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MainOne Allocate N25 Billion To Its Lagos Infrastructure Project


In a bid to digitize Lagos, and help citizens from all walks of life experience improved quality of life, MainOne, a Main Street Technology Company, has unveiled fresh plans to devote a whopping N25 billion to its Lagos broadband infrastructure project. The project is designed to digitise Lagos through the use of 2000 kilometers of fiber optic broadband cable that would propel connectivity around the 20 Local Government Areas (LGAs) of the state.

Purpose Of This Project By MainOne.

Funke Opeke, the Chief Executive Officer of MainOne, made the disclosure during a media briefing on Tuesday, in Lagos, that the planned Lagos Metro Network Connectivity Project (LMNCP) would boost internet connectivity across Lagos state, build the smart Lagos city and enhance job creation as well.

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According to MainOne, the project which is billed for completion within 3 years, would commence this year. The project, however, is expected to complement MainOne’s existing 700-kilometer network in Lagos that already covers major population areas, and Yaba where it provides connectivity for businesses.

The CEO revealed that MainOne’s ambitions for Lagos was stirred by the vision of Lagos Governor-elect, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, who presciently stated that “Technology will improve the rule of law, education, ease of doing business and government processes of Lagos.”

“MainOne is pleased to have the opportunity to present its plan for Digital Lagos, a proven path to ubiquitous broadband connectivity. This plan will involve the investment by MainOne of over N25 billion over the next 2-3 years to develop critical fiber optic infrastructure to enable broadband services across Lagos state,” she said.

“MainOne is keen to partner with the Lagos State Government and all other important stakeholders to build Digital Lagos and help citizens realise the benefits of sustainable economic growth, modernised education, health, and other services delivery, and improved quality of life,” Opeke said.

What Impact Will This Initiative Have On Lagos And Its GDP?

The Chief Executive Officer of Hipconsult, Judah Levine, a consultant working with MainOne on the project, said in his presentation that in every kilometer of fibre coverage, the company would be able to make available broadband connectivity to 10.8 million people and that in 5 km fibre coverage, over 12.5 million would be connected in Lagos. Levine, who spoke on the widespread impact of the Digital Lagos project, stated that it would transform various sectors and development initiatives ranging from government to education, health, hence providing connectivity to schools and hospitals in Lagos.

“Apart from education and health, the project will enhance e-Governance, financial inclusion, innovation with start-ups, security and job creation,” Levine added, while citing existing statistics on the role of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to job creation, which is put at 2.5 million jobs over a 10-year period (2004 to 2014).

He further noted that the economic impact of the Digital Lagos project in the area of job creation and contribution to GDP will be massive.

MainOne Technologies: Investments And Partnerships.

MainOne initiated investments in crucial internet-enabling infrastructure across West Africa, Nigeria, and Lagos, Opeke said.

The firm has till date invested over N120 billion financed by leading African banks and has proven its proficiencies in expanding and densifying localised fiber networks in neighboring states like Ogun.

It has deployed almost 1,000 km of fiber in joint venture with Facebook to expand broadband access, connect government institutions and other areas of interest.

Opeke added that as the licensed infrastructure company for Lagos zone, the subsequent network to be built by MainOne will in addition to enterprises provide vital connectivity to important state institutions, cover over 300 government agencies, telecom operators and Internet Service Providers (ISPs), up to 10,000 state CCTV locations, Smart City components / Internet of Things (IOT) devices and public Wi-Fi hotspots.

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