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4 Guaranteed Ways To Increase Sales And Win More Customers


The business terrain is getting more complicated and competitive as market indices shoot up. And only smart and serious salespeople are ruling the world of business now. Businesses are always looking for creative ways to increase sales and reduce costs.

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Recently, at a job training on customer relations and consumer satisfaction, a question was posed on whether the participants would buy anything from insurance sales guys if one came along. The answer that reverberated across the room was an emphatic no.

Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don't Have An Idea
Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

I was once an insurance salesman, so I felt bad.

Most insurance sales people have been stereotyped, boxed into a corner and written off because of poor packaging, and lack of zeal for the job. This usually reflects in the body language, their composure, the way they speak and so on. They are easily identified because they often dress in a particular way and their sales pitch doesn’t ever change from the usual. You almost never get to hear something different from them.

The issue of poor presentation isn’t limited to a particular group of people. Anyone who wants to make a clean career in sales would know that making a good first impression is non-negotiable.

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Your enthusiasm for the job or product often automatically reflects through your interaction, your dress sense, and even your handshake.

Is your handshake firm enough? Do you maintain eye contact? Can you take charge of the moment? Do you lead your customers in an engaging conversation and successfully sell your product to them?

These are some of the important factors necessary for a good salesperson who wants to earn more and have happier customers.

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How To Increase Sales

Increase Sales By Familiarising Yourself With The Product

Becoming a successful salesperson isn’t rocket science.  One absolutely vital key is to not sell a product you aren’t familiar with or interested in. Whatever you have to sell, you need to find the correct balance between getting informed about the product and having a passion for it.

You can gradually work yourself up to liking a product and being accurately familiar with it such that your customer feels you know your onions. I usually recommend that you use the product yourself. People can always sense a detachment from the product.

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Increase Sales By Keeping Close Contact With All Your Clients

I am not talking of the high net worth clients only, but also the ones who don’t buy much from you or need your services often as the case may be. Keeping close contact is difficult, understandably, and may require drawing up a CRM (customer relationship management) form for recording their addresses, names, birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions.

Make it a point of duty to send a mail or SMS on national holidays, festive period and their personal celebrations.

This works every time! Any salesperson who is successful today knows this fact and makes use of it all the time. This is what keeps you on top of the game.

Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

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Never Assume

Do not ever assume in business. Don’t judge possible patronage by appearance. Dress sense and fashion consciousness are not signs of net worth. Most millionaires are not looking to impress

Be courteous at all times, you never know whom you are talking to.

Be Ready To Work Extra Hours

You could be prospecting a client who would only be available at the golf course on a weekend at a particular time. This means working extra hours on your free day to go after your client. This may also mean learning a little about golfing and dressing appropriately for the occasion. You lose points if you call his club a “golf bat”.

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Conclusively, do not represent a company or product you aren’t enthusiastic about. Don’t be like the “insurance guys”. Do yourself a favour and be more passionate as a salesperson, then you will permanently be on your way to the top.

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