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The Challenge In Business Is Not The Lack Of Business Ideas


In business, the challenge is not the lack of business ideas, the challenge is in the execution and implementation of the ideas.

A young man walked into my interview room two years ago, very confident.

When he was asked what he was bringing to the table, he said: “I have ideasssssssss”. The way he stressed the ‘s’ in the ideas ehn, it made me confused. I turned and looked at my friend- Ayodeji, whom I was conducting the interview with like kilode?

Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don't Have An Idea
Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

It was difficult holding myself from laughing. I just had to laugh. After like a minute or two of a good laugh, we had to compose ourselves and continue with the interview. We went on, “alright, please tell us, how are you going to execute these ideas? What will you do if you get this role? He still continued, “I just have ideas”.

We had to conclude with him, so other candidates can be interviewed. He didn’t get the job because I wasn’t looking for someone who has ‘ideassssss’. I was looking for someone who can execute and make things happen. Someone who can implement the many ideas that we have.

See, ideas are everywhere, anyone can have ideas. The people who stand out, are the people who can implement and execute ideas.

Over the last couple of months, we have been producing to the last detail, business ideas on Entrepreneurs.ng We take one business idea, for instance, ‘How To Start Bottled Water or Pure Water Business‘ and the team dives in and researches about the business.

At the end of the day, you have a comprehensive template of how to start that particular business. For the pure water business, we cover everything you need to make a success of the pure water business, from the equipment you need to how to purify the water and market strategies to use. All you need is Plug and Play.

And, (A VERY BIG ANNOYING ‘AND‘) someone will write to us and say, can you tell me how much this or that equipment cost? I get confused. Like, I don’t get it. There’s google for heaven’s sake. There’s Jumia, Konga, Amazon and there’s even the traditional market. We have done the ‘soft work’ for you (comprehensive how-to-business-idea).

In business, the challenge is not in doing the soft work, the challenge is in doing the hard work. If you want us to do the hard work for you, then you have to pay for it. We charge a premium for it.

Having ideas is the soft work while implementation and execution are hard work. And, doing the hard work is the ‘koko’ of the game.

We have the eyes and ears of entrepreneurs and business leaders who make things happen. Make your brand the preferred choice by positioning your business on Entrepreneurs.ng.



2 thoughts on “The Challenge In Business Is Not The Lack Of Business Ideas”

  1. Hello my name is Amos Emmanuel after reading this article I realized I need help I have a business idea and I want to learn how to implement it from research to profit making.

    1. Hello Emmy,

      Thank you for reaching out to us.

      Please reach us directly on WhatsApp- 08038874148.

      Thank you.

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