She Code Africa X Web3Ladies Bootcamp 2022

She Code Africa X Web3Ladies Bootcamp 2022

Organisation Overview

Applications are now open for the She Code Africa X Web3Ladies Bootcamp 2022. She Code Africa is a non-profit organization focused on celebrating and empowering young Girls and Women in Technology across Africa. The community is focused on celebrating and technically empowering young girls and women in technology across Africa. Our community consists of over 10000 members with active members across Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Uganda, South Africa, Cameroon, Cote D’Ivoire, Rwanda, Liberia, and counting.

She Code Africa Core Values

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  • Team Work Community
  • Technical growth
  • Visibility
  • Leadership

Organisational Goal: Our Goal is to have an Africa where women are equally represented across all career roles in Technology.

Mission: Our mission is to build a community that embodies Technical growth, networking, mentoring and visibility among all levels and career roles in Technology.

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Members Benefits

Community Support: We provide support through our diverse offline and online communities. With amazing programs and initiatives to always keep you engaged, you never run out of network, resources and mentorship.

Monitored Growth: We provide resources and monitor your growth every step of the way through regular check-ins to ensure you are hitting your personal and career goals.

Professional Guidance: Through our intensive dedicated Mentorship program and various mentors available on our community platform, you are able to get help and guidance in your learning journey or career field whenever you need it..

Pair Support: Network and meet with other women in tech in Africa who have walked or are walking in the same path as you are and can relate with your experience while helping you on your journey.

Additional Benefits

  • Full access to coding & tech resources -Tutorials, articles, and videos.
  • Access to job opportunities and promotions to global conferences and tech events.
  • The opportunity to network and connect with like minds in the same career field.

The X Web3Ladies Bootcamp

The She Code Africa X Web3Ladies Web3 Bootcamp is a beginner-friendly, and up-scaling programme for blockchain enthusiasts to gain foundational knowledge in blockchain technology. Apply to participate as a mentee in this program!

Programme Eligibility

  • Be an active member of the She Code Africa Community.
  • Be a Web2 developer at any level.
  • Be curious and passionate about the Web3 ecosystem.
  • Be willing to commit at least 8 hours a week to the programme.
  • Possess a working laptop.

Programme Schedule

  • Programme Starts: Sept 5th 2022
  • Programme Ends: Sept 30th, 2022 (4 weeks)
  • Training Schedule: Wednesdays and Fridays 5 – 8 pm (Weekly)
  • One Fireside Chat (Building a career in Web3): Saturday (Date TBD)
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Application Deadline is August 23, 2022. Apply now through this link here or visit the official programme web page for more details.

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