to put great quality work in your portfolio.

A portfolio is a key to success for anyone in the modern world. Before you set out to go to a restaurant that you have never visited, you are very likely to go online for reviews about the restaurant, right? Why do you do that? The same reason you do that is the same reason you need to start showcasing your portfolio.

It rings true that businesses with strong email marketing and solid portfolios fare better. If you are struggling with your business, talk to us on WhatsApp- 08038874148.

How I Can Work with You to Start And Grow Your Business

If you want to work with me to start a profitable and sustainable business, then enrol in the Start Your Business in 30 Days Program. I will take you from idea to starting your business in 30 days.

Every week, I teach practical business lessons that have helped thousands of entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. If you want to benefit from my teachings, click to sign up for the weekly business lesson here.

I am an internationally trained award-winning entrepreneur running three profitable businesses and a member of the prestigious Forbes Coaches Council. I help aspiring entrepreneurs start and set up their businesses through my program- Start Your Business In 30 Days.

And, I work with companies and established corporations to scale their impact and revenue. Reach me at Florence@entrepreneurs.ng if you would like to transform your business.

See the different ways we can help increase your business success.

Parts of this content was published by Florence Chikezie on Forbes.com



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