Twitter Now Allows Tipping In Nigeria: Adds Flutterwave And Paga As Payment Providers

Twitter Now Allows Tipping In Nigeria

For everyone seeking to monetise Twitter, it is great news to know that Twitter now allows tipping in Nigeria. Also, Flutterwave and Paga are now the accepted payment providers. The good news doesn’t end there.

It also accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum as tipping methods. This means your tippers are not limited to money. They can also tip you via digital coins, thereby expanding your network and reach.

If you have been racking your brain on how to monetise your Twitter Spaces, it just got easier. 

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The tipping feature started way back in September 2021 but wasn’t available in Nigeria. Today, Nigeria and other African countries, such as Ghana can now participate in this great feature. 

The payment gateway companies, Flutterwave and Paga and happy to be joining Chipper(another African payment provider) in making the tipping process easy and seamless for African countries using this feature.

This demonstrates the microblogging site’s eagerness to create opportunities for people on the African continent, particularly now that it has established an office in Ghana. 

How Tipping Works On Twitter

Turning on Tips adds an icon next to your profile. It then includes a link to Barter and Paga for quick and easy person-to-person tipping. Tap the icon to see the payment services or platforms that the account has enabled; choose whichever one you prefer. 

Once you’ve chosen the service you want to use, you’ll be taken away from Twitter. Next, you will be directed to the app, you’ve chosen to send money to.

Bitcoin addresses can also be added to Tips. You can add your Bitcoin address when you enable Tips on your profile. People can copy your address and paste it into their preferred Bitcoin wallet to send you a payment directly.

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Approved Payment Providers

Flutterwave and Paga are two companies that are at the forefront of Africa’s payment and financial services ecosystem. On the tipping feature, Flutterwave, in particular, will use its byproduct known as Barter.

Barter is a web and mobile app that enables users to send and receive money from abroad instantly, securely, and at low rates.

Flutterwave As Payment Provider

Quoting Nairametrics, Olugbenga Agboola, Flutterwave’s CEO commented on the fact that Twitter now allows tipping in Nigeria.

“As a frequent Twitter user, creators, artists, and businesses add enormous value to my experience on the platform. Twitter creating an avenue to reward or tip them is a good step in the right direction,” he said.

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“So we’re excited to be partnering with them to create a safe, fast and easy way to tip these amazing creators through Barter by Flutterwave.

We have the reach and abilities to enable creators from Africa to receive tips from parts of the world. I will likely be one of the biggest users of Tips. And that’s because it’s an awesome feature that has huge potential for the creator economy in Africa.”

Paga As Payment Provider

The CEO of Paga, Tayo Oviosu also spoke on the matter. He said, “Our mission at Paga is to simplify payments for individuals and businesses.

We can create an effective way for Creators to get paid into their Paga accounts directly from Twitter through this partnership with Twitter, via Tips. As an avid Twitter user, I’m thrilled about this partnership.

Creators are a key demographic we are building for at Paga. This partnership allows us to enable them to effectively monetise their work. We are really excited about solving payments in the most innovative ways, especially with companies such as Twitter.”

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The fact that Twitter now allows tipping in Nigeria will expand access to pathways for people to get paid. It is not only beneficial for Nigerians but the continent. It is a step forward for cryptocurrencies and African-focused payment providers.



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