SoftBank Shares Suffer Setback After Uber’s IPO Debut Fall Below Expectations


Few days after Uber, a major transportation firm offering such services as peer-to-peer ride sharing, ride-hailing, food delivery services, amongst others, went public, SoftBank – a major shareholder in the ride-hailing giant has lost about $9 billion in market value despite reporting that profit more than tripled last week.

Uber Traded Low At Initial Public Offering.

The ride-hailing company opened trading at $42 or 6.7% below its $45 IPO price. Before long, it slipped to $41.06. Uber’s initial public offering was a flop with shares down on the first day of trading, same time the US and China trade disputes escalated.

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As SoftBank Group booked a $3.8 billion increase from its stake in Uber Technologies Inc., Masayoshi Son, the founder and CEO of SoftBank Group Corp., told investors that their time had finally come.

The day after Son’s earnings address, SoftBank slid 5.4% and fell again on Monday, dropping as much as 4.9%, Bloomberg reported. However, Son has been reshaping the multinational corporation from primarily a telecommunications operator into a technology venture capital firm, and his $100 billion Vision Fund has started showing promise as a major contributor to earnings, the report said.

Softbank And Son’s Investment Portfolio.

Sources reported that the Vision Fund and SoftBank’s owned Delta Fund contributed 1.26 trillion yen (about $11.5 billion) to profit in the fiscal year ended March 31,2019 or slightly more than half of the total.

SoftBank’s stock had gathered almost 60% ahead of the earnings this year, but the slide in the past two trading days shows that SoftBank will also now be exposed to the good and bad news from Son’s investment portfolio. Experts say.

In addition to Uber Technologies, SoftBank booked a 203.4-billion-yen valuation gain from its stake in Guardant Health Inc., which went public in October 2018, and a 154.2-billion-yen gain on India’s Oyo. The company also recorded a 222.6-billion-yen loss due to the share price decline in Nvidia Corp.

Impact Of This Shares Fall On Uber And Softbank Group.

According to Tomoaki Kawasaki, an analyst at Iwai Cosmo Securities Co., “Uber debut didn’t quite live up to the expectations, and that’s why some investors are selling.  Also, it’s too early to tell how sensitive SoftBank will be to Uber’s price moves going forward. But, even if they fall some, that does not have a direct impact on Vision Fund profits.”

Uber Technologies debuted its shares on the New York Stock Exchange in an initial public offering of $9 billion worth of stock which would value the company at $84 billion. The setback may be traced to factors such as the drivers’ protests last Wednesday in major cities, ahead its planned IPO. Its falling shares indicates the lack of some investors’ confidence in the company, hence, their reason to sell shares.

About SoftBank Group Incorporated.

SoftBank is a Japanese multinational conglomerate which owns operations in broadband; e-commerce; fixed-line telecommunication; internet; technology services; media and marketing; finance; semi-conductor design; and other businesses, founded in 1983. It is the 4th largest publicly traded company in Japan.

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