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5 Ways To Make Extra Money Through Waste Collection

Waste Collection

Effective and convenient waste collection systems continue to be a problem in Nigeria. Major roads in our commercial cities are often littered with trash. As much as the government tries to curtail it, it still calls for a great concern.

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People are confused about how to effectively dispose of their waste. So most times, they turn a dilapidated building, unclaimed land, or any space on the road into a trash site, dumping heaps and heaps of trash in them daily. This soon becomes an eyesore and a problem for the immediate community. What about the health risk as well? Make I no go there.

Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don't Have An Idea
Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

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Even though it is being managed, there is still a whole lot of revenue and opportunity in the waste collection business.

Some states in Nigeria have been tagged ‘dirtiest’ and are easily prone to both water and airborne diseases. I mean, an unclean environment is an unsafe one.

Are you looking for great ways of generating income through the business of collecting other people’s trash? Well, you are very lucky to be reading this. The good news is that waste collection is in different forms such that you can easily pick the one you are most happy with, especially if you are someone who wouldn’t like to get too dirty while at it.

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Five Ways To Make Money From Waste Collection

1) Residential Gutter and Environmental Waste Collection

People are forever coming up with great ideas of generating wealth through the most unimaginable means. I have read about a young man who resigned from his banking job and now cleans gutters for a living. He clears every clogged space in the gutter and prevents flooding during rain.

Why not allow people to hire you to clean their environment for them? By cleaning gutters every weekend, you can make a decent income for yourself. You will be amazed at how much people actually need your service.

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35 Booming Business Ideas And Step-by-step Guides To Start Them

2) Waste Disposal Incinerator

I grew up seeing incinerators on major streets in my city. However, incinerators are never enough. So, getting an incinerator and placing it at a strategic location in a busy area will work for you.

Most people will even be grateful for having an incinerator around where they can easily dispose of their waste. You charge as you deem fit. But make sure you charge considerably. This business is so good because you don’t even need to be there daily. Just assign someone to collect the money on your behalf.

Why this business is viable is because waste disposal is continuous. It happens every day, so no day comes without you having money to collect.

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3) Mobile Lavatory and Bathroom

Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

There is hardly a weekend that a party doesn’t happen in major states in Nigeria. So, making money comes easy when you can construct a nice attractive mobile lavatory and bathroom fixed with necessary conveniences – water, tissue, and air freshener.

People will gladly pay you for using these conveniences at any party. Even at kid’s birthday parties, you are sure to make brisk money. If you do this business very well, smiling to the bank every week becomes normal to you.

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4) Green Waste Disposal

If you are hired to work in people’s homes to help them mow their lawn or cut grass in their backyard, all these wastes are called green waste. This type of waste can be recycled and used as a source of plant fertiliser. So, you inadvertently make extra income from selling fertiliser to farmers, provided you can recycle those wastes.

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5) Industrial Waste Collection

Most industries need help in disposing of their effluent discharges. Industrial wastes cannot, however, be handled like a normal waste. It has to be properly degraded to water by the addition of certain chemicals and then safely disposed of. Now, it shouldn’t even be disposed of in water bodies or on any land. Proper available sites for disposal are usually provided.

Lots of industries pay handsomely for this. All you need is a garbage disposal truck that can be used to move the waste from the industry to the dumping site.

Conclusively, that waste which continually stares at you every time you pass through a dumpsite could be your ticket to financial freedom. If you think this is a business you can handle, these great points are good for you to begin with.

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