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Osas Ighodaro – Biography, Movies And Awards Of A Versatile Entertainer

Osas Ighodaro

Osas Ighodaro is a Nigerian-American actress, host, and humanitarian. She won the Miss Black USA Pageant in 2010. Thereafter, she established the Joyful Joy Foundation, through which she raises awareness and funds for the fight against malaria.

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Osas Ighodaro is an award-winning actress, passionate about acting, hosting shows, and helping people fight the malaria parasite through her foundation. 

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Osas Ighodaro

Osas Ighodaro Background

Osariemen Martha Elizabeth Ighodaro was born on October, 26, 1983 in Bronx, New York, US. She was born to Nigerian parents who hail from Edo State. She had her primary and secondary education in Bronx, New York. After, she moved to Pennsylvania University, where she studied Broadcast Journalism with dual minors in entrepreneurship and theater. 

Also, she holds a Masters in Fine Arts from the Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University. 

Osas Ighodaro Personal Life

Osas was once married to Gbenro Ajibade, who is a fellow actor and they are blessed with a girl. 

Her hobbies include dancing and singing.

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Osas Ighodaro Career

In 2010, Osas became Miss Black USA. Thereafter, her aunt came visiting, and Osas told her of her interest in acting. Her aunt informed her about the ongoing audition for a TV series, Tinsel. She auditioned and was selected for the cast of Tinsel. As a result, she moved to Nigeria with the hope of staying six months. Well, six months turned to years as she fall in love with the Nigerian entertainment industry.

In Tinsel, she acted as Adanna in 2012. Subsequently, she got several opportunities which she harnessed to her advantage. Osas have continued to thrive in the Nigerian movie industry. She has appeared in several theatre productions such as; Colored Museum, Revenge of a King, How Sweet, e.t.c 

Also, she has worked with Ramsey Nouah, Alex Ekubbo, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Toni Tones, Adesua Etomi, Sola Sobowale, and other legendary actors.

She has also hosted several shows such as Maltina Dance All Reality Show, Nigerian Entertainment Awards, Future Awards, Eco Bank Festival Show, e.t.c 

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  • Hookers in Revolt, 2006
  • Killa Season 2006
  • Across a Bloodied Ocean, 2008
  • Cadillac Records, 2008
  • The Tested, 2009
  • Notorious, 2009
  • Park Sharks, 2009
  • The Tested, 2010
  • Restless City, 2011
  • The Department, 2015
  • Where Children Play, 2015
  • Gbomo Gbomo Express, 2015
  • Put a Ring on it, 2016
  • Entreat, 2016
  • A Walk in the Wind, 2016
  • Ratnik, 2016
  • Put a Ring on it, 2016
  • Idahosa Trials, 2017
  • Little Drops of Happy, 2017
  • Wurukum Roundabout, 2017
  • Countdown, 2017
  • New Money, 2018
  • King of Boys, 2018
  • Merry Men: The Real Yoruba Demons, 2018
  • We Don’t Live Here Anymore, 2018
  • The Bling Lagos, 2019


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Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
  • Conviction, 2006
  • Law & Order, 2007
  • Meet the Browns, 2010
  • Bodies of Work, 2011
  • 12 Steps to Recovery, 2012
  • Parallels – The Webseries, 2013
  • Tinsel, 2012 – 2014
  • Maltina Dance, 2013 -2015
  • E.V.E – Audi Alteram Partem, 2018
  • Shuga, 2019

Joyful Joy Foundation

Osas lost her elder sister, Joy in 2006. Joy died of malaria. So, Ighodaro felt the need to save other people who might be suffering from the malaria parasite. When she was crowned the Miss Black Pageant USA, her focal humanitarian point was combating malaria.

She founded the Joyful Joy Foundation in 2012. Through this platform, Osas has been doing outreach, and giving back to Nigerians. She also aim to do more of this act in all other African countries. 

Also, she believes a small token of appreciation sincerely offered to people can cause positivity and growth. She is also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. 

Awards And Recognition

Osas was crowned Miss Black USA in 2010. She was also among the top 3 National finalists in the American Black Film Festival/NBC Universal Star Project – Monologue Competition.

Other of her awards include; 

  • Best TV Actress of the Year, Exquisite Lady of the Year, ELOY Awards, 2014
  • Humanitarian Award, Green October La Mode Magazine Awards, 2015
  • Brand Ambassador of the Year, ELOY Awards, 2015
  • Best Supporting Actress of The Year, Nigeria Entertainment Awards, 2016

Endorsement Deals

In February 2015, she was unveiled as the ambassador for the popular luxury store, Polo Avenue. In addition, she became a brand ambassador to Tremendoc on August 23, 2019. Tremendoc is a platform designed that gives people with medical needs access to doctors at their convenience.

Osas Ighodaro Quotes

“If you can believe it and your heart conceives it, then surely you can achieve it.”

“The entertainment industry may look glamorous, but it’s serious money business and a lot of hard work.”

“Talk about your blessings more than you talk about your trouble,” 

“Do you know your smile lights up the world like the sun.”

“A lot more lives can be saved, if more people could gain instant access to quality healthcare.”

“Keep the faith, Keep going, Keep pushing! You’ll reach your goal in due time with consistency, dedication and drive.”

“People will always have opinions. I am judged even for the air I breathe.”

“When you bring positivity to yourself or you walk towards something and you envision it, it makes it all worthwhile when it comes to pass.”

“There are problems everywhere. It’s how you take it and how you make the best out of it.”

“With anything that comes is ups & downs, pros & cons, just make the best out of it.”

“People won’t know unless you show them what you can do.”

“Whatever your situation, you can still pursue whatever it is that you believe in.”

“As long as you believe, no one can stop you.”

“Everyone’s opinion is not necessary in your marriage. It’s between God & your significant other.”

Osas Ighodaro

Lessons From The Life of Osas Ighodaro


According to Ighodaro “When you are passionate about something, you’ll always envision what it will be like for your dreams to come to pass.” Before she won the Miss Black USA Pageant, she had dreamt of it, prayed for it, and saw her self winning it.

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To succeed, you should learn to think it, dream it and then reach out for it.  Only you can envision and execute your dream, no one can do that for you.

Are you doing something amazing in the entrepreneurial space and you want the world to about it? We will love to tell your story.

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