TED Fellows Program 2020 – Apply To Be A TED Fellow

TED Fellows Program

The TED Fellows program is selecting a new group of extraordinary, multidisciplinary individuals. The initiative is looking out for innovators on the rise in their respective fields who are doing bold, original work.

So, if you meet this criteria, apply now to be a TED Fellow.

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Who Should Apply For TED Fellows Program?

The initiative looks for different applicants than many other leadership-oriented programs. Instead of business people, policy wonks and government officials, the TED Fellows program focuses on doers, makers, inventors, advocates, filmmakers and photographers, musicians and artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, NGO heads, and human rights activists.

In addition to impressive accomplishment, fine character and a good heart are also important traits needed in TED Fellows. More than anything, this focus on character has defined the success of the TED Fellows program.


By becoming a TED Fellow, the following are the benefit;

  • You become part of a diverse, collaborative, and global community of more than 500 emerging and established experts.
  • You receive professional development through virtual workshops and webinars.
  • Also, you gain valuable feedback from TED’s expert coaches on how to hone, express, and communicate your work and your ideas.
  • You will give a TED Talk (at a virtual or live event, depending on the state of the global pandemic).
  • You’ll receive career coaching and mentorship from a team of professional coaches.
  • Also, you’ll get public relations guidance and media training.
  • You’ll participate in virtual programming for TED Fellows.
  • You will have the opportunity to participate in and contribute to a thriving and connected global community.
  • In addition, you will get a possible invitation to attend the special TEDMonterey conference in Monterey, California. (Note: while the organisers are currently planning on an in-person conference in Monterey [May 29–June 4, 2021], given the global pandemic this conference may be canceled and the TED Fellowship may become entirely virtual. This will depend on expert advice and local health safety protocols.)

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The application process

The TED Fellows organisers read every application, therefore, the review process takes time. You can expect to hear back from within 8 months after the application closes. All applicants are notified whether or not they have been selected to join the TED Fellows program.

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Eligibility Criteria

The requirements includes;

  • An idea worth spreading!
  • A completed online application consisting of general biographical information, short paragraphs on your work, and three references. (It’s fun, and it’ll make you think…)
  • You must be at least 18 years old to apply.
  • You must be fluent in English.
  • Also, you must be excited to participate in a collaborative, interdisciplinary global community.
  • And, you must be available May 29–June 4, 2021.

The selection process

TED Fellows are selected by the program staff, with extensive reference checking and consultation with experts across all fields.

Basically, there is no algorithm for how it selects TED Fellows. Fellows are selected based on their accomplishments in their respective fields, the potential impact of their work and also their character. The ideal applicant is multidisciplinary and collaborative in their pursuits and is at a moment in their career to maximize the support of the TED community.

Please Note: Before applying, do well to read important updates about the Fellowship program, find answers to some frequently asked questions, and meet all the TED Fellows to learn more about the breadth of the global community.

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The TED fellows Program is currently accepting applications for the next class of TED Fellows. The deadline is now August 24, 2020, at 11:59 pm UTC. Use this link to apply and learn more; https://fellow-applications.ted.com/tedcom/applications/new

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