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The Business Clinic Featuring 6 Course And One-Month Mentorship

The Business Clinic By ReDahlia

Everywhere you look, business seminars and schools. There are so many that you might get a headspin trying to pick one that will inspire and positively shape your business. But, The Business Clinic by ReDahlia is the business school with a difference.

Ever considered going to a regular clinic and explaining your problems to a doctor, but instead of providing a diagnosis and treatment plan, he tells you how other patients are experiencing the same issue and offers no solution.

I can already imagine you shaking your head in disapproval; doctors rarely act this way. But isn’t that the problem we face with business schools? There is a lot of big talk and certificates, but there is no guidance or mentoring to help your business thrive.

Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don't Have An Idea
Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

Benefits Of The Business Clinic By ReDahlia

The business clinic organized by ReDahlia is not a motivational talk show; it is a program designed to help you understand every aspect of your business to forecast better profits. That is not all. By the time we are through with you, you will be able to;

  • Start your business (if you do not have one yet)
  • End your financial year in better profits
  • Use social media to its maximum capacity
  • Remodel your business to match the current market
  • Understand the legalities of doing business in Nigeria
  • Have access to a network of entrepreneurs
  • Increase your customer base and retain existing ones

ReDahlia has demonstrated its ability to grow and scale its businesses over the years. We’ve done this with ReDahlia Workspaces, The Entrepreneurs.ng Platform, and ReDahlia Business Academy. This provides us with the clout and experience required to run The Business Clinic.

Our goal has always been to raise an army of entrepreneurs who will add value to our economy, as evidenced by the positive feedback we received from our last business clinic. Check out the testimonials from our alumni. We get the best and unedited kind of feedbacks.

The Business Clinic is a 3-day intensive business course PLUS one-month tailored mentorship and handholding.

Listen to the business clinic experience here: The Business Clinic Experience https://entrepreneurs.ng/the-business-clinic/

Date And Courses At The Business Clinic By ReDahlia

It will physically hold from 24th-26th of November 2021 at our headquarter and online (the zoom link will be shared with online applicants). Our certified facilitators will teach two (2) courses for each day. Here are the six(6) courses you will be learning:

The 6 Business Clinic Courses

1. Operations management

2. Business strategy and modelling

3. Accounting for small businesses

4. Digital marketing for small businesses

5. Legalities of doing business in Nigeria

6. Customer service as a growth strategy

Click here to sign up or pay by direct bank transfer: GTBANK, 0630778154, ReDahlia Business Academy, N50,000. Send evidence of payment to WhatsApp- 08038874148. Did I mention that certified facilitators will lead the courses? They are seasoned businessmen and women who have done well for the Nigerian economy. Let’s meet them, shall we?

Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

Our Facilitators

Florence Chikezie

Florence Chikezie is an award-winning entrepreneur and the founder of ReDahlia Group. She successfully runs ReDahlia Workspaces, ReDahlia Business Academy, and Entrepreneurs.ng. Florence also consults with new entrepreneurs as well as seasoned start-ups, assisting them in growing their businesses.

She graduated from Hult International Business School in London with a Master’s degree in International Business. Florence is committed to making the ReDahlia brand become everything to the modern-day entrepreneur. She will be teaching business strategy, creating a new business model, and identifying multiple value propositions for a customer.

Abiodun Folawiyo

He is the founder of Shoespeed Limited, a company that manufactures and sells affordable footwear for men and women while also training people in the art of shoemaking. Within 18 years of operation, the company has grown from an annual turnover of N12,500 to over eight digits, with over 5000 Shoespeed academy alumni.

Isn’t that cool? He will teach operations management, which will include making long- and short-term operational decisions that affect an organization’s ability to produce goods and services that add value to customers.

Ayodeji Agboola

He is the founder of FlyMyAds, a Nigerian digital marketing agency. In addition, he is a digital entrepreneur with several successful marketing campaigns under his belt, including Lagos Business School, Balanced Scorecard West Africa Ltd, HP Nigeria, and Samsung Electronics West Africa, among others.

He will teach digital marketing, how to effectively advertise on social media platforms, and how to calculate the ROI of an advertisement.

Bukola Owosina

She works as a Customer Service Manager/Trainer for Top Grace Exhibitions, a family-owned Logistics and Training Company. Bukola is a Customer Service Trainer and Speaker with over a decade of experience working in various Customer Service roles for Virgin Nigeria Airways and the British Council.

She will be teaching about customer service, how to establish a culture of Customer Service Excellence in product/service delivery to clients, and how to convert angry customers into Brand Advocates through Service Recovery Techniques.

Oluwadamilola Tubi

She is the founder of Creed and Stones LP; a specialized legal practice that offers comprehensive legal and business support to start-ups and SMEs, assisting them in doing business correctly and quickly scaling. In addition, she has over ten years of experience as a seasoned legal and tax practitioner.

She will teach the legalities of doing business in Nigeria and how to understand the various legal structures available under law, and how to choose the best option for your business ideas.

Ibrahim Odufisan

He founded AgileQore Consulting and holds an MBA from the prestigious Hult International Business School in Boston, MA, USA (2012) and an Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (2006). Ibrahim is a results-driven and versatile finance and strategy professional with over 19 years of experience working in various business sectors.

He will be teaching accounting for small businesses, where business owners will learn why establishing a simple accounting system is critical to the business’s survival.

Read more about our facilitators and the courses they will be handling here.

How To Register For The Business Clinic By ReDahlia

If this sounds interesting, put your money to good use by enrolling in the Business Clinic. Remember that you get one month of free mentorship, handholding, and access to our facilitators. We are convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that your company will take off. We can be reached on 08038874148.

Sign up for the Business Clinic, which will hold from November 24th to November 26th, 2021. Your business deserves a chance. Do not pass up this opportunity.

Or pay by direct bank transfer: GTBANK, 0630778154, ReDahlia Business Academy, N50,000. Send evidence of payment to WhatsApp- 08038874148.



2 thoughts on “The Business Clinic Featuring 6 Course And One-Month Mentorship”

  1. Chidiebere Ohiri

    Hi dear.

    Is the online zoom participation the same fees as the life one? Are the courses coming with hard copy course materials and soft copy pdf ones for those intending to take courses online?

    Best regards, Chidi.

    1. Hello Chidi,

      Thank you for reaching out to us.

      The cost fee is the same for online and offline. The course materials are soft copies.

      Please reach us directly on WhatsApp- 08038874148.

      Thank you.

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