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Work Ethics – 12 Lists of Work Ethics An Employee Should Demonstrate

Work Ethics

Work ethics is beneficial for both the employer and employee. Most times you see employees act like their jobs were a right. Truth is, it is not. Your education, skills, and training may qualify you for a job, but the fact that you have it isn’t necessarily a right.  Besides, to be successful in a career or life in general, there are strong skills and work ethics that are a must.

For clarity, work ethics are those behaviours that are deemed appropriate for the workplace by employers. Values and morals in the workplace are a must for growth and development. Work ethics are a necessity for every business. Even as an employee, possessing good work ethics is a good way to set yourself on a different pedestal.  As employees, there are key values we should hold dear; traits we should wear on our sleeves at all times.

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Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

List Of Work Ethics To Be Demonstrated By Employees 


A good character always weighs far greater than money. It involves being transparent in all situations and demonstrating responsible behavior.


Every employer naturally expects consistency from its employees. It’s an earmark of dependability and reliability. It shows the employee to be trustworthy and for the company, it helps foster progress.


One of the greatest values an employee can have is integrity. There are researches that show that employees account for thirty percent of losses and shortages in the organization. If these assertions are true, then it is a major bane on the success of such organization. The concept of honesty at work however goes beyond pilfering. It is a value that is evident even in the way tasks are carried out at work and in the management of the company’s property. It involves being honest in business dealings with customers, colleagues, and your employer.


Even the world’s most successful business owners and CEOs would tell you to dress the way you want to be addressed.  Appearance is everything because it forms the platform for how people perceive you. It’s important to always present a neat and hygienic appearance, putting on at all times mannerisms, etiquette, and charisma that provokes positive perceptions.


The essence of communication is to be able to pass across the right information, to the right people in the right manner. The core tenets of good communication are being able to listen attentively to others, employing professionalism and courtesy, and using concise and unambiguous words while controlling body language.


The key to productivity is recognizing that you cannot do everything alone. As such, an employee must always be ready to respect the right of others, co-operate, and be cooperative.  An environment of trust, cooperation, confidentiality, and teamwork is synonymous with an environment for growth, productivity, and development.


Always treat people the way you want to be treated. It is important to treat employers, superiors, subordinates, and clients with the utmost respect. Be acquainted with the legal workings of your job, abstain from anti-social behaviors like harassment, racism, and any form of cultural or racial bias.

Self Discipline and Accountability

Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

Many things can be enforced, but no one can force you to be you.  Accountability is about taking responsibility for your actions and inactions while self-discipline is all about emotional intelligence. A much-needed skill for every employee is the ability to handle emotions well, make the best choice in the midst of alternatives, and take full responsibility for your actions.


Every employer desires an employee with goodwill. Employees serve as ambassadors of their different organizations. Therefore, they must exhibit a sense of allegiance to their company. As an employee, you must be able to keep your company’s secret, be faithful to your company, and also show a sense of pride. Employee loyalty encourages the company’s success.  When a company is successful, the employees are successful as well.

Organisational Skills

Time management, change management, relationship management, planning, coordinating, etc are only a few of the organizational skills necessary for an employee to possess. A good employee should be able to display flexibility, prioritize time, and effectively manage stressful situations.


The next important thing to the skills displayed at carrying out a duty is probably the attitude towards that duty. Self-confidence, a positive attitude, openness to constructive criticisms are all part of a good attitude at/to work.  A good attitude usually goes a long way and as the popular saying goes; your attitude determines your altitude.


Above all, in return for a salary, employees are expected to have initiatives. A company’s pride is in its people and the creativity they bring to the table. Every employer desires people who are motivated, industrious, hardworking and creative. It is this set of people who ensure that the needed work gets done in an organization, they drive the growth of the organization and they distinguish the organization from competition.

Good work ethics are essential must-haves for every employee and in truth, they cost nothing rather they foster growth in the organizations.  When your organization is happy, it translates to your personal happiness as an employee.

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