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Ruth Kadiri: Biography And Success Journey Of An Actress/Filmmaker.

Ruth Kadiri

Ruth Kadiri is an award-winning Nigerian actress, scriptwriter, and film producer. She is the CEO/Founder of Ruthkolors, an online hair store, and Ruth Kadiri Films.

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Ruth Kadiri
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Ruth Kadiri Background

Ruth Kadiri Ezerigbe was born on the 24th of March 1988, in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria, as the first of Mr and Mrs Kadiri’s two children. She grew up with her mother and younger sister in Ajegunle, Lagos.

Ruth acquired two degrees, one in Mass Communication, from the University of Lagos, and the other in Business Administration, from Yaba College of Technology.

After graduating from the University, Ruth Kadiri proceeded to a writing school, where she learnt scriptwriting. Ruth Kadiri is married to Mr Ezeribe, and they are blessed with a daughter, Reign Ezeribe.

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Ruth Kadiri Career

Ruth’s passion for acting started in the church, so she sees her career as a compulsory service unto God. While in secondary school, Ruth used to write stories, she started writing before going for auditions. Her first audition was at Wale Adenuga Studios.

A while after graduating from writing school, Ruth Kadiri wrote her first script, Wild and Dirty. Eventually, she started featuring in her movies as an actress. 

Her first movie as an actress was Boys Cot. Thus far, she has featured in over a hundred movies and has also written and co-written several movies.

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Ruth Kadiri Movies (As A Producer, Actress)

2010 – 2018

  • Breath of Love – 2010
  • War for Limpopo – 2013
  • Matters Arising – 2014
  • Mad Couple – 2014
  • The Patient Girl – 2014
  • Internet Hustlers – 2015
  • Over the Edge – 2015
  • Stolen Lives – 2015
  • Miss Taken – 2015
  • Somebody Lied – 2017
  • Change of Ownership – 2017
  • Five Wives – 2017  
  • Heart Beat – 2017
  • Bridge of no Return – 2017
  • Neighbour’s Wife – 2017
  • War in France – 2017
  • Ishaka – 2017
  • A Toast to Heartbreak – 2018  
  • Black Men Rock – 2018
  • Dear Ijeoma – 2018
  • De’Adura – 2018
  • Heaven on my Mind – 2018
  • Somto – 2018
  • A Tiny Line – 2018
  • Peperempe – 2018
  • The List – 2018
  • Against the Tide – 2018

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Ruth Kadiri

2019 – 2020

  • This Is Not A Love Story – 2019  
  • Limpopo Final – 2019
  • Something True – 2019
  • Dumb Wife – 2019
  • Tea Room – 2019
  • Tender Lies – 2019
  • Jump – 2019
  • Blur – 2019
  • Feels Like Heaven – 2019
  • Big Brother – 2019
  • Iga (Love in Chains) – 2019
  • Pepper Them Gang – 2019
  • P over D – 2019
  • The Longest Fifteen Minutes – 2019
  • Diary of a Pregnant Woman – 2019
  • The Long Night – 2019
  • Shrine Girl – 2019
  • Tough Target – 2019
  • I Killed A Man – 2019
  • The Devil Within – 2020
  • Restless – 2020
  • 5 is Company – 2020
  • Too Old For This – 2020
  • A Tiny Line – 2020
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Awards And Nominations

  • Nigeria Entertainment Awards for Actress of the Year – 2015
  • Best On-screen Duo with Majid Michel at the Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards (GIAMA) – 2015
  • Nominated at the Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards (GIAMA) for Best Actress – 2015
  • Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards (GIAMA) nominee for Best Female Viewers Choice – 2015
  • Best of Nollywood Awards nominee for the Best Kiss in A Movie – 2015
  • City People Movie Award for Best Actress of the Year (English) – 2018
  • Nominee at the City People Movie Award for Best Movie Producer of the Year (English) – 2018
  • City People Movie Award nominee for Face of Nollywood (English) – 2018
  • Award for Best Female Actor at the Intellect Awards – 2019
  • Ghana Movies Awards nominee for Best Movie African Collaborations – 2019  
  • Best Actress African Collaboration nominee at the Ghana Movies Awards – 2019

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Ruth Kadiri Quotes

“You’re not a nobody, so don’t be afraid to knock on doors.”

