DFID’s Frontier Tech Hub – Local Production For #COVIDAction

Local Production For #COVIDAction

DFID’s Frontier Tech Hub is calling for application for the Local Production for #COVIDAction. It is for people across a diverse scale of production operations and those filling a specific gap in local demand.


Due to the current pandemic, the immediate needs of local communities have changed and problems in supply chains have made it difficult to get hold of critical personal protective equipment (PPE), and a range of other products that would usually be imported.

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Companies, makerspaces, and local community groups have responded with ways to fill these gaps in production, by pivoting to produce something new, making better use of local raw materials, and many other innovative approaches to addressing this new global context. As a result, DFID’s Frontier Tech Hub wants to support, understand, and highlight these innovators that have contributed to their local community.

Basically, they had a great set of responses so far. And it further encourage and would like to hear more about;

  • Local production of goods usually imported by land and sea
  • Raw material production
  • Makerspaces who have begun bringing items to market
  • Other innovations that are not easily categorised but are key

Also, the team wants to hear from groups across formal and informal sectors who have capacity in;

  • Manual machining of all materials
  • Digital fabrication — 3D printing, CNC Milling, Routing…
  • Plastics — Vacuum Forming, Injection Molding…
  • Metalwork — Bending, Lathing, Welding…
  • Traditional Crafts
  • Textiles, Weaving, Sewing…
  • Electronics, PCB production, Pick & Place…

Here are some of the emerging themes of the submissions received so far;

  • PPE — 3D printed face shields, washable masks & coveralls with a broad range of innovative approaches
  • Sanitation — pivots towards sanitizer and disinfectant manufacturing, as well as washing facilities in various contexts
  • Food & Agriculture — both consumer-side and producer-side approaches to filling a gap
  • Repair & Maintenance — maintenance of equipment, and replacing spare parts which are key to keeping the local systems going.

Who Can Apply

DFID’s Frontier Tech Hub is interested to hear from applicants across a diverse scale of operations. Also, high capacity factories who have pivoted manufacturing, small scale workshops, makerspaces who are filling a specific gap in local demand, more informal groups that have come together to organise the production of a key item — these are all playing a role right now.

The deadline for application for the Local Production For #COVIDAction is August 7, 2020. So, if you deal with any of the above production operations, this is for you. Use this link to read more and apply; https://medium.com/covidaction/apply-now-local-production-for-covidaction-dc12729f42aa

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