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We successfully hosted the maiden edition of our SME networking event“THE NETWORK” at Oriental Hotel, Lagos. It was a step in our evolution and we practically took offline many of what we do online on redahlia.com.

THE NETWORK is an SME networking event for business owners registered with CAC. It is for entrepreneurs who have put a structure to their businesses and for the budding entrepreneurs who are struggling to do the same.

75% of our expected guests were in attendance and were made up of 25% established entrepreneurs and 75% budding entrepreneurs.

Start Your Business In 30 Days

We set out to achieve these three objectives for this maiden edition:


Bringing people who have put structure to their businesses to teach entrepreneurs in attendance. We had Dr.Barrister Paul Ananaba (SAN) who talked about the legalities of doing business in Nigeria, Gossy Ukanwoke of BAU who told us the impact formal and informal education has on business success.

Tech has been influencing every sphere of business; without which your business won’t go far which was why Mrs. Begho of Future software spoke on leveraging technology for a successful business.


It is not just enough to learn. To succeed in business we need to build viable relationships that we can tap into, which is the core of why we have done the event.  Entrepreneurs coming together created a community and relationships that will be leveraged for personal and business growth.


We believe that entrepreneurs are the real celebrities – not the people we watch in the movies. America was built by entrepreneurs and we are the men and women who will build Nigeria and Africa.

An entrepreneur is always about business, the entrepreneur spends a lot of time looking for ways to scale his business; he rarely has time for the extra-curriculum. So we figured you can still get entertained while in business which is why the event had a cocktail part.

Highlights of the event

Florence Chikezie, ReDahlia Founder/CEO, giving a short speech about the company, the name (ReDahlia), how the idea came up and the future of ReDahlia.

The Network

Gossy Ukanwoke, (Founder BAU), opening the speaking session with the subject of learning.

The Network

Nkemdilim Begho, (Owner Futuresoft Nigeria) speaking about the impact of technology on business.

The network

Barrister Paul Ananaba (SAN) speaking on Legal framework for the entrepreneur.

Start Your Business in 30 Days
The Network

The Future Of ReDahlia

We aim to be everything to the entrepreneur. There will be other variants of THE NETWORK. These entrepreneurship events will be held annually across Nigeria in the short term, African and the globe in the midterm

ReDahlia is a going concern and is committed to supporting entrepreneurs through its platforms. We recently acquired Entrepreneurs.ng, a platform that curates insights, experiences, and information that inspire, inform and educate. Most importantly, Entrepreneurs.ng offers every entrepreneur the opportunity to be seen by the whole world.

We have also created a world-class co-working environment, ReDahlia Workspaces that aids creativity and productivity which has increased the effectiveness of doing business for entrepreneurs.

Many more ReDahlia “things” will come on board under Entrepreneurs.ng as we progress. We aim to be everything business information and support to entrepreneurs. Keep your attention tuned on us.

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