Villgro Incubation Program: A Social Enterprise Booster

Villgro Incubation Program

The Villgro Incubation Program is currently accepting applications.

In the last 20 years, Villgro has helped to launch over 300 social enterprises. The incubation program has aided social entrepreneurs in validating their concepts, gaining valuable market insights, and establishing long-term distribution channels.

Villgro partners with tech-savvy businesses who are dedicated about solving problems in underserved areas. It adds to this by providing excellent business advice and marketing tactics.

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Who Can Apply For The Villgro Incubation Program

Villgro Incubation Program is seeking for the most impactful and innovative enterprises. Selection criteria are the intersection of innovation with the potential to create large-scale impact, the ability to scale feasibly and achieve financial viability. The programs look for the following:

Potential to create social impact at scale

Does your solution have a tangible impact on the lives of the underserved? Will you be able to scale your solution to new geographies and markets?

An innovative solution

Have you discovered a new and unique solution to address a critical problem?

Demonstrated commitment

Are you all in, into the business? Do you have a minimum viable prototype ready?

Business feasibility

Have you figured out who your consumer is and the value proposition for them? Do you know how you will price your solution? Has your product been launched in the market?


Are you aware, where demand for your solution would come from? Can your solution work for other markets, geographies, or consumers?


Do you have a motivated and passionate team? Does your team have the technical expertise needed? Are you aware of the gaps in skills?

Villgro Incubation Program Benefits

  1. Seed Funding: Seed funding through grants or equity.
  2. High Touch Engagement: High touch engagement through an experienced team of sector experts and managers.
  3. Low-Bono Mentoring: A low-bono mentoring and technical assistance program to gain access to specialized skills and expertise.
  4. Networks and Connections: Networks and connections to successfully launch in the market and gain traction among customers.
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Selection Process

Preliminary Assessment

If your solution answers the program mandates, a portfolio manager will set up a short call to learn more about you as well as help you understand the incubation offering better. They will also quickly research the social impact, market, competition, business feasibility and risks.

If the manager is convinced, they will discuss your business idea with the leadership team during the weekly Internal Committee meeting.

Due Diligence

With the Internal Committee’s approval, the portfolio manager and the sector lead will attempt to understand you and your business with greater depth. This will be done using information you provide, through secondary research, by consulting subject experts and also field visits. This helps the team determine your strengths and areas where you will need support.

If all goes well, you will present to their Investment Committee, which makes a decision on if you are a good fit for the company.

To know more and apply, visit their site.

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