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One Young World/AB InBev Lead 2030 Challenge For SDG5 For Female Founders

Lead 2030 Challenge For SDG5

Applications are now on for the Lead 2030 Challenge for SDG5. This is with the aim to achieve equality for women in 2030. So, if you are a female founder with innovative solutions on how to achieve equality, this is for you.

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About The Lead 2030 Challenge For SDG5

Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don't Have An Idea
Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

AB InBev in partnership with One Young World is supporting the Lead 2030 Challenge for SDG5. The challenge aims to find and support solutions that will empower women and close the equality gap ensuring a peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable world.

The challenge will welcome solutions from innovative female-founded companies who can provide solutions to solve any of the following;

  1. Infrastructure solutions that provide women-owned/operated small enterprises with opportunities to improve their access to energy, sanitation, and security
  2. Digital skills training solutions that measurably and lastingly improve the knowledge and practices of women-owned/operated small enterprises, with the potential for significant scale
  3. Provide affordable, accessible financial products. For example; low-interest loan products, crop insurance.
  4. Renewable energy technology with super high-efficiency for trucking, rail, ocean, and air including biofuel, electric, wind, solar, and water – that are accessible for the entire market.
  5. New packaging materials to eliminate/reduce plastic, increasing recycled content, and/or new ways to incorporate our supply chain waste into our packaging materials.
  6. Alternatives to increase recycling and reuse PET
  7. New solutions to improve water quality or the availability in high stressed watersheds

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Benefits Of The Lead 2030 Challenge For SDG5

Basically, the winning solution will join the third cohort of organisations which are already being supported by the 100+ Accelerator. The participation in the program includes these three key elements – Pilot, Ongoing Mentorship, and Investment:


The first three months of the program will take place in-market (executing in a specific geographic zone). Then, the start of the program will require 3 – 5 days in New York City for up to 1-3 company representatives (Can be CEO/CTO).

Ongoing Mentorship

In this stage, 100+ Sustainability Accelerator will provide in-person and remote corporate development and programming to further support startups as they scale. More so, the Pilot execution will continue along with potential investment opportunities from AB InBev and partners.


For the third element, 100+ Accelerator will invest up to $100k in the winning solution. This will be done through an uncapped convertible note. This is with the goal to bring startups into the AB InBev investment portfolio and further unlock the value it can provide in terms of a closer relationship to AB InBev, globally, including the potential for future investment from AB InBev and its partners.  

In addition to all these benefits, one representative of the winning solutions will receive an invite to participate in the One Young World Summit 2021 to hold in Munich between 23 – 36 of April 2021

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Eligibility Criteria

To participate in the Lead 2030 Challenge by SDGs5, you must meet the following criteria;

  1. Aligned: Your solution is evidently aligned with the SDG5 challenge
  2. Youth-led: Organisation is youth-led and founded by a person of age 18 – 30
  3. Female Founded: The organisation is led and founded by at least one female founder
  4. Focused: You have a well-structured time horizon, with identified key stakeholders and beneficiaries, and proposed outcomes that are reasonable and well-thought-out
  5. Market Ready:  Your product/service is already in the market or ready to go to market
  6. Impactful: Solutions must have a positive social impact. For instance, generating employment, or developing skills.
  7. Measurable: The impacts of solutions must have been adequately measured and/or be measurable.
  8. Financially viable: Must be able to achieve efficiency and survive independently through the resources you generate and/or the investments and donations you attract.
  9. Scalable: the potential to perform as well or better after expanding in scope or size and/or being transported to other regions.
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

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The deadline to submit an application for the One Young World/100+ Accelerator AB InBev Lead 2030 Challenge for SDG5 is October 30, 2020. If you meet up the eligible criteria, use this link to apply; https://www.oneyoungworld.com/lead2030/challenge-sdg5#tab-93-5

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