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NSE Upgrade Portal, Aids Access To Market

NSE Portal

The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) has upgraded its Data Portal (X-DataPortal) to provide an efficient, and user-friendly experience for subscribers. The NSE portal upgrade comes with some new features which include data products, subscription management, and payment gateway integration. 

In addition, the X-DataPortal is an online application that serves as a repository for real-time, delayed, end of the day, and historical data for all financial instruments listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE). It also serves as a consolidated, streamlined platform for market participants to access affordable, quality, and timely data. Also, the NSE data portal was first introduced in 2013.

The Chief Executive Officer, NSE, Mr. Oscar N. Onyema, said: “The upgrade of the X-DataPortal is in line with the desire of the NSE to continue to provide an exchange that is easily accessible leveraging digital technology. The newly enhanced X-DataPortal has, therefore, been equipped with market-focused features that will complement the NSE website and other NSE portals in response to stakeholders’ increased demand for easy access to data. However, given the importance of Market Data in investment decisions, we remain resolute in our commitment to provide capital market participants with more channels to access relevant market information required for making investment decisions.”

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In addition, the Divisional Head, Trading Business, NSE, Mr. Jude Chiemeka, said: “At the NSE, we recognise that data fuels every aspect of the trading process. We are, therefore, pleased to introduce the improved X-DataPortal that will serve as a principal source for brokers, fund managers, research analysts, other professionals and non-professional participants like students and investors to get quality real-time and reference data reports for analysis, research and reporting purposes. We believe that the customer-centric approach we have adopted will deliver a superior customer experience in engaging with our capital market.”

What To Know About The Upgrade

The X-DataPortal provides users with additional features that make purchase of market data seamless. Also, it provides easy access to customized data; instant notifications; and real-time prices. So, existing users of the portal will also be migrated to the new portal. In addition, users will be able to log in with existing credentials.

Meanwhile, trading at the stock market opened on a negative note. The NSE All-Share Index fell 0.29 percent to close at 24,753.92. Also, the market capitalisation shed N38 billion to be at N12.9 trillion. The activity level waned as volume and value traded fell 28.6% and 34.4% to 124.7 million units and N1.3 billion respectively.

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