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Service Based Business Ideas To Start For Entrepreneurs

Service Business

Running a service business where I monitised my skill is the best thing that has happened to me.

After graduation from college, I got a job in a consulting firm that was demanding, yet paid so little. I had to report to work early and return home late and stressed. This continued for four years until I met my saving grace: Kingsley.

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Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don't Have An Idea
Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

Each day I continued to complain about the job to Kingsley so, he sat down with me one day and we had a soul searching conversation. One of the questions he asked me was: what do you have passion for?

Prior to this time, I knew I could write but I never paid attention to this skill neither did I know that I could monetise it.

I started exploring ways to use my skill to make money part time until I finally resigned from my job. Today, I write for blogs, conduct research for companies and run my own blog while making a decent earning. You too can start your own service business.

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A service business does not require huge capital to start and you can run a service based business from the comfort of your home. The list of service business you can venture into is endless.

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10 Service Business Idea

Event Planning

Event planning requires someone with interesting traits. Are you creative and trendy, then this service business idea is for you. Event planning requires, planning, coordinating and making your clients programs successful. You take the stress of planning their events from them. As you grow, you might need to hire other personnels that will help in expanding the business.

Furthermore, there are many opportunities for event planners as they can be hired for different occasions: sport, wedding, burial, birthday or even family get togethers. To be a good event planner, you just need to identify your audience, and devise a concept that suits each occasion you plan.

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Running A Gym

Just imagine.

You are jobless but you like to exercise and run every morning. The only time you feel happy is the few minutes you exercise. Every morning, Amaka, your neighbour calls out to you to join you because you motivate her.

After jogging, Amaka goes to work and you return home to your joblessness. Since you enjoy exercising, instead of waiting on a job that is not forth coming, you can start a small gym.

You can start this service business with little capital. All you need is to get equipment like stationary bikes, aerobic steppers, e.t.c  Also, you can be a personal trainer to high net worth individuals. As the business grow, you then expand and employ instructors.

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Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

Car Wash Service

Car wash is one of the simplest and lucrative service business to do. It can be done with little capital too. All you need is to procure brush, vapor steamer, micro fibre towel, e.t.c

If this is your area of interest, you need to have a customer centric culture. When you are focused on your customers, you will provide outstanding service to them. It is also important that you look for creative ways to differentiate yourself from competitors.

Laundry Service

Most people have busy schedule and do not have time to wash and iron their clothes.

Laundry business is one of the service business that is thriving in this modern day. To start, you need a washing machine, detergents, iron and a pressing table. Also, to create awareness for your business, you need to print flyers and distribute them to potential clients.

Remember, in this business, everyone is a potential client because, even if they don’t want the service, they know a friend or colleague that needs the service.

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Business Consultancy

So, you have walked in a particular field for about 5-10 years and have garnered expertise and experience that will help budding businesses in that particular areas to thrive, you can open your doors to this business.

Business consultancy simply means to consult and impact your knowledge to others to solve a problem. You should have a strong passion for excellence and ability to proffer solutions to organizational problems.

If you want to be a consultant, you can choose any area of interest like accounting, legal, ICT, medical etc. Next, develop a skill, get the necessary certification, and build a strong network. Also, you need to be organised and have a strong communication skill, then you are good to go.

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One of the trending business for a creative person to venture into is photography. Photography requires a high level of creativity, attention to details and love for memoir.

Although, getting a camera and setting up an exquisite studio can be expensive, but the benefit is limitless. You should also note that being a photographer allows you to operate a flexible schedule.

It can be adventurous and you can make people smile while making money. You can also make money by selling random images online.

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Personal Chef

People who make tasty meals and love cooking can run this service business as a personal chef.

A Personal chef cooks sumptuous and healthy food for companies, individuals and executives. Depending on agreement, they either prepare the meals at their clients house/office or a certified kitchen.

The key to staying relevant as a personal chef is to constantly update your knowledge by researching new recipes, equipments and ingredients.

Most wealthy people with busy schedules are likely clients of a personal chef. You should seek them out, as having a personal chef is growing to become an alternative to eating out for these wealthy people. Also, you can cater to events as well.

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Language Translation

This business is for you, if you are vast in two or more languages and can efficiently translate from one language to the other. As a translator, you will have to translate documents, prepare invoice, maintain a business record for your clients in the language they understand.

Doing a translation service business requires a level of confidentiality. Moreover, you must ensure that while translating, the original intent of the document is not omitted or changed.

To start, you need computer, internet connection, etc. The business is not capital intensive and there are ample opportunities in this industry.

You can open a translation agency with a group of translators and have them work for you while you charge your clients per document, length or on agreed terms.

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Delivery Service

With this business service, you can take away the hassle that customers undergo when sending parcel. With a lot of online seller especially instagram sellers, the opportunities here are endless.

You will need a truck or van, ratchet strap, dolly and a mobile phone for a start. Additionally you need to have an online presence so you can easily be found by prospective clients. If you are trustworthy and deliver on your promise, you will get referrals from your existing clients.

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A transportation service business is lucrative in Nigeria today. People are always on the move and a trusted cab driver is always a luxury they will not like to miss.

You can buy second hand vehicles from companies like cars45 if you cannot afford a new vehicle. Also you can approach investors who run a high purchase model. You can also sign up under existing transportation companies like Uber, Taxify e.t.c

Transportation services business avails you of flexible working hours, and you can approach companies, schools, religious centers, hospitals, and individuals to be hired for their special occasions.   

Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey, let us help you go through it with our services.

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