Programming – Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn Programming


There are so many reasons why an individual should learn programming. It could be a quest for new challenges, a change in career path or even a need for a new hobby. Whatever the reason, this article will address why there is a need for every individual in the world to learn how to program a computer.

Technology connecting the world

It is no longer news that technology has taken over the world. Day-to-day running of the world’s activities are carried out by a computer device or machine programmed to do various tasks such as controlling road traffic, production of goods or even purchasing of an item online from the comfort of your home. As the world continues to invent ways for people to be comfortable, it is paramount that individuals psychologically establish the new reality of technology bridging and connecting the world together. These machines can only speak a language called binary codes, basically using 0s and 1s. And just like every other language in the world – Igbo, Yoruba, Arabic, French, Efik, Ibibio –  there are individuals who take time to study this language. You could call them Binarians (I just invented that word) or programmers.


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Who is a Programmer/Binarian

A programmer is anyone that has the ability to give instructions to a computer to carry out or achieve a task. A programmer understands the language of a machine and has the ability to tell a computer what it wants it to do. Just like communicating in every other language, it is the ability to have a conversation with a machine.


Dialect of Binarians

Every language in the world has constituent dialects; Binarians have varying dialects they use to communicate with the computer. These dialects are also known as tools, and include C, PASCAL, Java, Python, JavaScript, C++, to mention a few. They are also categorized into Low level, Assembly and High-level languages depending on the century they were born in. Dialects within languages evolve periodically; Binarian dialects also do. As a matter of facts, at this very moment, a group of Binarians are sitting in an office or at home somewhere, working on launching a new dialect of the Binarian language.


Now to the question: ‘why learn Binarian language?

The question should be ‘why not?’ I mean, you can read this article written in English because you learnt to read and write the language in school and at home. It doesn’t really matter that you are Nigerian and born into one of its native language groups. Right?.

Another one — Music is the language of the soul. If at some point you are exposed to instruments or taught how to mix/master sounds to make pleasant tunes, you’d be speaking music so fluently after a few years that you could get to stack piles of money at a bank vault.

On becoming a Binarian, let’s see what we get:

You earn more money

It’s no news that programmers are amongst the highest paid in the world. From starting up their own companies, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are top 5 of the richest men in the world thanks to programming. An average programmer’s yearly income is estimated to be about $60,000 (crunch that number in Naira and feel free to shout).

Logic thinking

For someone to be able to read and write in just two different languages, that person is termed intelligent. That’s the ability to think, speak and write logically. It applies to you, if you start learning Binarian.


Programming gives freedom

There is a new breed of programmers that are called Freelancers, and the community they belong to continues to grow every day. The word ‘free’ in ‘freelancers’ simply means they work from the comfort of their homes. They bid for programming jobs and deliver when the project is done, all from the comfort of their homes. If that is not financial and personal freedom, I wonder what is.

Well then, what are you waiting for? Go invest and develop that skill today.

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