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Call For Applications: World Summit Awards 2021 For Young Digital Entrepreneurs

World Summit Awards 2021

Are you a young digital entrepreneur with an innovative solution that has a high impact on society? Then the World Summit Awards 2021 is a great opportunity for you and your business. Apply for the World Summit Awards 2021 to stand to be selected as one of the 40 Young Innovators in the world.

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The World Summit Awards is a non-monetary system that is concentrated on building a worldwide network of innovative digital entrepreneurs that can benefit from sustainable knowledge transfer within the network. So, if you win an award at the World Summit Awards, you are integrated into the network and enjoy a lifelong partnership with the organisers and other winners.

Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don't Have An Idea
Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

How To Apply

  • To apply, click on this link to find out who the World Summit Awards national expert is in your country.
  • Contact the World Summit Awards to introduce you to your national expert.
  • Submit your project application with your contact details to your national expert. Kindly check here for the World Summit Awards’ eligibility criteria and standards. If the national expert deems your project to meet the standards, you will be nominated for the appropriate category of the World Summit Awards.
  • If you are nominated, the WSA will send you a confirmation letter with an invitation to complete your application
  • Submitting your application officially enrolls you in the WSA 2021
  • Thereafter, an internally assemble jury will evaluate all the nominees to select the 40 World Summit Awards winners and Young Innovators of the year.

What Should Be Included In Your Application

According to the World Summit Awards, you should include the following information when submitting an application:

  • Please provide the link to a short video about your solution
  • Which problem do you solve with your product?
  • How do you solve the aforementioned problem with your product?
  • Provide a short marketing/pr text about your solution
  • When was the market introduction of your solution (year)?
  • Stage of product/solution
  • Why should your solution be selected as the WSA winner? What’s your USP?
  • Competition/comparison – who is doing something similar?
  • What´s your target group/people addressed?
  • Tell us more about your team!
  • Metrics of achievement
  • Tell us some impact numbers, users/downloads, etc.
  • Tell us more about the local context of your solution
  • Which key technologies are you using?
  • Resilience/ business model
  • Sustainability and diversity! What is your contribution (as a team, in your working process, your product, your community) in terms of sustainability – climate change and diversity?
  • Please share some information if and how the jury members can test your solution
  • Has your product already won other awards or recognitions?
  • What´s next? What are your next plans and steps?


The World Summit Awards accepts applications from digital innovators who have built solutions and platforms in the following areas:

  • Government & citizen engagement – services, open data, and democratic participation
  • Health & well being – medical care, sport, and lifestyle
  • Learning & education – knowledge, science, and skills
  • Environment & green energy – climate, sustainable resources, and agriculture
  • Culture & tourism – heritage, entertainment, and subcultures
  • Smart settlements & urbanization – mobility, productive work, and sustainable living
  • Business & commerce – innovative services, security, finance, and marketing
  • Inclusion & empowerment – diversity, gender, justice, and human right


The global deadline to apply for WSA and WSA Young Innovators is September 30th, 2021. Please find out from your national expert when your country’s deadline is.

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