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8 Smart Ways To Make More Money In Nigerian Economy As An Employee

Having more money in your pocket is the way to go this year and every other year. Money answers to many things in our economy. People work hard for money unfortunately, people are not well compensated by the regular jobs that keep them away from home most of the time. Some even work on weekends yet they can’t boast of having more money in their pocket.

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So, how exactly can someone have more money in their pocket in the Nigeria of today?

Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don't Have An Idea
Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

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8 Ways To Make More Money

Get a job, a side hustle, or a gig; anything that brings in money

If you don’t have a job, or anything that brings in money, you will definitely get broke no matter what money saving principle you employ. So before anything, make sure you have a job. No, it must not be in the Oil and Gas Sector or in the Telecommunication Industry. A job is a job. It doesn’t matter if you are frying akara or working as an office assistant, what counts is that it brings in money.

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Reduce the number of tips you give

I don’t have anything against service providers who get tips. But you need to reduce the tips you give unless you have more than enough. Some people do it to show off. Why not take time to actually collect and keep all your ‘change’. Collect every penny from shopping no matter how little. Don’t dash it to cashiers at the shopping mall, bike riders or tell the market woman to keep the change because you feel it is insignificant.

The idea here is that every time you pay for something with cash, you should pocket the change and possibly put them in a box. Count them at the end of the month and you will be amazed at how much you have saved.

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Turn your skill to a money spinner

If you have skills that can benefit others, commercialize it to earn more money for yourself. For instance, I am a writer, and I offer freelance writing services to make money.

So, if you have writing, web design, copy editing, or other creative skills, consider offering your services on freelance websites like Fiverr or Upwork. These side jobs will allow you to earn extra income and still offer the opportunity for you to enhance the skill because the skill has been put to use.

Buy goods in bulk

When you buy your daily needs in bulk, you end up saving more. This is just a case of being penny wise. The cost of buying a pack of diapers is cheaper than buying it in number whenever you need it. You end up spending more.

Buying a carton of indomie for instance is better than buying one or two pieces each time you feel like eating it.

You can do the same thing for soap, dish washing detergent, laundry detergent, shampoo, dish soap, tissues, diapers, baby wipes, trash bags, rice, groundnut oil, garri and so on.

If you do this often, you can safely plan your budget and still have more Naira left over.

Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

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Stop impulse buying

Buying things on impulse would make you run into debt. Learn to delay gratification. This is what successful people do. They do not buy anything they see and want. It is a culture that takes a lot of discipline to imbibe. Do not buy clothes or shoes you may not wear or perfumes you don’t need. Don’t change your wristwatch or phone when the one you have is still in good condition. Be disciplined. Take away your eyes when people come to offer you their goods on credit. Learn how to say no. Bankers can tell you more. I have friends in the bank who can not boast of any savings because of purchasing on credit. Goods sold on credit are oftentimes more expensive compared to when you have the cash to buy.

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Don’t ever go to a supermarket without a shopping list

The last time I went to Shoprite, I came back and started questioning my sanity. 70% of the things I bought were not needed. I didn’t really plan to buy anything, but at the end they collected some cool thousands from me.

I bet it may have happened to you too. Solution? Always have a shopping list handy when you go to such superstores and keep a blind eye to the things you do not need.

Pay yourself twenty percent of your income

Why not walk into your bank and ask for savings options that can deduct whatever percentage you decide on every month from your account. Immediately your salary gets into your account, that amount is automatically deducted. This helps you to save by all means. At the end of the year, all your savings would amount to something tangible and you can use it for a capital project.

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Cut down on unnecessary luxury

Do not give your clothes to the dry cleaner every time if you can actually spare time on some weekends to do your own laundry. Dry cleaning is good for you, I agree. But create time to also do it on your own sometimes and save some cash.

So set your financial targets and decide how you want to try to hit them. When it comes to your finances, falling short isn’t a problem; you’re better off financially just for the attempt.

Cheers to having more money!

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