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Young Entrepreneurs In Nigeria Across Different Industries

Young Entrepreneurs

Presently, Nigeria’s young entrepreneurs are pushing the needle. They are taking more risks than ever before. They are building phenomenal businesses that are tackling societal problems and creating lots of jobs in the process.

The profiles of Nigeria’s young entrepreneurs cut across real estate, financial services, manufacturing, media, tech, green tech, business consultancy, public relations, agriculture, and fashion, etc., and together, they represent the entrepreneurial, innovative, and intellectual top of their generation in Nigeria.

In present generation entrepreneurship, the young intellectuals in their youthfulness are causing disruptions with the use of modern technology and entrepreneurial skills. The entire entrepreneurship landscape is different from what it used to be just a decade and half ago.

Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don't Have An Idea
Start Your Business in 30 Days Even If You Don’t Have An Idea

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Therefore, we have compiled a list of 10 Nigerian young entrepreneurs disrupting their spaces with their innovative ideas. In no particular order, we profile them. They are:

Florence Chikezie

Young Entrepreneurs
Florence Chikezie

The Abia State-born entrepreneur is the founder and CEO of one of Nigeria’s fast rising enterprise – ReDahlia- a brand preoccupied with offering business solutions and support to entrepreneurs across the globe.

ReDahlia owns ReDahlia Workspaces, a co-working space and business consulting firm that offers premium business services such as virtual offices, business consultations, etc. at the best prices. They also help with business structuring by helping register and incorporate businesses.

She also owns entrepreneurs.ng, the one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in Nigeria. The company organises monthly business clinics for small business owners where they learn to do business right.

She bagged a first class in management from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, and a Masters in International Business From Hult International Business School, London, UK and Boston, MA, USA.

For Florence, she believes that entrepreneurship is the solution to our economic problems, and providing business owners all they need to succeed and do business rightly will improve the economy.

Uche Pedro

Young Entrepreneurs

Uche Pedro is an award-winning Nigerian media tech entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of BellaNaija, a media tech brand known for entertainment and lifestyle content.

Uche was born and raised in Nigeria. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the prestigious Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario, Canada.

She is passionate about impacting her community and nurturing the next generation. She is the founder of #BNDoGooD – an impact-driven enterprise which consistently supports a wide variety of non-profits and social impact organizations including LEAP Africa, Slum2School, Django Girls, Junior Achievement Nigeria, etc.

She serves as an inspiration to other women and budding entrepreneurs in Nigeria and globally. She has received numerous awards and recognitions including the UNFPA/UNICEF awards for her efforts and contributions toward ending female genital mutilation (FGM) in Nigeria.

Temitope Ogunsemo

Young Entrepreneurs
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days
Go from idea to starting your business in 30 days

Nigerian-born Temitope Ogunsemo is the founder of Krystal Digital, a fast-growing EdTech company that focuses on the creation, development and deployment of modified and service-oriented software applications for educational institutions in Nigeria. They provide IT training as well.

Temitope obtained a bachelors degree from the prestigious University of Ibadan, with a Master of Science degree in Information Management Systems from the University of Salford, UK.

The idea for Krystal Digital was born by the difficulties experienced when Temitope attempted securing an academic transcript. This presented some problems prompting him to create solutions to the school’s subpar information management system. He sought to improve the storage and retrieval of academic records.

Temitope is a strong entrepreneurship professional with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. He is skilled in Integration and Business Development.

Temitope was named as one of Forbes top 30 under 30 CEOs.

Oluwatobi Ajayi

Young Entrepreneurs

The young Nigerian millionaire is a co-founder and CEO of Jetvan Automobiles Limited, the largest authorized dealer of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter in Nigeria.

Ajayi started his career at Mercedes-Benz Nigeria where he learnt the rudiments of the automobile dealership business and rose to become the head of division (commercial vans). His success in the car selling industry came from the experiences gathered while at Mercedes. He saw a gap in the Nigerian transport sector and filled it with omnibuses.

In 2015, he pulled together a group of investors and started Jetvan Limited which sells more than 500 vehicles annually.

In 2018, Oluwatobi Ajayi was named as one of Forbes top 30 under 30 CEOs.

Etop Ikpe

Etop Ikpe made our list of young entrepreneurs in Nigeria. He is the co-founder and CEO of Cars45, Nigeria’s foremost and largest auto auctioning platform. CARS45 is a technology company launched in 2016 and has disrupted the used vehicles sales industry by offering people a fast and convenient way to sell their cars.

He is a graduate of the University of Lagos and is experienced in transportation, automobiles, mobile communications technology, and marketing.

