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John Okafor – Biography Of Mr Ibu, The Popular Nigerian Comic Actor

John Okafor

John Okafor professionally known as Mr Ibu is a Nigerian actor, writer and comedian. He is one of the most talented comic characters in the industry. Mr Ibu is known to have written Ngozi: Abeg Marry Us (2003), Ibu in London (2004), Honeymoon Guys (2015) and some other comedy films. 

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John Okafor is a talented actor, who left martial arts to follow his passion. He rose to prominence after starring as Ibu in Mr Ibu and Mr Ibu in London in 2004.

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John Okafor

John Okafor Biography

John Ikechukwu Okafor was born on October 17, 1961. He hails from Nkanu West L.G., Enugu State. After elementary school, in 1974, Okafor moved to Sapele to stay with his brother, after his father’s demise. In Sapele, he did menial jobs so he could sponsor himself to school and support his family. He then worked as a hairstylist, ventured into photography and also worked in a company that produces crates.

After secondary school, he was admitted into the College of Education, Yola, but pulled out due to financial difficulties. He later enrolled in the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) as soon as he was financially able to.

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John Okafor Personal Life

John is currently married to Stella Maris Okafor – actress and model.

His hobbies include driving, cracking jokes, playing draft and watching football. 

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John Okafor

John Okafor Early Life

Okafor worked in Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS). While he was there, he was casted in the soap opera Ogbu Anyanwu and Kwere Kira. Also, he was once a martial artist. He practised Shotokan Karate for 16 years and got a black belt in 1983. Also, Mr Ibu is a member of the Karate Federation of Nigeria. According to him, he was the first instructor who taught Karate in federal government colleges in Nigeria. 

John Okafor was once a trader. He collaborated with some of his friends. They bought fairly used shoes, shirts, medical equipment et.c from Niger and sold them in Nigeria.

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Early Career

Firstly, Okafor starred in a soap opera at the Anambra Broadcasting Service. Later on, he began professionally as a production assistant. While doing that, he learnt the rudiments of film production while diligently working with the producers. 

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In the process, producers started discovering his comic side. He was specifically discovered by Alex Ezeamaku, the MD, Zalex Production. Alex gave John a role in 1997. Okafor acted as an imbecile and played the role to the delight of the directors. Thereafter, he began to star in movies and was drawing comedy inspiration from Nkem Owoh, Zebrudaya and co. Today, he is a gallant actor and has starred in hundreds of movies. 

As a producer, Okafor produce movies yearly. He is known for producing Mr Ibu, Naomi, Allegations and other comedy movies. Also, he has starred with A list actors like Patience Ozokwor, Pete Edochie, Chinedu Ikedieze, Osita Iheme, Monalisa Chinda e.t.c   

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Some of the movies he featured include; 

  • Agony, 1998
  • Vuga, 2000
  • Police Recruit, 2003
  • Nicodemus, 2003
  • Ngozi: Abeg Marry Us, 2003
  • Naomi, 2003
  • Informant, 2003
  • Fresh Pain, 2003
  • Civil War, 2003
  • Bullet, 2003
  • Unbreakable, 2004
  • Mr Ibu in London, 2004
  • Mr Ibu, 2004
  • James & John, 2004
  • Dollars from Germany, 2004
  • The Councillor, 2005
  • Joshua, 2005
  • Common Sense, 2005
  • Circles of Live, 2005
  • 9 Wives, 2005
  • The Return of Mama-G, 2006
  • The Journalist, 2006
  • Sweet Mama, 2006
  • Store Keeper, 2006
  • Recharge Card, 2006
  • Over Heat, 2006
  • Men on the Run, 2006
  • Four Forty, 2006
  • Final Surrender, 2006
  • Dear Mama, 2006
  • Chelsea/Liverpool, 2006
  • Captain, 2006
  • Brainwash, 2006
  • Fool at 40, 2006
  • Toronto Connection, 2007
  • Keziah, 2007
  • How Far, 2007
  • Bafana Bafana, 2007
  • Basket Mouth, 2007
  • Desperate Search, 2007
  • The Tusk of Life, 2008
  • Mental Case, 2008
  • Yahoozee Prophets, 2009
  • Most Wanted Kidnappers, 2010
  • Open & Close, 2011
  • Honeymoon Guys, 2015

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Awards And Recognition

Okafor has been awarded as the Best Comedian by the Governor of Enugu State. He was also awarded best comedian by Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards.  His other awards include;  

  • Best Movie Actor of the Year, Peace Ambassadors of Nigeria, 2014
  • Awards of Excellence, Magic Lens Africa Film Academy, 2016

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John Okafor Net Worth 

According to nollylibrary, Okafor is worth $4.2 million. He is one of the most popular Nigerian actor. Also, he was endorsed by Merrybet and Gotv in 2014.

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John Okafor Quotes

“Your talent will always bring you out.”

“When everything is well planned and put in place, you will feel at ease.”

“If you marry another man’s wife, you are finished..”

“When you talk about romance, the average man thinks of making love to a woman, but it is not so..”. 

“If you are romantic, it constitutes everything that transpires between you and a woman, whether she is your girlfriend or not.”

“Whatever you are doing, anything you want to do, focus on it, don’t deviate.”

“If you hate, your own business will not grow. If you love yourself and love your neighbour your business will grow.”

“Your friend is doing something and you like what he or she is doing but it is not in you, don’t push yourself into doing it because the result may not be satisfactory.”

“If you don’t have passion for a particular career, do not venture into it.”

“If you do a job and your fans out there are criticising you, it is not a pass mark.”

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Entrepreneurial Lessons From John Okafor


Majority of the big wigs and businesses we see today started small. Okafor started with what he knew best, which was standing behind the camera. Having his eye on the big price, he was learning and building himself for the big screen. In no time, he was discovered and when given a role, he did extremely well. 

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Create a Niche 

Mr Ibu over the years have carved a niche for himself in the industry because of the kind of roles he play. In an interview, he said “professionally, I am an Idiot.” He said, his roles have opened several doors that he never envisaged. He is known for something and he is super good at it. 

In business, do not be a jack of all trade, master of none. Create a niche for yourself and dominate that niche.

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