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Apply For The Hubiquitous Africa-Europe Accelerator Programme

Apply For The Hubiquitous Africa-Europe Accelerator Programme

Hubiquitous, in 2022, launches an open call to accelerate 20 innovators in cross-border uptake and deployment of IoT digital solutions in five key sectors such as agrifood, smart cities, health, industry 4.0 and green economy. The objective of this first open call is to support 20 African local entrepreneurs coming from Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria and Tanzania to improve their innovation creation capacities, to increase the investment opportunities for them and to facilitate the development of EU-African joint innovation project and ventures.

Hubiquitous is a co-funded project from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101016895. Hubiquitous will display relevant service implementations through a 6-month Accelerator Program.

Discover the Challenges.

Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don't Have An Idea
Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

1.      Agrifood.

Agriculture is a driver of growth for any economy. Digitalisation can enhance processes in these sectors involving material flow, information flow, or financial capital flow, managed via the supply chain management.

2.      Smart Cities.

Digitalisation has enormous potential to modernize the government and public sector, e.g. by protecting sensitive citizen and government data, increasing trust in government systems or by developing smart city applications.

3.       Health.

Digital solutions are necessary to improve primary care assistance, to prevent diseases and disabilities, to cover the specific needs of vulnerable communities, to make the national healthcare systems more efficient and resilient, and to improve the patient experience.

4.       Industry 4.0.

Different smart technologies are helping to speed up the digital transformation of manufacturing and enable a decisive move towards industry 4.0. The smart factories of the future will organise themselves and enable production that is collaborative, customer-specific and individualised.

5.       Green Economy.

To reach climate goals, the digital sector has to contribute its share and embrace sustainability in all its facets: circular economy models for hardware, climate-neutral CPUs and server centres, software advancements to reduce energy consumption, and many more.

Eligible African Countries.

  • Egypt 
  • Ghana 
  • Nigeria
  • Tanzania 

Eligible Applicants.

  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Startups
  • Scaleups 
  • SMEs

Women and young talents, as well as African-European partnerships, are encouraged to apply.  Applicants from EU27 countries may submit applications jointly with an African partner if:

  • The lead applicant is the African partner.
  • The IoT solutions will be physically deployed in Africa (prototyping and testing activities).

See also Sanklap Global Awards 2022.

Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

Hubiquitous Programme Benefits.

Application Business Box.

A “ready-to-use” technical and business support package to entrepreneurs and startups, consisting of 3 essential elements: 

  • Prototyping kits & software templates, 
  • Training courses (both technical and business-oriented contents), and 
  • Business support templates.

Solution Lab Facilities.

The Solution Lab provides startups with the capacity to develop, test, experiment and pilot innovative products, using IoT, AI and Big Data technologies. Furthermore, the selected projects will have access to the “Prototyping and Learning Centre”, a platform allowing the startups to quickly design and create a prototype while learning along the way.

Help desk and Mentoring.

The participants will have access to a permanent service (from Monday to Friday) to receive assistance and information.

Furthermore, they will have the chance to connect with a network of Mentors and receive support from them on specific issues upon request.

Access to the Learning Area.

Selected participants will have access to the training materials, courses, webinars, boot camps and hackathons covering, among others:

  • Fundamentals of IoT,
  • Introduction to Basic Electronics,
  • Development Boards and Sensors,
  • Getting started with Waziup technologies, and
  • IoT Cloud platform.

The MeetHub Platform.

A platform for IoT stakeholders to collaborate in Europe and Africa. It encourages networking and learning between professionals, enthusiasts, individuals and businesses.  The platform allows to search for DIHs, startups and developers in IoT, and to promote innovative IoT solutions.

Growth and Investment Readiness.

The Program foresees 2 interactive online workshops on  Investor Readiness, covering topics like:

  • Planning for Fundraising, 
  • Preparing Fundraising Materials, 
  • The Fundraising Process, 
  • The Human Element, 
  • What to Look for in an Investor, and 
  • Startup Valuation.


The overall winner of the 1st Accelerator Programme: 1.000 €

  • Winner in Nigeria: 1.000 €
  • Winner in Egypt: 1.000 €
  • Winner in Tanzania: 1.000 €
  • Winner in Ghana: 1.000 €

See also Africa’s Digital Innovation Competition 2022.

How to Apply.

A complete submission includes the following documents:

  • Part 1: Proposal Template (max. 6 pages).
  • Part 2: Administrative Data Sheet (to be completed on the platform)

Apply here. The application deadline is Thursday, 30th June 2022, 5:00 PM CET.

Image credit: twitter.com/HUBiquitous2021.



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