What Do You Want Out Of Life? Don’t Say Anything; Anything Is Nothing

What do you want in life?

When asked, what do you want from life? Don’t say anything because Anything Is Nothing

Have you ever hosted someone and you ask(ed); ‘What would you like to eat/drink?’ and the response you got is , ‘Anything’?

How did you feel?

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I wouldn’t lie; it annoys me to no end. It wasn’t a random question; it was a specific one. Sometimes, I think the answerer is just confused. You can’t make up your mind; so you go with the simplest choice.

But then, I have learned that that response sometimes is a mark of indifference; nothing more. Like in the case of bottled water; I also would probably respond; ‘Any one’ because I do not have loyalty to any particular brand. As far as I’m concerned, they’re all the same.

However, I like to think the majority of us go through life without a particular object in mind. Imagine someone is asking us; ‘What do you want out of life?’ a lot of us would probably answer; ‘money’ ‘wealth’ ‘success’ ‘happiness’.

But when asked how we want to get those things; I’m sure we would draw a blank.

I don’t think life is random. Even though things happen that we cannot explain no matter our frame of belief or lack of, more often than not, things are a result of what we do or don’t. We just don’t make choices as frequently as we should or we can. Therefore, we’re swept along by the tide of life.

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Imagine having a friend who complains about his job every single time you meet. You’ve never heard him say anything positive about his work; instead what you have is constant griping about how much of a pain his boss is, or how annoying his coworkers are – or how boring it is sitting behind his desk day after day. No matter how patient you are, you will run out of that one day.

What happens at that point? Do you tell him to shut up, or do you tell him to quit his job (which I imagine you would have said to him time and again)? Do you stop listening to him, or do you avoid him?

I’m not even asking for a solution. I’m just trying to illustrate how impossible a situation it is to live with someone who almost always complains about the same thing.

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Now pause. What if you are the complainer in that scenario?

Would you be pleased to continue nagging and complaining about a situation you have every control over – or would you stop talking and just walk? Being random about things has never helped anyone – at least, not anyone I know of – and why would you want to do that to yourself?

Johnny Walker says ‘the world stands aside for a man who knows where he is going’. Not just moving, but moving in a specific direction. Not confused, hesitant, or doubtful. But sure, convinced and convicted about direction.

Now, ask yourself – who would you rather be?

Next time, when you’re asked what you want – and trust me, life is constantly asking that of us – be specific. Be detailed even.

It might take a while. But eventually we all get what we ask for.

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