“I’m at a place where nothing worries me, nothing bothers me, nothing scares me than losing myself. I am at a place of peace.”

“Teach your children about the importance of consensual sex: so they do not grow to become abusers themselves.”

“When your kids come to you and talk to you about a certain issue, please believe them!”

“Not every time, party! Let’s always remember to praise God; at home, in church, in your car, through happy times, through trying times. He’s there always there for us.”

“If my film makes one, just one person satisfied, then I’ll feel I’ve done my job.”

“Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances.”

“You’ll never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart.”

“Take every opportunity you get; you never know which one will help you accomplish your goal.”

“All women want to be loved and treated right!”

“Life is not a competition my darling!!! Calm down!”

“Don’t stop! Don’t beat yourself when mistakes are made. Stay deaf to the world! Watch yourself make magic!”

“A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.”

“Certain things go for better things to come. Let go.”

“Make life about your happiness, fulfilment and taking care of your needs, so you can feel whole.”

“I am the master of my life, my emotions, and thoughts. I will not allow others to control nor influence my mind or emotions. Wisdom has thought me to be accountable for the way I engage with the world.”

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Entrepreneurial Lesson

Pursue your Passion With Determination

Ruth Kadiri made deliberate efforts to hone her skill and passion for storytelling. Also, she was determined to succeed and fend for herself, even as a child. Her determination has been a major driving force to her career success.

All entrepreneurs should be determined because, when all fails, your determination would be the driving force that will help you achieve your goals and attain great success.

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Image Credit: @ruthkadiri – Instagram



18 thoughts on “Ruth Kadiri: Biography And Success Journey Of An Actress/Filmmaker.”

  1. Jumoke oluwanisola

    Even if I don’t see her face to face, I love her lije, is it the way she dress, carry herself, talks and always smiling, expecially that facial expressions whenever she wants to kiss in movies, infact I love everything about her and and I Wish you more success ma, I pray God helps me to develop myself also 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 amen 🙏

  2. I love u my gee. Your journey hasn’t been an easy one but u never gave up. Keep going. Go getter’s never back off. Writing is us and we are writing. I pray one day I meet my turning points like u. But am stopping at nothing. I hope to work with u one-day. And is a dream come true

  3. Ruth Kadiri, l love everything about you because you are determined, a GOD fearing person, understandable, lucrative, and prudent. I wish u long life as you continue to aspire in your career. l pray that one day, l will see you face to face. More grace. Please, be my role model. l love acting and l want to join Nollywood please again, be my mentor. GOD bless you Ruth Kadiri

  4. Grace Shekwagu

    I love everything about her, she’s a wonderful soul. I wish it would be possible for me to meet her someday.

  5. Your determination towards your passion has brought you to where you are today! Your family is blessed to have you! I’ve chosen you as my role model ever since I was 24. More grace to your elbow ma’am. Just wish to see you one on one.

  6. I love Ruth so much,she is real in everything she does, really she is a blessing to the family she came from & equally a blessing to her husband- daughter, she does not allow society to influence her, I wish to meet her one on one.

  7. Your husband must have been so lucky to have you as a wife and partner……
    Reign is also blessed to have you as a mother and care giver……
    Nollywood is honored to have you….
    Nigerian are proud of you…..
    I’m looking forward to meeting you in person…..

  8. I have always loved Ruth Kadiri and wish she can be my role model. I always pray that one day I will see you face to face. More grace my role model…??

  9. Ruth Kadiri, I love everything about you because you were determined, and with God, you are now a movie star. I wish to be mentored by you.

  10. I love Ruth Kadiri production and movie,I really wish she could link me in please I want to be an actress, that has been my dream plssss I hope she will be my mentor.

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