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Love – How To Show Love To Strangers And People Around You


In the spirit of the season of love, we are going to deviate from the norm and flow with the season. So instead of talking about business, we are going to talk about love.

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My name is Florence Chikezie and I am the team lead of ReDahlia; a parent company that currently houses three arms. ReDahlia workspaces provide office spaces and facilities for entrepreneurs. The Workspaces also offers business support services such as helping businesses get registered with CAC. Entrepreneurs.ng, where we talk about entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs is also owned by ReDahlia and finally The Business Clinic where business owners are taught to do business right.

Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don't Have An Idea
Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

How do you show love to people?    

The people whom society have tagged ‘less privileged’ not that it is any fault of theirs deserve our love. The motherless babies deserve our love. How do you reach them? By visiting them. Widow, prisoners and people on the street. How do you reach out to them? I am sure that some churches have programs that individuals can contribute to.

What is love?

Love has many definitions depending on who is defining and the purpose of the definition. Love is that which I died for. That is my favorite definition of love. Love has also been defined as an unselfish, loyal, and benevolent concern for the good of another person.

When you do something for someone knowing they cannot repay you, that is when you truly start living. It gives a different kind of feeling that cannot be expressed in words.

Different ways you can show love

Surprise someone with a hug

A hug produces a chemical called oxytocin which is called the love hormone. It helps in reducing stress and boost physical and emotional health. Your hug might be the only thing that a depressed person is looking forward to. Hugs are not only meant for your significant other. You can hug your sister, parents, friends, neighbor and so on. Actually it does not cost a thing. I guess we feel shy because of our society which makes it look like a big deal. Our arms should always be open to give hugs, hugs relieves stress.


Encouragement does a whole lot. Forget the mask we all wear on social media, acting all fine and good, everyone is going through one thing or the other, so it wouldn’t really hurt to give a little word of encouragement. Be that someone that people look up to.

Compliment someone

When you see someone, you can just say you look good. When you say you look good, it doesn’t change how the person looks but it would make the person feel better. Let me share a little story, one of our clients walked in and with a smiling face, I told him he dressed like a royal. Oh, you needed to see the blush he had on his face and to tell you the truth, I felt fulfilled that day.


When I say gifts, it mustn’t be anything outrageous, it mustn’t cost so much. Your gifts should just be thoughtful, something as small as a pen can put great smiles on someone’s face.

Kind words

We should always be kind with our words to people around us. You should treat people you feel are beneath your social status with courtesy. The way you treat people beneath you tells a lot about you. Do not say kind words to people because you are expecting something in return, it should be a natural part of you.


Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

It throws me off when I hear people say they haven’t visited their alive parents and siblings for like nine years. It is really not cool. Take out a little time to visit people you care about, it could be your partner, friends, colleagues etc. It is a way of showing love.

Let people go ahead in traffic

Driving in Lagos traffic is a great test of patience. I know how it feels in rush hour. Letting someone over take you in traffic or allowing someone in your lane feels like an undoable task. It isn’t actually. It can be done. Try it sometime and you will see that the world will not come to stand still.

Hold The Door Open

For instance, you can hold the door open for that woman who has her hand full. Another instance will be what happens in the restaurants, helping hand the tray over or carry the tray for someone whose hand is full will put a smile on the person’s face. Little gestures like these can turn a gloomy day to a beautiful day.

 A big smiles and a hello

A bright smile from you can light another person’s mood. Smiling makes you even more beautiful and younger. Make it a habit to smile often even when things aren’t going as planned,


Generosity is an act of being kind and generous. Leave a generous tip if you can afford it. Pay for people’s transport fare if you can afford it also.

Let People go ahead of you in line

I am not talking about the people with 10 items or less in their shopping cart. I am talking about that struggling mum with kids, that man who has looked at his wristwatch 10 times in the last minute, that elderly woman/man who looks like she is struggling with standing. Yes, let them go ahead of you in line.

Make small talk

Learn to spread love by starting conversations. I still struggle with this though I feel less nervous about it. You should try to talk to people, in the bus, while waiting in line, etc.

Look up from your smartphone

The good and evil of smartphone. That which is suppose to bind us together, is creating the most distance. Some people while even placing orders for food or items are glued to their phone without raising their head to look at the person serving them. Eye contact makes people feel valued and feeling valued is an important aspect of feeling loved.

So, look up from your phone or better yet, leave that phone in your bag or pocket and give those around you an eye contact when you interact with them.

They say money makes the world go round but love actually makes the world go round. Be kind to people. It makes you a better and happier person.

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