Prior to the launching of CARS45, Etop was the CEO of DealDey.com and also a Commercial Director at Konga.com, one of the largest ecommerce platforms in Nigeria, with over 80,000 listed sellers.

To grow and improve on service offerings, Cars45 raised a $5-million Series A round from the Frontier Cars Group in May 2017. And since its launch, CARS45 has grown to have over 35 physical inspection centers and has helped thousands of people sell their cars.

Etop as an entrepreneur, has a passion for developing young people and promoting entrepreneurship as the key to creating job opportunities within the African continent.

Obinna Okwodu

Obinna Okwodu is a US-born Nigerian entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Fibre. Fibre is a Nigerian real estate start-up founded in 2016 to provide middle-income tenants flexible payment options for homes around Lagos and other parts of Nigeria.

Obinna is an MIT graduate of engineering with another degree in management science from the Sloan School of Management. He worked as a real estate investment banking analyst at Morgan Stanley, in the United States where he kickstarted his career.

He discovered that renting residential real estates in Lagos, Nigeria could be a serious hassle. As a result, he invested in the business opportunity to offer services to ease the stress experienced by middle-income tenants.

Obinna is a go-getter with a passion for solving problems faced by the society. He was named one of Forbes top 30 under 30 CEOs.

Ronke Bamisedun

Young Entrepreneurs

Ronke is a Nigerian born entrepreneur. She is the CEO and founder of BrandWeLove (BWL) Agency, an award-winning Lagos based public relations and strategic communications firm which comprises of young and meticulous consultants who help to build brands and deliver compelling campaigns that stand out in fashion, consumer goods, and music.

A graduate of Birmingham City University, UK, Ronke, has worked for major stores such as TopShop and interned at Grayling, a leading global communication firm.

BWL Agency of late received The Gold SABRE (Superior Achievement in Branding, Reputation & Engagement) Award for Public Relations campaigns in Western Africa.

The firm’s unique disruptive campaign for Jameson Connects Nigeria got them the award.

Ronke is an epitome of beauty, intelligence and also a successful young entrepreneur in Nigeria. She was listed in the 2018 class of Forbes 30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs In Africa.

Tiwalola Olanubi Jnr

Young Entrepreneurs

Tiwalola Olanubi Jnr is a Nigerian born entrepreneur. He is the CEO of DottsMediaHouse (DMH). DMH is a communications firm mainly focused on public relations, digital marketing, branding, activations and Tours and Management. They deliver results-oriented campaigns for clients across Africa.

Tiwalola is a graduate of the University of Lagos, and started DMH while in the tertiary institution. He became the first Blackberry ambassador in Nigeria, helping the smartphone brand increase its presence on campuses and growing sales through brilliant ideas or strategies.

DMH currently leads as a team in delivering tremendously impactful social media campaigns for reputable brands like 9Mobile, Pepsi and Intel, among others. It is debatably the foremost social media marketing company in Nigeria.

Tiwalola is a passionate brand ambassador and a growing business entrepreneur in the media marketing space.

Harold Okwa

Nigerian-born entrepreneur, Harold Okwa, is the founder of Vestates. Vestates is a private limited liability real estate and property management company based in Abuja and aimed at providing convenient and quality services to all our customers.

He is also the managing director and co-founder of Jetseta, an aviation startup that provides easy and inexpensive access to private air travel and helicopter shuttle services through a mobile app that effortlessly connects travelers to private aviation service providers at attractive fares worldwide, and on the go.

Harold holds a degree in economics from the University of Bristol and an MBA from CASS business school in 2017. He has worked in the oil and gas sector as a Retail Area Manager at Oando Plc in Abuja.

The business started when he saw the gap in the real estate sector with many Nigerians finding it hard to get a house. He was motivated to invest in the opportunity the problem presented.

Harold’s quest to solve problems for his country and the world, stimulated by his entrepreneurial drive, has guided him along his path in business.

Nasir Yammama

Nasir Yammama is a creative technologist and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Verdant, an Agri-Tech startup and value chain establishment that offers innovative solutions to farmers and other stakeholders in the agricultural sector. They drive for improved food production using innovative technologies.

He works with Oxfam and GIZ to help 25,000 agriculturalists double or triple their yields using simple, low-cost technology to transform Nigeria’s agriculture sector.

Nasir Yammama is a northern Nigerian raised as a farmer’s child, with a knack for technology. He is a creative technologist and entrepreneur with interests in agriculture, technology, enterprise, design and renewable energy.

He attended the Institute of Creative Technology at Middlesex University London. This is where he began his interest in technology.

Nasir Yammama is recognized by The Queen’s Young Leaders Programme for his work in AgricTech. He is positioning himself to be a catalyst in the rebirthing of the African farm industry.

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