The Mini-Business School And The Business Clinic

mini business school

“When you say you’ll deliver on a job, you better do deliver or be ready to lose customers”. That was one of the snippets we got from The Business Clinic which took place at our head office in Lagos. The third edition of The Business Clinic held on 23rd-25th November 2022. So, did somebody say mini-business school? I say you need to be pals with the business clinic organised by entrepreneurs.ng!

To say it was a success is just the starting point. Our participants constantly ‘oohed and aahed’ about how much of an impression it had made on them. The mentorship programme is ongoing and will remain that way for a month. By the time it is all over, all participants will have learned how to sell like a pro.

The Business Clinic is a three-day intensive business training program that includes a month of free mentoring. It includes six faculties and six facilitators. Our facilitators are well-seasoned trainers, with some having been in business for more than 18 years.

While going to a business school can do a lot of good for your business, the business clinic has offered a mini-business school, with hands-on experience, and practical applications designed to suit your business specifically.

The Classes At The Mini-Business School

With these six (6) courses, our participants learned how to grow their customers, and set up their Facebook and Instagram ads themselves so they could save money. They learned how to increase their revenue, reduce their business expenses, so more money goes to the bank, avoid being victims of the law, and develop business models.

  • Operations Management
  • Business Strategy and Modelling
  • Accounting for Small Businesses
  • Digital Marketing for Small Businesses
  • Legalities of doing Business in Nigeria
  • Customer Service as a Growth Strategy
Here is the last charge by our CEO, Florence Chikezie. Now, you won’t be left out!

Abiodun Folawiyo on Operations Management

He spoke on the concepts, principles, problems, and solutions of operations in business. Abiodun imbibed knowledge more befitting of a mini-business school when he spoke about identifying the root cause of an issue in an organisation, creating solutions in bits, and staying the course until the problem is gone. He also gave juicy details about ‘Six Sigma’, a quality management methodology. Sign up for the next business clinic to learn about it.

Even more so, if you want to learn about all six courses and watch your business skyrocket, then give us a call at  08038874148 or send a mail to Business@entrepreneurs.ng.

Visit https://www.entrepreneurs.ng/the-business-clinic/ to learn more about The Business Clinic. It holds quarterly, so you can always be a part of the next one. We can’t wait for you to enjoy all the benefits of a mini-business school and more!

Enjoy clips and pictures from The Business Clinic below!



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