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Simi: Biography and Life of a Talented Nigerian Afro-pop Singer – Simisola Ogunleye.


Simi is a Nigerian Afro-Pop Singer, Songwriter, and Sound Engineer. She is one of the most talented singers of her time; her songs are played on local and international radio stations, and she is a multiple award winner.

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Simi Background

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Simi’s full name is Simisola Ogunleye. She was born in Ojuelegba, Surulere, Lagos State, as the last of four children. Her parents separated when she was 9 years old.

Simi attended Stars International College, in Ikorodu, Lagos State, thereafter she went to study mass communication at Covenant University. She wrote her first song at age 10. At that time, she used to sing and dance in her local church choir. Simi got married to Adekunle Gold on the 9th of January 2019.

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Early Career of Simi

Simi released her debut studio album ‘Ogaju’ in 2008. Ogaju was produced by Samklef. Some of the hit songs in the album include Iya Temi and Ara Ile. She was signed by X3M Music in 2014. Some of her hit songs include; Tiff, Jamb Question, Love Don’t Care, Smile For Me, Duduke. She has also featured in several hit records like Soldier with Falz, No Forget with Adekunle Gold, Orire with Legendary Beatz and a few others.

Simi debuted Jamb Question (her second album) in 2016. She released her 3rd studio album ‘Omo Charlie Champagne’ on the 19th of April 2019. The album is slightly different from her normal afro-centric kind of songs. It is a mixture of a sentimental ballad, Afropop, Afro-fusion, Afro-soul, R&B, EDM and moombahton. She featured other musicians like Patoranking, Maleek Berry, Falz, and her husband Adekunle Gold in Omo Charlie Champagne.

The album was produced by Oscar with contributions from Vtek, Legendary Beatz, and Sess. Simi dedicated the album to her late father Charles Oladele Ogunleye, who died in 2014. Before the release of Omo Charlie Champagne, Vol. 1, she debuted three singles: I Dun Care, Lovin, and Ayo.

Studio Brat

Simi’s contract with X3M Music expired on May 2019, and she didn’t renew the contract as she had plans of launching her own label. Accordingly, Simi announced the launch of her independent record label – Studio Brat in June 2019.

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Simi’s Endorsements

She was endorsed by Etisalat and Opera Mini as the brand ambassador of both companies in 2017 and 2018 respectively. These endorsements were worth millions, so it was not only a boost to her career, but it also increased her popularity and her net worth.

Studio albums

Some of her studio albums include;

  • Ogaju – 2008
  • Simisola – 2017
  • Omo Charlie Champagne, Vol. 1 – 2019

Selected Singles of Simi

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Her selected singles include;

  • ‘Ara Ile’ in the album Ogaju – 2008
  • ‘Emi L’Onijo’ Non-album single- 2012     
  • ‘Take a Chance’ Non-album single – 2012
  • Chocolate Brown’ Non-album single – 2012
  • ‘Don’t Judge Me’ (cover) – 2013
  • ‘Bibanke’ (cover) – 2013
  • Marvin’s Room’ (cover) – 2013
  • ‘Tiff’ Simisola – 2014        
  • E No Go Funny’ Non-album single – 2014
  • Jamb Question’ Simisola – 2015
  • Jamb Question Remix (featuring Falz) Non-album single – 2015
  • Open and Close’ – 2015
  • ‘Love Don’t Care’ Simisola – 2016
  • Smile for Me’ –  2017
  • ‘Joromi’ – 2017
  • ‘I Dun Care’ Omo Charlie Champagne, Vol. 12018           
  • ‘Lovin’ Omo Charlie Champagne, Vol. 1 – 2019
  • ‘Ayo’ Charlie Champagne, Vol. 1 – 2019

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Quotes of Simi.

“We’re distracted so easily. You go wherever the wind blows. We know we have problems but we get carried away by the things that will add zero value to our lives. Who will value you if you refuse to persistently fight for it.”

“African culture, black people culture is so beautifulllll. We have the most fun, share the magic with the sun, make amazing music (all these incredible genres), have the biggest laughs, have weird parents that love us – we’re not perfect at all, but we’re so…”

“You’re not paying attention to the details in your life cos you’re being obsessed with social media. And it’s really not even worth it cos twitter’s not the same anymore. Everything’s different. So put ya phone down and mind the business that actually pays you.”

“Life is short. Enjoy your life. Don’t spend half of it worrying about what you don’t have, so you won’t have to spend the other half regretting not enjoying what you have.”

“So the problem is not just with the teachers, it’s sometimes the misplacement of priorities. The inadequacy of the educational system to cater to the diversity of the human mind.”

“We’re the problem, we’re also the solution. We have highly underestimated the power and impact of a good image and it’s catching up to us. Plus, the change is not just the government, it’s all of us. We’re getting left behind.”

“I know men go through sexual assault too! I acknowledge it, but women and children are more vulnerable. Let’s fight for and protect the most vulnerable in society.”

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Simi’s Award Nominations

  • Nominated at the Nigerian Music Video Awards for the Best RnB Video in 2015.
  • Nominated at the Nigerian Music Video Awards for the Best Soft Rock/Alternative Video in 2015.
  • Tiff was nominated as the Best Alternative Song at the Headies 2015                                   
  • Best Vocal Performance (Female) nominee at the Headies 2015.
  • MTV African Music Awards nominated her for the Best Breakthrough Act in 2016.           
  • Nominated Love Don’t Care for the ‘Best Recording of the Year’ at the Headies 2016.     
  • Nigeria Entertainment Awards nominated her as the Best Afro-pop Female Artist in 2016.
  • Nominated Chemistry (with Falz) for the ‘Best Album’ at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards in 2016.
  • Best R&B Single nominee at the Headies 2016.
  • Best Female MVP nominee at the Soundcity MVP Awards Festival in 2017.
  • Nominated for Best Pop at the Soundcity MVP Awards Festival in 2017.
  • Simisola was nominated for the ‘Best R&B/Pop album’ at the Headies 2018.
  • Best Vocal Performance (Female) nominee at the Headies 2018.
  • Nominated as the Artiste of the Year at the Headies 2018.         

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Awards and Recognitions of Simi

  1. Nigeria Entertainment Awards honoured her as the Most Promising Act to Watch in 2015.           
  2. City People Entertainment Awards honoured her as the Most Promising Act of the Year in 2015.
  3. Female Artiste of the Year at the City People Entertainment Awards in 2016.                      
  4. Choice Upcoming Female Artist at the Nigerian Teen Choice Awards in 2016.
  5. Best Collaboration at the Headies for (Soldier with Falz) in 2017.              
  6. Love Don’t Care won the Best Vocal Performance (Female) in 2017.
  7. Best Collabo of the Year at the City People Entertainment Awards in 2017.
  8. Songwriter of the Year at the AFRIMA Awards in 2017.
  9. Best Recording of the Year at the Headies 2018.
  10. Best R&B single at the Headies 2018.

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Simi’s Net Worth.

Simi is not only a successful afro-pop singer, but she also has endorsement deals with Opera mini and Etisalat worth millions of dollars. Although, we do not have an exact figure of her net worth now, but according to 360dopes.com, Simi was worth $500,000 as of 2018.

Life Lessons to be learnt from Simi’s Story.

Simi is a very focused person who has her eye on the end goal. She does not allow social media pressure to get to her. Same way for entrepreneurs, we need to be focused. Never allow the little things to distract you or make you lose sight of the real goal. Keep at it consistently and you will surely reap the fruits.

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Image Credit: @symplysimi (Instagram)



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