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Secret To Selling Anything Online Explained In A Video

Secret to selling anything online

What was your experience the very first time you tried to sell anything online? In this video, you will learn the secret to selling anything online. Subscribe to our channel if you want to gain raw business knowledge.

What was your experience with the first advert you created and promoted? Did it yield much fruit? Please share your experience with us in the comments. Selling online can be daunting; our first experience was horrible. We had to do some learning.

Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don't Have An Idea
Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

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Secret To Selling Anything Online

To succeed in selling online, you have to understand the platform that works for you. There are some products and services that are more suited for particular platforms. For instance, if you are selling courses, there are platforms that are better suited for it. Platforms like Udemy, Youtube, etc. When you are selling commodities, Shopify or Instagram will be more appropriate.

Don’t forget that the aim of selling online is not just to make revenue, it is to make a profit. Whatever you do, you are primarily in business to make sales. Your contents, your landing page, your engagements, etc. should be crafted for that purpose.

Selling online is not about being pushy and having charisma. Do you want to sell online? Then, know who your target audience is and figure out their real pain point. Sell a product or service that gives value and relieves them of their pain; therein lies the true secret to selling anything online. In other words, communicate and sell value.

Practical Tips On How To Sell Anything Online

1) Know Everything About The Customer

People are obsessed with themselves. All they care about is them them them. You have to research your target audience for you to understand them. Understanding them means using their language. For instance, if you are selling weight-loss products, the new language now is “get shredded”.

2) Logic Don’t sell, Emotions Do

We are ruled by emotions (fear, love, anger, etc) even you and me. So when selling online, sell to their emotions. We might think we are smart logical people navigating this world, Nah, we are not. Consider all the times you have bought something, what made you buy it?

3) Make It Personal

The mistake people make is thinking that the online community is made up of small gods. They feel they can get away with anything they do online, from being rude to scamming people.

4) Provide Detail And Communicate Value

Provide in-depth information about the product you are selling when selling online. What are the sizes and colors of the product? What are the dimensions of the product? Who is the product meant for? Is it for a child?

5) Create A Sense Of Urgency

The law of supply and demand still works. The lower the supply, the higher the demand. Find a way to create scarcity for your product or service. Let them know the consequences of not taking action.

Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

6) Not Everyone Will Be Interested

Most of your income will always come from a tiny fraction of the market. It is like the 80/20 rule. All your sales will come from a tiny fraction of your traffic. So, don’t worry when most people are not interested immediately. Let it not discourage you.

7) Let Them Agree With You

People buy from you when they agree with you, let them agree with you. Ask series of questions that make them agree with you so when you now ask for the sale, it will be dissonance for them to say no.

8) It Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect When Selling Online, Amateur Works Best

Amateur-looking Ads tend to work better than corporate-looking ones.

9) Stories, Not Facts Works For Selling Online

Why do you prefer to watch a movie instead of reading a physics textbook? People like stories more than they like facts. I am not saying that you should go and enrol in a storytelling school but you can learn; just pay attention to the basics and work it into your sales process.

10) Build An Email List

You need to think of how you will communicate future offers to current clients and how to get new prospects. This is where an email list comes in handy. Include an email subscription button on your website.

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